► World of Tanks: 1 vs 8 Epic Battle – 2,100+ Base EXP O-I Japanese Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Experimental Gameplay. .
Seems like we found out which tank the most OP tank out of all those new heavy tanksæ It seems to be tier 6 O-I Experimental. The amount of e-mails I have received with epic battles in this tank is crazy! 8 kill games seems to be pretty avarage.

OP or not?



  1. Jingles made the same Video

  2. actually dez it is a 100mm gun there is a bug with the calibre size in mm

  3. this guy that sent this in is kinda an idiot hey:)why u send it in to all

  4. why does a lot of people use this replay

  5. Third time I see this…never the less entertaining as fuck! XD

  6. These tanks are just way too huge, I ammoracked a Type 5 Heavy earlier, and
    he lost his head. Looks like the only place you can pen frontally is also
    where the ammo rack is, and they can’t hide it.

  7. i already watched this on jingles channel

  8. how to HT-15 lol


  10. And im afraid QuickyBaby already showd us these replay, thats a bit sad but
    you still get my like

  11. Is obvious these tanks need a litle nurf, i dont want but the game will be
    unbalance without it, the O.I at least, that thing is a beast Tier 6

  12. Same vid as jingles xD

  13. This is the same dude jingles had in his Godzilla vid, must have spammed
    every youtuber with his game! Yes, it’s a good game, but how would it have
    played out if there wasn’t a big chunk of “new tank syndrome” assisting

  14. Pff not OP ;)

  15. Yes, this was also on Jingles’ channel.

  16. Was so exited but then the heartbreak when realise that you saw this replay
    yesterday with Jingles :((((

  17. Александр Кузнецов

    stunning execution

  18. yaay second one XD But i think Jingles featured this reply yesterday?

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