► World of Tanks: 1 vs 9 AMX ELC Epic Battle – AMX ELC vs The World!

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Source: DezGamez

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Wanted to do another RNGesus episode today, but instead you are going to see one awesome gameplay by “Chiron91” in his AMX ELC. At one point he is going to be 1 vs 9.. Is he going to win or lose, let’s find out!

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2205496#stats


  1. LIKE A FRIGGING BOASSS!!! WOW… I don’t even think I saw him using APCR! I
    would have gone APCR for sure and fuck profit!

    WOW… would like 2ce if I could… damn now I feel like a noob on how I
    play my ELC AMX :(

  2. Camper elc never moved more than 2 grids. Spotting mechanics, map design
    and games like this is why I dont play WOT much anymore.

  3. well played, really EPIC!!!!! Thanks for uploading @dez

  4. 3 marks of excellence too!

  5. Awesome

  6. They came at him 1 at a time. And that’s the ones that came at him. A lot
    of them just waited to be shot.

  7. That ELC took those poor fucks behind the wood shed and put them out of
    their misery. WP to the ELC driver.

  8. Not everything is RNG, though some patience can decrease the odds.

  9. THIS is an Epic Battle! Not a sealclubbing VK45.02b.

  10. awsome really good gameplay

  11. The elc has to be like one of the best tanks in the game tier for tier 😀
    It can work wonders in a tier 6 game
    And i finally did it…i uninstalled Wot xD now I’ll just watch my health

  12. Hey Dez im from Germany but i love your vids so much.Keep up the good work

  13. The boss in that game

  14. Good game. This is my favourite tank but i ve never done better than 1vs 5
    with. Yeah i m a bit jealous??

  15. JustThijsGaming - Elke week een nieuwe video

    thats a really big carry i also have the ELC AMX but my best game was 2k
    dmg 7 kills top gun, 3 “carry kills”

  16. Awsum!! :O

  17. I love my elc as well, got 3 marks on mine

  18. stronk baguette :>

  19. Exploding Baconeer

    No dislikes. Is this a dream?

  20. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)



    awesome replay!!! rngesus is always to blame/praise i have had round go off
    target on a fully aimed shot and roll low as possible on a direct hit. but
    that is really beside the point this guys gameplay was flat out AWESOME!

  22. Most games my ELC sees are tier 8. LOL

  23. This is like watching Bruce Lee pick on 12 year olds. :)

  24. LOL SU-85B, while being the BEST TD at tier 4, pays for its amazing gun
    with NO armor! Basically the ELC would have had to be pretty unlucky for
    that HE shell not to kill it! Especially as he waited for the reticle to
    fully aim in.

  25. Bernie Sanders!

  26. “The world is against me. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.”
    Amazing game, incredible luck 😀

  27. I got my Ace badge in the ELC yesterday and I thought I did well. :D

  28. rest up dez

  29. My tank bro :)

  30. All the times you said rngesus were not really rng, the shot on the t150
    was not lead enough, the shot on the su85b was well aimed at a flat surface
    of 25 mm, and only the shot on the su85 had a decent change if missing, and
    wven then it was probably more likely to hit than not to hit, the only real
    luck he got was the idiots he was matched up against. Great game wp, loved
    the use of HE on the su

  31. Epic battle is epic

  32. still only a few comments out here
    : /

  33. still only a few comments out here
    : /

  34. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    8:08 Not RNGesus, just the fact the upper casement of the SU-85B is only

  35. one of my favourite tanks :D

  36. hell yeah!

  37. 2nd comment! :0

  38. I’ve never been so early in my life

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