► World of Tanks: 10.0 Trailer – “Ravaged Capital” – Patch 10.0 Update New Map

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 10.0 Update Trailer. World of Tanks New Map Ravaged Capital. World of Tanks 10.0 Trailer. World of Tanks Rampage Mode.

This was my longest 2 minute and 30 seconds of video editing… But hopefully it is going to be worth it. It has been a while since my previous Epic Trailer like this and decided to use one of the new maps that is going to be in the Rampage Mode with patch 10.0!
This World of Tanks update 10.0 is going to be HUGE!

►Music: “ES_Epic Trailer 04 – Johannes Bornlöf”

►List of important changes with the first stage of testing in Patch 10.0:
– New version of Rampage + two new maps
– PvE tutorial for new players
– Viewing system revamp
– Centurion X added as a replacement for the FV4202*
– FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII Premium tank
– More tanks reworked for HD
– Changes in the US tech trees for some low-Tier vehicles
– Added a mission for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*
– Added Škoda T 40 and M4 Revalorisé for testing

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  1. Excellent

  2. Damn Dez. This looked GREAT! WGing should have YOU do the video’s for new
    shit in this game =D

  3. Nothing of havok engine..

  4. Another map u cant play in random and that sucks,WG cant still use their
    brains,most ppl playing random battles but instead they put maps that looks
    good in other game modes. Not everybody playint those modes,im one of them.
    But the presentation of the map is superb,a pro job,very nice done Dez.

  5. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Well done, Dez!! Excellent video, great music, and epic action. Who could
    ask for more?! Great job, sir.

  6. Great job, mate! You are the best!

  7. Is this map only for rampage mode?

  8. zZTheSkeletoNzZ BoY

    Thanks Wargaming i ma french and finally a map of Paris ( but if you
    remember Paris wasn’t destroyed )

  9. This took me… Well, a lot of time! 😀
    Hope you enjoy!

  10. Nice preview DG !! What’s the music’s name please???

  11. makes paris map.

    doesnt give batchat HD model

  12. Epic trailer Dezz! Hope you had a lot of fun making the gameplay ^^

  13. What the actual fack wargaming! What happened to the Eiffeltower! Are you
    facking out of your mind, put back its top forgodsake! Everything looks
    nice except for the Eiffeltower. Still though nice vid Dez. So sad they
    destroyed the Eiffeltower, i didn’t see them doing this to the
    brandenburgergate. Unbelievable!

  14. Jonatan Nordlander


  15. awesome map! they should include it the random battles game.

  16. Awesome 10.0 map trailer, good job on making it, DezGamez. Must have taken
    lots of time. A little disappointed that the map is domination tho, would
    be great in randoms.

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