► World of Tanks: 10 Grille 15s vs 10 JagdPanzer E-100s – BOOM! – Face Off #13

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 vs Grille 15. World of Tanks Best . World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


Today I have something weird you, tier 10 Germany Tank Destroyers are going head-to-head fight, Grille 15 vs Jg. Pz. E-100! Are you ready to see what happens?



– ES_Battle Of Wills 1 – Jon Björk
– WG Special 8-Ball Soundtrack
– ES_Battle – Johan Hynynen
– Laszlo – Fall To Light [NoCopyrightSounds ]


  1. Best wot series on YouTube. Next we want to see:

    268 vs 263
    430 II vs t-54
    Stb-1 vs 430
    Isu-122 vs su-122-44
    Maus vs type 5 heavy
    268 vs grille 15
    T110e5 vs 113
    Tvp 50/51 vs bc 25t

  2. E75 vs T10 Plzz !?

  3. Bat chat 25T vs TPV 50/51

  4. Only way the Grille will ever beat a Jg. Pz. E100 is by kemp bush

  5. 15 ELCs vs. 15 Berts! cmon make it happen!

  6. Panzer 58 mutz vs M46 KR

  7. kv4 vs is3

  8. pz t25 vs skoda t25

  9. retarded battle grille dont have a chance to win vs e 100 in frontal battle
    next time try paper tank vs paper or armored vs armored not unfair shit
    like this

  10. -this is unfair , you basically can guess the result! each tank have it own
    characteristic and own play style u can’t make them shoot like this?

    -and lack of team coordination to focus on who and who to make the best

    -i’m sorry Dezgamez this series is pretty lame for a group of people to do.
    so i’m off the series or maybe you can think about a different game setting?


  11. Herpicuss Cosplay 2

    kv1 vs kv 1s

  12. grilles are 2x more better

  13. Braedyn Hamaliuk

    lttb against bulldog… let’s settle the debate once and for all!

  14. Warthunder?

  15. this is unfare and fare

  16. this nature documentry of 10 elephants being killed by a pack of 10 lions
    made me feel sad for the elephants. glad to see them prevail even through

  17. We all know the grille is gonna loser because that jp has almost 2000
    damage, but is an unfair battle.

  18. I would like to see IS-6 VS KV5 pls

  19. Gazza Bryan Prilandi

    sometimes the original is the best…

  20. Dislick ahahahaaa

  21. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    T92 Vs. GW E100 ^-^

  22. WHat???

    No Jps with HE vs Grille 15 :O
    i was looking forward to see HE carnage,very disappointed 🙁
    Thumbs down for that,sry Dez i had to :(

  23. WZ 111 vs Is 8

  24. Chiam Da Xiang Grunfiniblau

    Maybe during aprils fool the WTE100 will come back as a guest tank after

  25. imthemistermaster

    I think if you have less than 15 vs 15 you should have an ms1 shoot in the
    middle of the fighting tanks to signal the start.

  26. Christian Alboroto

    Grille 15 vs Fv215b 183

  27. T110E5 vs IS-4


  29. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    finally old vs new lol

  30. Make it so that they shoot the people only opposite of them otherwise they
    take Out half at the first round and you Cant See the rld difference so

  31. Abbadon Despoiler

    Needs more HE!

  32. hetzer(germany destroyer) vs alecto (british destroyer) or m8a1 (american
    destroyer) vs alecto or m8a1 vs hetzer evry 4 tier

  33. Licked. Dont know how to dis-lick :)

  34. didn’t even watched the video.. and i know.. it is awesome ?

  35. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B

  36. yorian ElkeKeerYorian

    dez i got some epic idea 10 type 5 heavy’s VS 10 E100 or 10 Mauses

  37. T57 heavy vs AMX 50B

  38. Löwe vs T34?

  39. dez how about war thunder?

  40. fv 215b 183 vs grie 15 :D

  41. 9:54 dislick it lol

  42. Dez do you like doing this or you just do it because we ask

  43. 15 mutz vs 15 m46 kr

  44. Nice. IS-6 v Lowe. NOW!!!

  45. could you do a face off with panther 88 against the sta-2?

  46. This is too cool, gr8 vid man!

  47. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Can 29 ru251’s push 1 MAUS

  48. Florian Werweißwieichheiß

    can you make a german heavy line vs Japan heavy line battle ?

  49. Girl 15…………………………… shit that doesn’t sound nice at

  50. Tyler Schumacher

    JgPzE100s always win!

  51. first after watching it lol

  52. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    T49 vs Grille? hahaha

  53. and then so many people say Grille 15 is OP xD

  54. Make something with Czechoslovakian tanks :D

  55. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    If you want it to sound like battle ships from afar, then group 30 T92’s
    and shoot at the sky
    Group 30 pz sfl ivc and shoot 90 Degrees up
    Yes you heard me 90 Degrees of gun elevation

  56. Can you do 15 Cromwells vs. 15 T-34-85s???

  57. whats with that weird tank lagging? at 8:44

  58. Why wasn’t there only premium ammo round?

  59. RIP Grille 15’s?

  60. 241st!!!

  61. Third

  62. Step 1: Rercieve message for new video step 2: See the titles and be happy
    Step 3: Like Step 4: Watch video Step 5: Rewatch

  63. 8.

  64. Load HE shell

  65. Notttttttification Squad~!

  66. Grille ils more like grilled

  67. 41st!

  68. CaptainCrabapple

    Sometimes when I’m sad I like to dig a whole in my garden and sit in it
    pretending to be a potato

  69. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri


  70. klaudis lietuvis


  71. Panos kolokotsis


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