► World of Tanks: 10 JagdPanzer E-100s vs 10 FV215b 183s – Face Off #7

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Source: DezGamez

JagdPanzer E-100 vs 15 183. Tank Face Off Series. 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


We can not have bigger boomsticks on the battlefield…. 183 vs JagdPanzer E-100…

Enjoy this epic action!



  1. 1 FV 183 vs 15 ELCs

  2. Мариян Славев

    15 cromwell vs 15 T37 or 15 Tiger I vs 15 Tiger P

  3. Since it’s dificult to get high tiers… What about 15 M4 Shermans with
    derp gun vs 15 Pz4H with derp?

  4. 183 needs a armor buff

  5. IS-6 v Lowe. Now!!!

  6. just run a test server match that way everyone can buy a Maus that needs
    to, and that would be a fun thing for the community really too.

  7. Tortoise vs Jagtiger !!

  8. You might have better luck on the test server

  9. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    15 wt auf e100’s vs 15 foch 155’s

  10. 5:58 Well for the lower plate of the JPZE-100 you have to figure that there
    is 150mm of armor, sloped to 50 degrees – HESH has 0 normalization, and
    without normalization the effective thickness of that lower plate is around
    250mm or theroeabouts – 183mm HESH has 230mm of penetration, so really to
    fully penetrate the lower plate with HESH, it is either going to need a
    lucky RNG for pen, OR The JPZE-100 would have to have its hull facing
    uphill somewhat.

    On that kind of ground, especially as it seems that the JPZE-100s lower
    plates were if anything, slightly down hill, thereby increasing the
    effective thickness of that lower plate.

    OH – also, ever since E-100 model was made HD, the upper 1/4 of that lower
    plate is actually 200mm thick, because the HD modeling actually takes into
    account the way Germans interlocked armor plating, which means that
    technically speaking, the “Beak” of the E-100 where the lower plate and
    upper plate meet – SHOULD actually be 350mm thick, as that is where the
    upper 200mm thick plate joins the 150mm lower plate in a Jigsaw-like

    If you look closely at any of the 4 E-100 models (E-100, JGPZE-100,
    WTFE-100, GWE-100) you can see what I am talking about.

  11. settle a competitive tank debate.

    15 T32 vs 15 is3

  12. 15 T49 durp vs 15 AMX 13-90

  13. Netherlands represented well in this video!

  14. m4 105 vs pz 4H 105
    i think the 183’s could have one if they missed less shots.

  15. The guys with fv didn’t focus fire ffs!

  16. I told you jg is going to win, bot no Fv fv, here is the proof!

  17. 15 ob. 263 vs 15 ob. 268

  18. 1 waffledragon vs. 15 loltraktors

  19. T28 Proto versus T28… will the turret make that big a difference in a
    firing line and frontal assault?

  20. 15 pz4h vs 15 m4 shermans, who is the king of derpy mediums?
    or do showdowns of tier 10 mediums against each other like centurion vs stb
    or stb vs amx 30 or centurion vs m48 patton

  21. The result wasn’t surprising in the least. The FV215b 183 is a shadow of
    it’s former self and unless you are playing a squishy medium or are a tier
    8 heavy you really have nothing to fear. Penetrating even the front hulls
    of the soviet tier 10 mediums is at best a crap shoot.

    The HESH penetration nerf from 275mm to 230mm took the destroyer part out
    and just left it as a tank. It is almost literally impossible to penetrate
    the LFP of JPE or E-100 without a ridiculous high roll, which I have never
    actually been able to do since the HESH nerf.

    There’s a reason the 183 and it’s handicapped cousin the 4005 are some of
    the worst tier 10s in the game according to vbaddict stats on winrate
    across all servers. According to this data it should never have been nerfed
    in the first place and instead buffed.

    My thoughts on a future conflict? Let’s have 15 AMX 50bs vs 15 T57s.

  22. 15 T29 vs 15 IS

  23. DezGamez, my Maus is yours to command! ;).

  24. 15 T57 Heavy vs 15 Amx 50B !!!! Plz

  25. ELC vs O-I Exp.

  26. C’mon, low tier arty vs Maus

  27. 15 PzIIj’s vs 15 BT-SV’s, 15 tetrarch vs 15 micro maus either german or

  28. IS-7 vs IS-4

  29. I remember ur epic 183 shot penning lower glacis of jpze100, was on
    mountain pass near the bridge… I hit the upper super structure once of an
    jpze100 with my 183 leaving him with 24hp 😀 thats RNG for ya….

  30. 15 bulldog’s Vs 15 Black bulldogs.

  31. Batchat 25t vs TVP t50/51

  32. 15 AMX 50B vs 15 T57 HEAVY

  33. object 704 vs Jagdtiger or isu-152 vs ferdinand

  34. plz E-75 vs Vk 4502B ! :P

  35. 15: M41 90mm GF vs. 15: Ru 251s

  36. Jorge Daniel Valencia Crisantos

    15 stb1 vs 15 121’s i think the chinese can win this

  37. no way 183 will win jpe100 ever in normal face to face condition.

  38. 15 KV-2 vs 15 Tog II*

  39. T57Heavys against AMX50B

  40. something like that with all that armor against something without, stupid
    matchup to begin with

  41. Well maybe its also up to players and sides of map. They should change
    sides when testing. There were couple of shots into ground cause of land

  42. Funny I know this cyber punk music

  43. vk4502 B vs E75!

  44. JNA - Rambo Petkovic

    Obj.263 vs E3

  45. 10 FV215b 183s VS Auf Pz E100

  46. Which T9 Heavy is better? ST-1 or E-75? 10 of each could be interesting.

  47. elc vs t49

  48. 15 T29 vs 15 black prince

  49. 15 T57 Heavy tank vs 15 AMX 50 B

  50. 15 pz1cs. vs 3 wt e100

  51. 15 AMX 50bs vs. 15 E50m. ramming only

  52. 15x AMX40 vs.5x Matilda. I am sure Matilda can win this

  53. 15 T7 Cars vs 1 Tiger 1 with the 75 mil gun

  54. tiger 1 vs panther

  55. 1 t110e4 vs 5 bt 7s

  56. 1 bat chat vs 15 lol tracktors XD

  57. 15 tiger 1s vs 15 ht no 6s XD

  58. Music at the end?

  59. 15 kv2 vs 15 tog, plz

  60. 15 hellcats vs 15 jacksons

  61. 15 m4 Sherman’s vs 15 panzer IVs or 15 tigers vs 15 IS’s. Historical and
    should be easier to get a hold off tank wise

  62. E3 vs E100 td

  63. pershing vs panther 2.

  64. Th3M1ghtyT1ny 113

    you gotta do 15 Maus vs. 15 Type 5’s! :D

  65. T-10 vs e 75 plz

  66. M103s vs 4502b

  67. E75s vs m103

  68. 15 WT auf E100 vs 15 AMX Foch 155

  69. 15 Pz 4 (H) 75mm
    15 M4 76 mm
    15 T-34 76.2 mm
    15 Chi-Nu

  70. 15 jp2 vs 15 Ferdinands

  71. T110E3 vs WT auf E 100

  72. Der PeterigePeter

    Just say, when you need help with these episodes. I have a Maus if you need
    more people for it. Just sain’

  73. PATTON 48 VS E50’S OR T62A

  74. 15 KV2s vs 15 TOGs

  75. cromwell VS a43

  76. JTQRunning Biscuit

    Why are there always a couple people that want to back up and wiggle
    around? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of these matchups?

  77. 15 cromwells vs T-25?

  78. Bat Chat 25t vs Obj 140

  79. 15 Amx30B vs 15 Leopard 1

  80. obj 704 vs JagdTiger

  81. Vk 45.02b vs STI
    and i have a MAUS

  82. maus vs type 5,m3 lee vs grant,hellcat vs jackson…

  83. im sorry but them 183 player was shit i refuse on what happened

  84. TIGER-1 vs IS!!!

  85. Asdow Zezusi (Asdow440)

    Jagtigers vs object 704

  86. death stars were really greedy they kept going for full hp tanks in both
    Yolo fights there were at least 3 1 shot take KS left

  87. 15 maus vs 15 t110e5

  88. that is the way this game goes when they change, nerf and boost everything
    all the time. Every game is like this, either you win becaus teams bullets
    go and penetrate where it should or you lose because every freaking shoot
    cant hit and pen what it usually should manage to.. Sorry to say but if
    they dont fix it soon people will run away, many allready have.. As
    wargaming told in one video: Players with good stats will get better mm.
    Well, i can say that i know two purple players that both use cheats..
    Wargaming will not even fix that.

  89. 15 ELCs vs 16 BERTS! lets see who wins!

  90. JagdPanzer E-100 rules……Muhahahaha!!

  91. E-50m vs leopard

  92. E 50m vs T-60m

  93. 15 cromwells vs 15 tier 6 skoda, or 15 type 64 vs 15

  94. the 183 team just seemed to suck at focus firing

  95. the 183 team just seemed to suck at focus firing

  96. xXxX_MasterMip_XxXx !

    Typer 5 heavy vs Maus

  97. MrCrazybadbastard

    you need to hurry it up if u want 15 WTE100 since it will be swapped with
    the grille 15 soon :p

  98. Dreadshells Gaming

    15 Obj. 263 vs. 15 Obj. 268s

  99. 15 Churchill vs 15 KV-1

  100. just wait till the test server comes out to do the 15 mice vs 15 E100s

  101. @dezgamez T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B? ?

  102. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    15 matildas vs 15 luchs or 15 hetzers

  103. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    15 FV 215b 183s vs 15 wt e100s

  104. 15 m3 lees vs. 15 grants

  105. I knew that with hesh 183 will end even worse. Hesh dont have shell
    normalization just like Heat and He. JpE100 lfp is around 235mm effective
    without normalization.

  106. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    15 T1s vs 15 Ltractors!

  107. Alexander Stoyanov

    15 objects 263 vs 15 foch155s

  108. Those players really dont know how to focus fire im like fuuuuu how can you
    be so stupid

  109. I think 10 Jagdpanzers against 10 t110e3s would have been much more fair

  110. 15 ST-1 vs 15 E75

  111. HESH doesn’t do well against angled, and spaced armor rather pointless to
    be honest

  112. 15 MS1 vs 15 Loltractors

  113. 15 FV304’s vs 1 Maus

  114. or russian TD

  115. Christopher Vanoster

    Or even panzer IV vs Sherman( with 75/76 mm gun)

  116. Ob 261 vs GW E100 :)

  117. Christopher Vanoster

    Amx 40 vs Matilda

  118. T57 heavies vs amx 50b!!!!!

  119. T57 Heavy AMX50 B or M48 Patton E50M

  120. 15 pz4 vs 15 M4 pls

  121. Most of the FV drivers did retarded plays

  122. can you do t 57 heavy VS amx30b

  123. 15 kv-1’s vs 15 T1-heavys

  124. 15 Objekt 140 vs 15 T 62 A

  125. Ive got a maus

  126. FV215B183 better with AP confirmed Kappa

  127. 15 ISU-152 VS 15 RHM BORSIG

  128. 15 tigers vs 15 is

  129. leopard 1 VS stb-1

  130. Christian Hostetler

    15 AMX50Bs vs 15 T57 Heavies

  131. 15 times pz 1c vs 5 wtE100! :D

  132. 15 Sherman III Vs. 15 M4 Shermans

  133. m3lee vs grants

  134. 10 Leos vs 15 30b

  135. 15/15 or 10/10 Tortoise vs Jg.Tiger?

  136. 15 Type 5 Heavies VS 15 Maus. Lets see who’s the real beast here!

  137. I had a feeling this would happen. With the HESH round’s 230 mm of
    penetration, the only part of a Jagdpanzer E100 that they can pen frontally
    is the lower plate, or the MG port up top. and the 183’s usually aren’t
    accurate enough for that. I think there were no pens with HESH in the
    straight up shoot out was because the 183s were shooting down at the E100s’
    lower plates at a slight angle.
    On pure statistics, in a straight up fight, the PC 183 would never beat the
    Jageru (I say the PC version wouldn’t because Xbox HESH still has 275 mm of
    pen), because the HESH’s average pen is so close to the effective thickness
    of the Jageru’s lower plate, if RNG gives the HESH round even a slightly
    low roll on its penetration, its not going to pen.
    Even with the nerfed pen, I still wouldn’t want to get shot by a 183,
    because the real terror for the heavily armored machines is the crew and
    module damage the HESH rounds cause; a machine with two dead crew and two
    damaged modules is damn near useless.

  138. 15 T-62As vs 15 Obj 140s :D

  139. 183 vs wt e100 would have been better

  140. batchat vs WT E100

  141. LoLtrektors vs. cunninhams!!!

  142. 15 batchats vs 15 type 57 heavy (is that what it is called??? American
    autoloader?? )

  143. leKpz M41 90 mm GF vs. M41 Walker Bulldog :P

  144. Jagd panzer E100 is the REAL Death Star
    Because it’s bigGreyAnd full of fascists

  145. Michael Lewandoski

    the focusing fire is what ruins these

  146. i think that is this series jpe-100 will win against any other tank.

  147. T10E4 vs ob268

  148. Löwe vs Tiger 2 and Tiger 1 vs Tiger p

  149. e100 vs Maus and waffenträger on e100 vs jagdpanzer on e100

  150. Maus vs type 5 heavy

  151. Just what the doctor ordered!

  152. Jpze100 vs e3. Should be interesting.

  153. OBJ263s vs OBJ268s!

  154. Jevote jaga izvrsio genocid nad ovima.

  155. foch 155 vs wt auf e100

  156. tvp vs B-C

  157. LTr vs. Cunningham || T-62A vs. Object 140 || Hellcat vs. Jackson ||
    Bulldog vs. AMX 13 75 || Jumbo (derp) vs. Easy 8 (derp) || Dicker Max vs.

  158. T32 vs IS-3

  159. AMX 50 120 VS Wt auf Pz.IV 🙂 pls

  160. waffentrager e100 vs foch 155

  161. 6:26 music?

  162. hetzer vs matilda

  163. maus vs type 5 heavy!

  164. Ru251 vs Ltwt
    Hellcat vs Jackson
    T67 vs Wolverine
    Borsig vs ISU
    Jp2 vs Ferdi
    Leopard 1 vs STB vs Amx 30B

  165. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    im gonna have a maus in like 2 weeks

  166. youtube_account 173

    they win because are germans

  167. FINALLY!

  168. think it’s the accuracy, Deathstar can’t hit shit unless standing in front
    of it…should have done one battle at half the distance than FV’s would
    have won I think.

  169. Dylan SilverStone

    T92 vs. Conqueror GC

  170. or Tiger p vs T29

  171. T110E3 vs T110E4 !!!! I can help you with the E3 team :)

  172. I think the clearly unbalanced ones are pretty boring to be honest. I
    prefer the more balanced ones.

  173. Pz.S35 vs T-127

  174. if you are looking for E 100 or Maus driver then i’m in got both and a
    bunch of other thingimigigs

  175. Matilda vs Type 95 or other tier 4 tank

  176. That hesh, i have penetrated maus’ lower plate twice with it but then again
    it won’t go through russian meds (because biased)….hesh has 230mm of
    penetration vs around the same on jg e100’s lower plate. Because the fv is
    so tall, i think the jg e100 lower plate’s angle is just too much for that
    hesh. But not a single pen? That’s weird……

  177. Interesring enough i play wot blitz on ipad and 183’s have an insane damage
    and pen!

  178. Sebastiano Picchi

    15 StuG III G vs 15 t67

  179. OMG 183 too underpowered, buff pen to 270+ again :P

  180. Awesome episode!
    If you need a Maus i can join.

  181. Cromwell vs easy 8 or Cromwell vs t 34 85

  182. DezGamez, have you ever done a face reveal, and if not do you plan on doing
    one? -Not meaning to sound like a creep. :D

  183. Hey Dez, love these faceOff videos and would like to see one featuring T57
    vs. 50B.

  184. i have an E100 :D

  185. T110E4 vs T110E3

  186. 15 Maus vs 15 Type 5 Heavies

  187. you wont do 2k dmg vs jpe100 bc of spaced armor on jpe100

  188. 15 T92s vs 15 GWE100s

  189. 15 Cromwells vs 15 A43s

  190. Put some T95 against Jg Pz E100, or maybe Tortoise against Jg Pz E100.

  191. G1 R vs. M4 (Both with the Derpguns)

  192. Stephan van den Adel

    Boomsticks! Lol!

  193. heloo mi names in wot is ioanea6 and i like join in your team for help with
    mi tank i have maus ,e100 ,foch155,110e5 ,and more pls invite my

  194. Martin Thor Scheppel

    Object 704 vs T28 🙂 that BL10 to the max! m/

  195. 15 WT AUF E100 VS 15 FOCH 155

  196. 15 AMx 50B VS 15 T57 Heavy

  197. LOVE this series #is3 VS tiger 2

  198. 263 vs 268 bounce city :P

  199. Tog 2 vs Kv-2

  200. can you do m4 sherman vs t 34?

  201. 15 FOCH 155 VS. 15 WT auf. E100

  202. Leopards vs AMX 30Bs ;)

  203. Level up with Doruta DIY

    15 Maus vs 15 Type 5 Heavy!

  204. —–>Maus vs type 5 heavy !!!!!<---

  205. hHahahahahah motherfucking Americans they are the weakest

  206. Skjørestad Benjamin

    t-150 vs m6

  207. 15 ISU 152s Vs 15 RHM BWTs

  208. 15 e50 vs 15 t54

  209. Type 5 heavy vs E 100

  210. aufa maulana Muhammad

    15 T-92 vs 15 Conqueror GC lol

  211. IAmThePartyMan TV

    both tanks can “only 2 shot each other both having over 1k alfa dmg. but
    because the JagdPanzer E-100s reload is better it will win probably every
    time. in anywise I love the JagdPanzer E-100. go german tds

  212. 15 E-100 VS 15 MAUS

  213. It always seems like one side is waaaaay worse at selective fire than the
    other in these.

  214. It’s finally here!!!!!!

  215. The Pilot Penguin

    15 conquerors vs 15 IS3s cause that’s what the conqueror was designed to

  216. 15bats vs 15tvps plssssss!! Also,15ltwt vs 15 ru251/wz132/1390

  217. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    what abou He-100 vs. Ap-100? :D

  218. What is the music you use at the start for the intro?

    Also awesome videos, keep it up :D

  219. I would have rather put 15 JpzE100 vs 15 T110E3s, but this is still
    satisfying :)

  220. 15 arty vs 15 arty could be fun x)

  221. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the jpze100 is the best td at tierx.

  222. Should do 15 type 5’s vs 15 maus tanks

  223. 15 lee’s vs 15 grant’s!

  224. 15 super PERSHINGS VS 15 king tigers

  225. as a Jager driver myself I love this out come.

  226. Action Starts at 3:00 :)

  227. IS 6 vs T34?

  228. doxizar “doxisa” the first

    15 m41 vs 10 b-c 25t

  229. TIGERII vs t32

  230. 15 CGC vs 15 T92

  231. Vector Signorelli

    when you penned the jageru lower plate,i remember that…..,well you didnt
    pen the tier9 wafflepz4 in the turret “you hit the luckiest bastard in the
    world with a hesh round in the gun and did no damage

  232. Foch 155s vrs Waffentragers

  233. bulldog vs 13 57

  234. Vector Signorelli

    4:26 surprisingly the 183s were able to destroy 6 jagerus….of course,they
    focused much better at the start
    the 183 will lose against everything in a 1v1…except with a batchat

  235. Whats the music which you use when tanks are shooting each other?

  236. jeeeeees. that i want to seeee

  237. IS 4 vs IS 7

  238. 15 jp 2 vs 15 ferdinand

  239. Noobs in most fv`s . It`s so clear..

  240. jg e100s lower plate armor is worth 240mm at minimum

  241. 15 Maus vs. 15 E-100s

  242. 15 Jagdtigers Vs. 15 Tortoises

  243. 15 T49s vs. 15 RU 251s

  244. Samuel Hofstetter

    id love 2 see 15 wt e100 against 15 foch 155s! i guess, when you allow
    fochs to load HE, it might get really interesting! also, with both 128 and
    155 mm gun on wt! ill be curious to see!

  245. ackbar: “we can’t hold agianst firepower of that magnitude”
    jageroo: “YES WE CAN”

  246. jadgtiger vs tortoise :)

  247. Alvaro Espinoza Choque

    15 fury vs 10 tiger :o

  248. elcs VS leoparts

  249. Erm… The 183s didn’t kill the low HP tanks…

  250. 15 Waffentragger E100 VS 15 foch155

  251. 15 maus s vs 15 type 5 heavies

  252. i requested it thx

  253. 15 AMX 50 Foch (155) vs 15 Waffenträger auf E 100

  254. Cruelty to animals

  255. to be honest some 183 drivers were shit and shot at the front upper hull or
    the tracks

  256. Kv1s Vs OI EXPs oh comeong tier 10 battles are boring

  257. Led_ironcz Ovčačík

    E 100 VS type 5 heavy pls

  258. damn man….183 have lost big time…shiiiiiittttt…WG, please…do
    something about it…

  259. 15 WTs auf E100 vs God

  260. what i got from this video: Dez is from Estonia :D

  261. 15 wt e-100 vs 15 foch 155

  262. hey…why youtube does not have 2 tumbs up buttom…hahahah…very nice
    video Dez….

  263. 15 maus vs 15 wt Auf e100

  264. 15 O-I Experimental vs KV-1.
    15 IS-3 vs 15 KV-4
    15 Hellcats vs 15 Jacksons.

  265. 10 wt Auf e100’s vs 10 obj 263’s

  266. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    wtf that fv 183 players suck mutch!!!

  267. DW2 VS B1

  268. Boom fianally

  269. Gareth Fairclough

    Something very off with this ep. It’s like one team is playing coordinated,
    but the other (the 183’s in this case) is just playing as a bunch of
    individuals. Dez, are you sure there aren’t voice comms etc going on
    between players in these matches? This seems to have been going on with
    each episode.

    Anyway, I’d like to see 15 Shermans vs 15 Panzer 4s. I can’t remember which
    versions are the equivalent tier to the other side, so I’ll leave that

  270. That’s why you get the 183 on xbox one because it still has 270 HESH

  271. Wait how about an SPGs face off ?? ??

  272. Jpz E100 OP :)

  273. I really want to see WZ120 VS T54 :)

  274. Graf Brot von WoT

    Leo 1 vs AMX 30B
    IS-7 vs IS-4

  275. ADVICE: Put a really short vidéo (15-20 sec) on your channel Just before
    making a live Your yt community Will be advised of your stream

  276. 10 tiger2 vs. 15 IS

  277. Baptiste Bachelard

    i have a Maus, send me a pm on wot, my name is bat_bash in-game

  278. Footymad20 (OLD CHANNEL)

    15 WT auf e100 vs 15 Foch 155

  279. Derp qwerty (Herp a Derp)

    15 Is3s against 15 Tiger IIs

  280. well death star is number 1 in my heart

  281. 15 M3 Lee’s Vs 15 Grants :P

  282. 1 maus vs 15 lol tractors

  283. Do something with king tiger (tiger II)

  284. mateusz221301 666

    T54prot 1 vs type 59 !!!! !!!!

  285. Battle of kursk Tigers 10 vs 15 t35 85

  286. marda752 Gameplays & Vlogs

    pls do O-Ni vs KV-3 (when will be?)

  287. m48 pattonVS amx 30b

  288. where are you from?

  289. If needed you can contact me for participation. ingame name is justanoob
    ?. got to love the minus 100 penn on the 183 pfff. great video’s, enjoy
    them all ?

  290. 15 T57 Heavy’s vs 15 AMX 50 B

  291. E100 vs Maus

  292. the hd remodel probably buffed it lp. almost every hd remake buffs the
    lower plates of any tanks….except is3

  293. kv1 vs kv1s

  294. TheEveryThingGamer

    Bat chats vs e50m

  295. 15 E75s vs 15 ST_Is
    15 STB_1s vs 15 T62a’s
    15 Tiger 2s vs 15 IS3s
    15 T-10s vs 15 WZ 111-1-4
    15 IS3s vs 15 110
    15 t54s vs 15 E50s
    15 is7s vs 15 is4s
    15 t62a’s vs 15 object 140s
    15 121s vs 15 113s
    15 jagdtigers vs 15 obj. 704s

  296. Best Fighting Machine

    15 T57 Heavy vs 15 AMX 50B pls

  297. T-62a vs obj 140

  298. 15 Object 140s vs 15 T62A’s
    15 B2 vs 15 AMX 40
    15 B2 vs 15 Valentine 2s
    And so on

  299. Type 5 Heavy vs Maus

  300. 15 Bat Chatllions 25t vs 15 TVP T50/51s!

  301. KV-4 vs IS3

  302. IS vs Tiger I

  303. batchats vs Czechoslovakian something or other autoloading nightmare ;)

  304. mateusz221301 666

    IS3 vs 110

  305. IS7 vs 113 :D

  306. T-34-3 VS TYPE 59!!!

  307. i could help you on common test :D

  308. artis smiltins (arcijs)

    matildas vs amx40 it wont be anything epic, but still…
    or maybe is3 vs tigerII
    15 vs fv304(little british arty tier6)vs 1 maus so it would be something
    pls answer if you would do one of my suggestions!

  309. i would really help you but i havnt got Tier 10 , my best is T-54

  310. Woo hoo I’m famous lol (Afro740) champ

  311. 15 Batchats vs 15 TVP T50/51s

  312. 15 bulldogs( Auto loeder gun) Vs 15 amx 13 75

  313. 15 IS-4s vs. 15 IS-7s

  314. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, your opinion is 100% wrong on the 183 being
    made for HESH. AP has a better chance of penetrating most of the tank where
    as HESH might do some splash, but it can be defeated by tracks and other
    parts of the vehicle. A good 183 driver will carry a good stock of both
    ammo types and will know when to use what.

  315. GW E100 vs. T92

  316. are you playing on pc or ps4?

  317. 15 cromwell vs 15 t 34 85

  318. 15 Maus vs 15 type 5 heavy

  319. Booom sticks hahahahahahhahaah

  320. 183s got rekt haha 17cm god gun is the best

  321. U even got a Video uploadet when you did over 2k dmg to a Jp E-100 through
    the lower plate

  322. 10 ? VS 15?

  323. Finn Alting Siberg

    T110E4 vs T110E5

  324. I can be either Maus, or E-100. Hit me up when you’re going to make a vid.
    As a family man, i can’t promise before the actual moment.

  325. Lone__Wolf__ 4ever___

    15 t110e5’s vs 15 fv215b’s

  326. Wt e100 v Foch 155

  327. 15 m4 Shermans with the 105 vs 15 pz4h with the 105.
    Or just for the lols 15 pz2js vs 15 Btsv’s
    15 T57 vs 15 amx 50b
    15 t49 vs 15 m41 90 gf ( one match w/ 90 mms and one match w/ 152 vs 90)

  328. Alexandru Cojocariu

    thx dez
    is may idea

  329. RNG wins

  330. WT AUF E 100 plis

  331. You have an orrible accent where do you from?

  332. jeffrey schreuder

    15 ferdinands vs 15 jagdpanther 2’s

  333. If its NA I have a Maus and also the JGPZ E100

  334. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri

    for the next… 15 T57H vs 15 Amx50b

  335. 15s Maus vs 15s Type 5s

  336. Title is wrong 🙂 it’s 10 FVs not 15 also you should do Waffles vs Foch

  337. Ey man! You made a mistake in the title! Not 10 JGPZE’S

  338. Who won the give away?? : )

  339. 15 Batchats vs 15 TVP T50/51s

  340. op

  341. YES!! I’ve been waiting for this!! thank you!!

  342. 56 secs ago :D

  343. 47secs ago

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