► World of Tanks: 10 T95s vs 10 Tortoises – Face Off #5

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Source: DezGamez

vs . World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. Tank Battle Series.


This time I was not able to get 15 of each together, but 10 still pretty epic.
One of the most requested face offs… Let’s see what happened!



  1. FV 215B 183 VS JAGPANZER E-100

  2. Lol the battle chat :D

  3. As long as there is random players in the tanks, its not even close to
    real. Most of these are tomatoes

  4. General Patton (GeneralPattonTv)

    This tortoise players suck

  5. 113 vs e5

  6. t10e3 vs t10e4 pls


  8. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    I see the Tors not pen T95 very well at all because they not shoot them in
    the lower plate?

  9. Turtle vs Tortoise, Dawn of Reptiles.

  10. Im just a potato but this is quite unfair. T95 have very well designed
    frontal armor while Tortoise have the big easy target cupola.

  11. wauw… i DID NOT expect that result!

  12. KV-4 vs IS-3

  13. 183vs jgte100 pls

  14. Foch 155 and WTF aud E100 I know waffle will winmost rounds but the HE one
    could be interesting cos a foch could kill a waffle wid 2 hots anbd 1 extra
    shell left. Also from far away foch could bounce some of the AP rounds…

  15. HE vs HE was a VERY cool idea!

    I actually was not QUITE sure which would win out: Because Tortoise has
    HESH with 120 pen and 515 damage, and of course higher rate of fire.

    But then I am VERY well aware that 150mm and larger HE ALWAYS does good

    And the T95 has a 155mm gun with 90 pen and 950 alpha! So of I were to have
    made a bet – it would have been for the T95, because I use HE in my E-100 –
    which can and has done ~200 to over ~400 versus the Turret of an IS7!

  16. This reminds me of firelines used at Napoleon wars when u had to move in a
    group and fire on the enemy

  17. Pie vs cheese cake

  18. great that you played it in slow motion … epic best yet

  19. Laurynas “IceBlooD” Stramkauskas

    Jagdtigers vs T30’s?

  20. 5 amx cdc vs 10 ms1

  21. Renault FT VS Type 5 Heavy

  22. IS-3’s vs 110’s, or IS’s vs IS-2’s

  23. Boomstick win, always.

  24. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    King Tiger VS IS tank

  25. nick “cydrosmil” smith

    thanks for another great vid……would like to see a real battle between
    all you WoT video guys such as yourself, SirFoch, Jingles, Quickie
    etc……it would be like “Once upon a time in WoT” or “The

  26. ISU 152 vs Borsig :D

  27. one of the tortiose’s was using a 20pdr….. makes a difference no?

  28. 15 TOG 2s vs. 15 O-Is!

  29. Made in the USA. This is why I drive a doom turtle.

  30. Its obvious that Tortoise have no chance at that distance. Btw one Tortoise
    didnt have top gun.

  31. deathstars vs waffenträgers e100

  32. 15 Luchs vs 1 Maus.

  33. E-100 vs Maus

  34. 15 hellCAT against 1 Maus (mouse) xD

  35. clash of the fatsos

  36. type 5 heavy vs maus.
    jp e 100 vs death star

  37. JPzE100 (x10=Terminator army) vs. FV215b 183 (x10=Starkiller base)

  38. James Patrick Barrameda

    15 M41 Walker Bulldog Vs 15 AMX 13 75

    15 M18 Hellcat Vs 15 Nashorn

    15 T28 prototype Vs 15 T28

    15 ISU 152 VS 15 St. Emil

    15 Jaegaru Vs 15 Death Star


  39. Tfw torts shoot T95 in the top cupolas instead of penning all their shots
    through the lower plate and winning. FeelsBadMan

  40. 15 T110E3 vs 15 T110E4 or 15 jagd panzer e 100s

  41. Alexandru Cojocariu

    15 fv215b 183 vs 15 jg pz e100

  42. what about Leopard 1 vs AMX 30?

  43. Maus vs E100 :p

  44. T57 Heavy vs T110E5

  45. Quinton Mcchesney

    Waffle tractor vs Foch 155

  46. wanna see 15 E3 vs 15 obj 263 :P

  47. Next for the T95, the T30

  48. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    15 Conquerer GC’s vs 15 T92’s

  49. this the problem with the Tortoise nowdays it really sucks, the armor is
    weak, and also have a major weak spot on top… only good to snipe… i
    painfully know this because im grinding the tier10.. and it sucks… any
    tier 6 can pen my “top cancer”… needs a buff equal to the e5!

  50. Benjamin Wharekawa

    Go T95

  51. 15 t1 vs 15 loltraktor

  52. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    Maus vs Type 5 Heavy

  53. Pz 1 C vs T7 Combat car? or maybe another fun light tank?

  54. The Tortoise has a V12 not a V8 :^)

  55. 15 E50Ms Vs 15 Centurion Action X

  56. I personally didn’t enjoy this face off, strictly because I never saw the
    tortoise having any chance against those mobile bunkers. If you could try a
    round that is from farther range I think that the Tortoise would have a
    better chance. Love the quality of the video though Dez, so that’s my
    hopefully constructive criticism.

  57. Batchat v. Skoda Tier 10 (brain fart). On a all out go, then can’t stop

  58. Jean-Philippe Cusson

    light tanks facing off in a game of tag…. in reverse!

  59. Get some crappy low tiers into this. Like, really crappy.

  60. FV215B vs Waffletractor E100!

  61. I didn’t get a mention :(

  62. t92 v conquerer GC, shotgun mode on the move only, but also can’t go into
    close quarters, must be from a decent range

  63. T28 vs T28 Prot (whatever amount)

  64. is4vsis7

  65. Jagdpanzer E100 vs. FV215b 183
    Obj. 704 vs. Jagdtiger

  66. lower plate*

  67. how did tortoises loose gold round gold can pen to 95 lower player all day

  68. 15 e 100s va 15 maus

  69. TVP vs anything, don’t worry TVP will win anyway. Because power creep in
    this game is dumb…

  70. 15 E-75 vs 15 ST-I


  71. Maxwell Von Der Lieth

    fv215b(183) vs. t110e3 do this so much carnage

  72. Waffentragr e-100 vs Foch 155 (55) that would be pretty epicl

  73. is4 vs is7

  74. Tiger II VS Super Pershing
    M4A3E8 VS M4A3E2 Jumbo
    T 57 Heavy VS AMX 50b
    M48 Patton VS Centurion AX
    Maus VS Type 5 Heavy

  75. Great video, its really impressive that you got 15 T-95 drivers together.

  76. Panzer IV with 105 vs Sherman 105

  77. T64 VS m48 Patton, or whatever the tier 10 medium tank is in that line

  78. FV215b 183 vs. Jagdpanzer E-100

  79. This should be done as winner plays on … Try finding the “best” tank …

  80. super heavy tank throne: 15 mäuse(maus) vs. 15 type 5 heavies

  81. obj.140 vs t-62a

  82. 15 T34 vs 15 Pz IV H

  83. 15 Tog 2 VS 15 Kv-1S

  84. i got a idea take the different countries and have there tanks line up from
    weakest to best then have to go at a time towards the other team and when
    both of the tanks die on your team the next 2 tanks move up

  85. t95 legend.. thanks for make.. :)

  86. i mean to be honest with you the side that times their shots better will
    always win, specially if they don’t miss so damn much

  87. Maus’s who can angle vs WT auf E100

  88. It’s already been said but E75 vs Vk45 B

  89. 15 vs 15 arties, I know what will happen but it will just be fun to see
    scumbags getting destroyed ~evil laugh~

  90. You should do 15 shermans vs 5 tigers!

  91. nA vs a20

  92. death star vs waffle

  93. 15 bishops vs 15 lefh18b2?

  94. 15 E-100s vs. 15 Maus

  95. how about 15 E-100s vs 15 Type 5 heavies

  96. obj 268 vs obj 263

  97. Centurion 7/1(half 20 pounders half 105 mms) vs T54(half T62 gun half Obj

  98. VK 45.02 P v E-75

  99. IS-7 vs IS-4 who is Stalin’s favourite?

  100. T49s vs Borsigs

  101. Jpz e100 vs waffentrager e100

  102. Nicholas Behringer

    CHI NU KAI or (chi nu kia idk how to sell ;-;) VS CHI NU

  103. Jagdpanzer E100 (15 tanks) VS Fv215b 183 (15 tanks)

  104. 15 fv215b 183s vs 15 Maus

  105. M53/M55 v Lorr. 155 55. Both arty of course, both fairly mobile. Stationary
    rounds probably won’t last long but charging and general field play would
    be shotgun nirvana. The hardest part would be finding enough players with
    these arty.

  106. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    1 KV-1 vs 15 Pz 1C

  107. Andre falcon fernandez

    When upload elc vs chaffe? I participate, my nick is AndreTanksF

  108. 15 Pz.1 C’s vs. 3 Pz. 2 J.

  109. Wow this was pointless…… t95 vs anything from front will win 

  110. Airsoft By Oliver

    lefh18b2 vs bert

  111. Jagdpanzer E100 vs Fv 215B 183

  112. Jeroen huis in 't veld

    15 obj 140 vs 15 t62a

  113. Fv 215B (183) vs. Jagpanzer E100

  114. 15 FV304’s vs 15 tier 10 Artillery
    15 IS-3’s vs 15 110’s
    15 T-32’s vs 15 IS-3’s
    15 Death Stars vs 15 Foch 155’s

  115. JpzE100 vs Fv215b(183) pls.

  116. T95 vs E3 plz

  117. That was a beautiful sound at 4:46 never heard a bounce sound like that.
    LOL that “charge” was hilarious. How about 2-3 WTE100s vs 15 PZ1Cs just for
    the lols?

  118. Mainly want JP E100 vs Death star or VK B vs E-75 (or VK B vs ST-1)

  119. This was super interesting to watch really thought it would of been so much
    closer too.

  120. Ammar Abu Al-Haijaa

    IS-4 vs IS-7
    maus vs e-100
    kv-4 vs is-3
    amx 50 b vs t57 heavy
    121 vs tvp t 50/51


  122. Lucas Vandersanden

    T92’s VS FV304″s or m44’s

  123. WOW! Doom turtle beat turtle, who knew?!

  124. HE, again, t95, why? Because most T95s fit spall liners, and T95 has 155 MM

  125. I found something that makes the tourtière look fast…when your comparing
    the speed to a T95 haha

  126. Yeah E-75s vs. VK(B)s 😀 that would be great :D

  127. 15 113 Heavy tanks against 10 T110E5

  128. Man, that first line-up was sub par ;P

  129. Иосиф Игры

    10 FV215b (183) Vs. 10 Jagdpanzer E-100

  130. Before the vid starts, I’m betting on T95.

  131. 15x M48 Patton vs 15x Centurion AX

  132. Wrestler Uglibugli

    Amc 50 B VS T57 havy


  134. Epic results!
    The thing about the T95 is, it’s completely rediculous… yet not
    overpowered because of its reload and (mostly) its speed.
    One of my all-time favourite tanks! Also it’s responsible for THE most
    rediculous WoT video ever – T95 driving straight through malinova.

  135. Next face off Jagdpanzer E-100 vs FV215b

  136. type 5 heavy VS maus

  137. Torts didnt focus fire at all

  138. FV215b (183) vs. Jagdpanzer auf E100

  139. E-100’s VS Maus’s
    Tiger 1’s VS Tiger (P)’s

  140. great video as always! I still say you need to come out with a line of
    T-Shirts….email me if you want to hear my suggestions

  141. 15 m4 Sherman’s vs 15 t34’s (the tier 5 one)

  142. Historic battle, Germans vs Americans/Germans vs Russians
    (Allied vs Axis)

  143. That was funny when you said they’d charge each other. Here let me go and
    pop some popcorn I’ll be back in plenty of time to see them meet in the

  144. 10 wt auf e100 Vs 10 T57Heavy

  145. amx 30B vs Leopard 1

  146. Richards Slebonick

    M48 vs. t62?

  147. AMX 50B vs. T57 HeavyLeopard 1 vs. AMX 30BBat Chat 25t vs. TVP T92 vs.
    Conqueror CGM48 Patton vs. Centurion AXChaffee vs. AMX ELC bisM 41 Walker
    Bulldog vs. AMX 13 75

  148. I think it’d be pretty cool if you could do the historical battles some
    justice and have some shermans go at some tigers in actual battles, just a
    thought that I imagine would be pretty cool to see.

  149. Fifteen Bishops vs. fifteen Pz. 1Cs.

  150. One tier X vs 15 tier V or VI …something like that 🙂 One vs many hoho.

  151. Jagtiger v object 704

  152. Maus vs. Type 5 Heavy

  153. Artillery face.off cuz YOLO!

  154. SU-122-44 vs Black Prince

  155. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    15 maus vs 15 is4… lets see nobody die or lose o/ xd

  156. That was pretty cool!

  157. Habitual Offender

    I expected the doom turtle to win overall but I thought the tortoise to
    make it much closer.

  158. 15 light Tanks jumping on Maus !

  159. Face off: M4 Sherman vs. KV :)

  160. Deathstar vs maus!

  161. @DezGamez make it a V12 engine Rolls Royce Xd
    p.s. keep going with everything!

  162. Dont they know that the very bottom of the glacis of the t95 can be penned?
    I can do it with the T-10 (formerly the IS-8)

  163. 15 tigers vs 15 Churchill 7

  164. Or Td behemoths Fv215b(183) vs JgPz E100

  165. next face off: A Death Race Face off Obj 140 vs T62a 🙂 plz do this! Races

  166. Dang, Dez it doesn’t matter what you do it’s cool as shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, as always my friend. Oldman out!

    Take care, flea

  167. 2:20 I love that so much…

  168. J pz E 100 VS FV 4005

  169. T57 Heavy VS AMX 50 B

  170. obj 140s vs t 62As
    or E75 vs VK (B)

  171. Do KV85 vs KV2

  172. tvp vs bc25t

  173. t57 vs amx 50b

  174. Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

    15 bat-chat 25t vs 15 T62a

  175. t49s vs ..whatever 😀 ..

  176. 15 pz2j vs 15pz2j
    1 pz2j vs 15 pz1c

  177. 15 t92 spgs with ap shell vs 5 maus

  178. amx 40 vs matilda

  179. robin van der wal

    FV-215b VS t110e5

  180. Maus vs Type 5

  181. I would really like to see an actual battle with this series. Having the
    battle lines only really shows the armor and gun capabilities, but we all
    know some tank excel at movement/traverse/view.

    Please include a regular battle without the battle lines or forced rules.

  182. KV1 vs KV1S

  183. amx 40 vs dw2

  184. maus vs type5 heavy

  185. DW2 vs DW2 the Goal for both teams is to end the Battle before a 10 min
    Timer runs out

  186. Maus vs E100

  187. Maciej Maciejewicz

    really cool vid! :D

  188. 15 lorr.40 t vs 15 t54E1s

  189. Jerrie van der Wal

    10 jagdtigers VS 10 tortoises

  190. pz 2J vs……kv1 that doesnt shoot HE!

  191. pz 2 G bs pz 1c?

  192. 15 bat chats 155 55 vs 15 amx 50b-s

  193. ISU-152 Vs RHM B WT

  194. Kristoffer Johansson

    Pistol duel mode: teams back to back, on signal moves away to an equal,
    specified distance, turn around and start attacking. Thus Lighter faster
    tanks get the opportunity to shoot in the back of the enemies first.

  195. I want to see lefh 12b vs fv 304:)

  196. m4(105) vs pz4H (105)

  197. Der Revolvermann1

    next Face-off guncarriage E100 vs fv4005 stage 2

  198. Loernzo Greidanus

    Plz do is vs t29

  199. Well I think t95 had actually a great advantage because they had enough pen
    to go trough Tortoise armour in most parts. Tortoise has better dmp but to
    be able to use it you require skill, as you can only pen lower glaces and
    the commander’s hatch, which are both tiny targets.

  200. I had great fun helping with this vid (my poor Tortoise *sniff*) I think
    Matilda vs Hetzer would be good :D

  201. Well that was unexpected

  202. MAUS vs Type 5 HT

  203. I dont even had fun seeing this… was absolutly clear that it ends like

  204. 15 Jagtiger’s vs 15 Object 704’s

  205. next faceoff Hetzer vs matilda

  206. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50 B

  207. Bo Danville (BountyHunter01)

    Really enjoyed taking part was glad i still had my T95 🙂 This was the
    slowest yolo in Wot history thanks for making it happen Dez look forward to
    more :-)

  208. DubstepinWithSmoke

    that one tort having the 20 pounder really hurt the team

  209. bulldog VS amx 13 70 / SPIC

  210. 15 is-7 vs 15 is-4 i wanna that so hard

  211. I would really like to see a VK 30.02M vs the Sherman E8. Basically,
    Panther vs Sherman at the same tier. I also think you should do a Japanese
    Tiger vs T-34-85. I’m just thinking “historical” match ups would be really

  212. Type 5 heavy vs E-100 plsss

  213. maus vs t5 heavy

  214. T-43 vs Skoda T-34-100

  215. No bias like Murican bias :^)

  216. A few reccomendations:
    10x Mutz’s vs 10x AMX CDC’s

    10x T28 Prot’s vs 10x T28’s

    10x AMX 50B vs 10x T57 Heavy (cuz why not) 😀

    10x Leo PTA’s vs 10x M46 Patton’s

    10x T49’s vs 5x WT-E100’s

    10x Type 59’s vs 10x T-34-3

    I hope some of you will like these ;)

  217. Oho vs IS3

  218. IS-4 Against IS-7? :D

  219. the problem with the tortoise is that the loader dies really easily and
    once that happens its useless

  220. T 57 vs 50 B

  221. Tiger I vs. IS

  222. 15 Conqueror GCs Vs 15 AT 15As.

  223. MrStealthyninja84

    15 kv4’s vs. 15 Is3’s

  224. 10 Maus vs. 20 IS-3

  225. 10 Maus vs. 20 IS-3

  226. Dunno about WoT, but historically Tortoise had mounted V12 Rolls-Royce
    Meteor engine, that was actually develloped from WW2 aerial Rolls-Royce
    Merlin. So Tortoise has pretty much the same engine as Supermarine Spitfire.

    Now that is awesome!

  227. Maus VS Type 5 Heavy 😀 pls

  228. RU-251s Vs. T49s

  229. Those Tortoise shooters are so bad,lower plate is weakness on T95 and they
    shoot commander hatch and bounce,1+ dislike from me.

    Sry Dezz :(

  230. Death Star vs 4005 long face

  231. or even better do t49 vs rhm borsig

  232. Fv215b 183 vs jpz e100!

  233. do kv2 vs rhm borsig but with 128 on the td

  234. Orion the Warrior

    amx30b vs leopard 1
    or T57 heavy vs amx50b

  235. Asdow Zezusi (Asdow440)

    Jagdtigers vs Object 704’s?

  236. JPZ E100 vs DeathStar

  237. jean-pierre rojas

    E75 vs t-10 plz ^^

  238. Jagdtiger vs tortoise

  239. one pz II J vs 15 tier 2 tanks!

  240. Or ISU vs Jpanther2/Ferdinand

  241. Do 10 or 15 FV215b(183) vs 10 or 15 Jg Pz E100

  242. SU-152 vs jpanther

  243. 15 fv215b 183 vs 15 jagdpanzer e100

  244. T25/2 vs T25 AT

  245. Or t 82 not sure what it’s called

  246. T28 vs T28 Prototype

  247. batchats versus skodas?
    tiger 2s vs is-3s?
    ferdinands versus isu-152s?

  248. Only problem I’m seeing with these episodes is team skill. Specifically
    whoever focus fires the best wins. I think players should only be able to
    shoot whoever is directly in front of them or all be instructed to focus
    fire to somewhat balance out that aspect.

  249. IS4 vs IS7

  250. In wot blitz the T95 does like 650 damage a shot and the tortoise can’t pen
    it’s front armor

  251. awfully slow warfare….

  252. it s sad on of the turtoise is stock.
    And T95’s player are smart, they most of the time ignored him util the end.

  253. no surprises here, should have been Jagdtiger vs Tortoise

  254. Daaaamn son, dat T95 machine gun! 😀 Nice video mate.

  255. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri

    Wt Auf. E100 vs Foch 155 (before waffle be removed)

  256. Project Halo wars

    Tortoise vs Obj 704

  257. E100 vs Maus

  258. I was a bit negative on this series before – but now with a beer – I must
    say: IT IS AWESOME!!

  259. Schnitzell Muffin

    Waffle tractor with epic autoloader vs 183 hesh gun! Which is the best tier
    10 TD?

  260. John de Pro gamer

    Maus vs other Tier x

  261. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee


  262. This was awesome. Thanks Dez!

  263. There was not a single doubt that this would have been the end
    result….dead tortoises….luckily i will use my 340k free xp to unlock
    the E3 without playing the T95….i will see what i will do with the
    tortoise….i will think of something…. gg

  264. T-34 (tier 8) Vs Lowe (Tier 8) or Is-6

    T-92 Vs GC gun carrier.

  265. Next Face-off. 58,000 subs vs. Dez’s Face-Reveal


  266. that was fun, and boring, but still fun, but boring… but anyways, thanks
    for the vid. :)

  267. Christian Hostetler

    tortoise players cant aim, lol

  268. 15 fv4005s vs 15Manus

  269. Excellent comparison… really like this series… big thumbs up How about
    IS7 v IS4.

  270. 15 amx 50 bs vs 15 t11e5

  271. Led_ironcz Ovčačík

    type 5 heavy VS E100 pls

  272. T92 arty v Churchill Gun Carrier

  273. From that range the T95 will always win

  274. M4 versus Pz IV h

  275. 15 Kv-85’S VS 15 T-150’s?? Or
    15 Kv-1’s VS 15 Kv-1s’?

  276. M4A3E8 vs Cromwell

  277. You should make episode in which is basicall trolling like, jumping over
    maus, making flips, trying to ammorack some1 in air :DDD

  278. E25s vs SU 122-44s

  279. did some of the tortys have the 20 pounder?

  280. Arvin Dave Velasco

    battle of paper turrets… WT auf E-100 vs FV4005 =)

  281. Pz 1C. vs WT auf E100 (no shooting)!

  282. AMX 50 B vs. T57 Heavy

  283. sounds like a v6

  284. 15 comets vs 15 lttb

  285. Standard battle with same vehicle setup

  286. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    M53/M55 ffa

  287. 121 vs 62A

  288. 15 dead tortoises? nice imagination :P

  289. 10 jp2 vs 10 ISU :)

  290. Zak Stratford-Smith

    1 Waffle e100 vs 15 Pz I Cs

  291. Chinnes IS2 vs Russain IS2. All the tier 7 with IS in the name in every

  292. M4 sherman w/ 105 vs PZ4H w/ m105

  293. cent ax vs e50m

  294. Pz. B2 vs AMX 40

  295. another one will be nice Ru tier 8 lifht tank. vs t54 lightweight.

  296. maybe the tortoises would have won once if you put one light tank into
    every team that spots the middle and the TDs are all sniping each other
    from a longer distance

  297. Tiger 1 vs jpn tiger

  298. well armour helps so much if you manage to use it correctly! same as
    mobility…. but still mobility wins in my opinion. if tortoise has decent
    mobility no chance to T95…. well I would like to see tier 9 va x . no its
    not strange hhhh Vk 42.2 ausf b vs e 100 or is7 etc. I am handling easy any
    tier x in my Vk ausf b !

  299. tortiose is still better

  300. tier one vs. tier one :D

  301. tortoise were not able to aim…- -

  302. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    IF they would have shot gold…

  303. Luchs Vs matilda

  304. t110e5 vs is7

  305. OMG the bass on my system :))

  306. Tortoise vs Jagtiger! It will be more fair because the Jagtiger doesn’t
    have as much armour.

  307. 113 vs FV215b ?

  308. WoT Blitz Gameplay


  309. WoT Blitz Gameplay


  310. Obj 704 vs jagtiger

  311. JgPz. E 100 VS FV215b (183) Make it happen!!!

  312. ikzorHD Dierenfeld

    15 Maus vs 15 E100

  313. Object 140 vs. T62A

  314. I thought for sure the tortoise would win in the free maneuver part of the
    show, but wow! I’d like to see the T54 ltw vs the RU251.

  315. J6R WoTBlitz Tanker

    Jg pz e100 vs 183 death star

  316. Dabedu Galadingdong

    Fv215b 183 agains jp auf e100

  317. Loltractor vs T1 Cunningham

  318. Plenty of new m41 90’s, how about a t8 scout comp.

  319. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50 B

  320. The top hatch on the tortoise is too big a weak spot. The t95 front weak
    spots are smaller and harder to hit. No contest in this situation.

  321. Ryszard Dusak (Masterrychu)

    tortoise vs jagdtiger

  322. one of the tortoises was stock, you should check the guns before you starts
    these tests…

  323. ram only would be fun

  324. mateusz221301 666


  325. oh man the lonely tortoise firing and bouncing xD man i had a laugh. well
    this shows that the T95 don’t let any new cid on the block stel its
    reputation as the alpha dom turtle

  326. I don’t think there is any tank who can beat t95 head on

  327. 110s vs is-3s

  328. Tog v kv2

  329. Sebastiaan Postma

    Type 59 vs T-54 Mod. 1

  330. AMX 50B vs T57 Heavy

  331. obj 140 v obj 430

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  339. mojimax multigamer

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  345. armour baby, armour

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  349. good work dez you finaly did it, the ultimate turtle battle:)

  350. hi dezgamez i like your videos and i would like know your pseudo in wot

  351. God vid my friend

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