► World of Tanks: 100% Pure Perfection!

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Source: DezGamez

Review, Battle. World of Bat.- Chatillon 25t, Tier 10 French Medium Tank.

Today I am going to show you one of the best and most perfect battle that I have seen for a very long time!
How “fika_rbc” is going to carry his team to victory is simply pleasure to watch!

► Player: fika_rbc



  1. Bullshit RNG

  2. It’s not a replay lag/bug. It happens to me ingame as well..really annoying

  3. My only problem with the replay is that the guy is using a mod to assist him to lock onto the target >.>

  4. Dez u can translate from german to english fika means ficker and that means fucker i had a laughflash m8???

  5. Петър Петров

    This game is a perfect illustration of the toxic playerbase of WOT. Even if you do great, there is always a moron in chat who starts raging. It gets realy tiring after a while especially if you are playing casually after work/school.

  6. U can see aimbot on m41 90 gf

  7. The stars have been aligned for this battle

  8. perfect climax when 9vs9 it hung in the air !!but fadens medal is the cream on top GG!
    Dez , liked pov camera switch u did twice ! camera action , beautiful action today(in my deepestvoice) ladies and gentlemen ! seeya

  9. simply – perfect game

  10. Finally grafs and resolution on your video lucks amazing nice edit!

  11. Not perfect but satisfying

  12. Awesome game, awesome commentary!!

  13. yup, its perfect.. with a perfect tank by a perfect player 😉 😉

  14. You have easy rule 4 BC Dez, when you are reloading BC and you stay on one place, than you are doing something wrong…

  15. The HD Bat Chatillon looks neat 🙂

  16. Song name? At the start??

  17. I’ve experienced this turret turning lag alot lately, just playing random games, and I gotta say it feels incredibly frustrating. Also game feels alot more unstabile for some reason

  18. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    ewwww batshit

  19. And also at 9:13 that skorpion g said something reeeally bad so he was croatian and i am from Croatia so he said f*** your mother in pu*** you incapable guys

  20. Clap clap action lol

  21. I wish my RNG was that good, if I would’ve had the same battle, half of my shots would have missed xDD

  22. NightSounds ComingIn

    I always understand “Ficker” which means “Fucker” in German 😀 😀 sorry Dez, love your videos :*

  23. Another noob tanker that zooms out before firing

  24. 9:12 watch chat…..thats my language 😀

  25. 8:13 Skorpion G is like “spoter u noob spot” like smh he has 5 kills and that Skorpion probably has 0 damage.

  26. At 9:17 Scorp G is saying “i will fu** your incapable mom in the pus**” gotta love that rage of balkan player 🙂

  27. @DezGamez I thought the british meds got that turret buff in 9.20.. what happened?

  28. It is not just a replay but. It does that in game too (the turret wiggle lag)

  29. Really epic episode!!!

  30. Kako volim vidjet balkance u chatu

  31. Best game……. ever.

  32. So what is that intro remix?

  33. I love people who say that bc is OP! Lol

  34. I don’t understand why people call the Foch B op. The bc 25t is the exact same shit but faster and with a turret

  35. DezGamez speak like a Homo Boy ? and i give all negativ Feedback for your Uploads.

  36. On Sunday was my birthday! This video was a gift. Thank you Dez.

  37. grille 15 with 0 damage lol. scrub

  38. Perfect battle that comes once in a million, and just 13k credits made with premium account. Flawless logic as always, Wargaming.

  39. whatt a battle!

  40. And people bitched about the BC being “nerfed”

  41. Insane. One of the best replays i have ever seen!!! Goodjob Dez Gamez! I was really enjoying 😉

  42. Perfect game Premium account 13k profit, u must be fking joking lol

  43. More crazily OP BC 25t self masturbation … how impressive zzZZzz.

  44. Hey Dez, can you please tell me the name of the song in the intro? i like it a lot 🙂

  45. I get the twitching turret lag a lot in game since patch .19

  46. Awesome game.

  47. Omg

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