► World of Tanks: 10,000,000 Credit Grind – The Dream – AMX CDC and T-54 Mod. 1 Gameplay

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World Tanks AMX CDC Gameplay Review. . 1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series. World of Tanks Stream Highlights.

Today going to show you another stream highlight.. Crazy, right? DezGamez streams 2 times in one month, what is this world?
Enjoy the action and sorry for this poor quality, next time I try to work even harder on that. 🙂

Take care and enjoy the video!

►Tanks in action:
– France/ AMX CDC, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank
– USSR/Soviet Mod.


  1. Well, I played that game on the opposite team in a stock T44…it was

  2. Missed…’Must be a bug.’ LOL

  3. What is the music name?

  4. last month or so was hard… I got the IS-7 in November then during
    December specials Jagdtiger 2, T-44, E-Hundo and E-halfo… I didn’t even
    have credits to stock equipment :(

  5. grind? You have prem tanks and account, there is no grind : /

  6. Good video as always….
    I found it very interesting to see at which time these games happened. I
    would like to know that for most replays on the internet.
    My personal opinion is that most ‘good or extraordinary’ replays with extra
    ordinary stats take place in the very high populated “noob” times of the
    week. Afternoons and weekends. And then its just a combination of luck and
    average skill to do unbelievable things.
    I could be very wrong, but i would really like to know, when someone is
    presenting a replay and commenting it, at which time and day of the week
    that special game happened. Some real stat (whores) eem people aren’t even
    playing at some specific times in the week, because they could ruin their
    stats… :)

  7. live stream**

  8. You did some good work man!

  9. Imagine my struggle needing the same amount of credits, only i have no t8
    prem or premium account

  10. Really enjoyed your stream! Thank you

  11. I understand very well what is the grind for make credits in this game I
    need more than 30.000.000 credits to buy all the tanks I have researched.
    Good luck with that. ;)

  12. That T34/100 was spamming APCR versus a CDC. It’s literally the most
    unnecessary use of premium ammo, ever. lol I can only assume that he
    inadvertently hit the wrong key at some point in the battle, and didn’t
    notice until he was back in the garage.

  13. Dez i’m going to have to ask you to lose that sexy voice, lol.

  14. Glad to hear you’ve finally acquired the STB-1 🙂 Looking forward to some
    play from that beast.

  15. Can you do some t20 gameplay using the 76mm m1a2? And use the d1 turret for
    epic maneuvering! Or the comet if you prefer that over t20 but either one
    is da beast.

  16. Awesome gameplay Dez <3 You're my fave youtuber :D

  17. FCM 50T is my best credit earner. Then CDC. So what do you think of the
    stats for the FV4202(p)? personally I think it looks terrible but the guns
    got good pen.

  18. ww2legoproductions


  19. Ether way love the episodes keep it up!

  20. You need 28 mil? Man…I’m struggling to reach 1 mil. It’s a thug life
    without a premium account.

  21. Pls Dez take 65ap and 20 aprc on your cdc i just cant support that ??❤️

  22. Sorry guys for quite poor quality. Try to forgive me. 🙁
    Still working on it. :)

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