► World of Tanks: 11 Kills – Sick Batman Bat.-Chat 25t Carry – Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Bat.-Chatillon 25t Epic Gameplay Review. Epic Battle Series.

In my previous “Epic Battle” episode I covered Superman Superpershing’s gameplay, so this time it has to be Batman Bat.-Chat 25t.
Check out this crazy carry by “Try2t4rg3tm3”, mopping up 11 kills in super heavy tier 10 battle!

► Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2588139#stats



  1. The first pronunciation of bat.Chatillon will be good if you said it like
    this bat-chat e yon (yon is short)

  2. 15 IS-3 vs 15 T-34 pls

  3. the bounse was from t95

  4. Batman > Superman.

  5. how about AW….

  6. lol, you called him “Try to trick me” once in there.

  7. French batman? yeaahhh my favourite :D

  8. Holger Breidscheid

    nope, autoloader are not OP.

  9. Not gonna lie, if that was me then I would have gone for the Fadin’s

  10. xX Thecrunchytacosss Xx

    Hey Dez what mod pack do you use?

  11. Simply epic!!

  12. can you do 15 t-95 vs 15 tortoise


  14. stupid,all games is tier 10,is that fun??ok maybe for those who give a shit
    about learning from tier 5-8 thats where you need to be smart,the rest is
    just so we will hope and hunt to higher tier,,,just a true tip.

  15. lol…every youtubers upload the same video…

  16. Great replay… and that travel distance, wow! Thanks for all you do,
    please keep up the great work!

  17. I can feel my arteries hardening while watching that chat, so much salt
    from that arty.

  18. Ont appelle sa le Bateuh Chateuh
    vin sainq tonne

  19. Bateeniol Chateeyon is how you would pronounce it right (first try was
    close enough). Keep up the good work, love your vids Dez.

  20. Meatballs for life

    2:57 look at chat, I must say, that’s an insult I haven’t heard before,
    nice to see some diversity now and then

  21. This dude is my hero. Watching this makes me ashamed of my Bat-Chat play.

  22. Man the Batchat looks so fun and incredible, I want mine soooo bad.
    Unlocked the Lorraine 40T but only 900k credits :c

  23. Raport haxor gold nup…Ohh wait :D

  24. Dez, the correct name is Batignolles-Chatillon 25 tonnes :p

  25. “Ba-Chatium” is the right pronounciation, i think..

  26. Wow just wow!! Thank you Dez, I needed this a lot!! Oldman out!!

    Take care, flea

  27. This guy penetrated HEAT shells in very tough locations (for that type of a
    shell), and I can’t even penetrate a light tank with HEAT…

  28. DezGamz could you stop putting the amount of kills in the titel? It is a
    huge spoiler 🙁
    mabye only put the amount of base exp earned in the titel?

  29. o thats the background music of the IS-8 april fools event i like it its

  30. Wargaming Customer Services

    It’s pronounced “baguette”

  31. Awesome play!


  33. Can we see a 15 vs 15, but with tank destroyers? Maybe Jagdpanzer E 100
    against FV215b?

  34. that music.

  35. The Raging Storm

    Wow what a replay, I Was on the edge man. loving the touch of the music in
    the background ;)

  36. this is how you use an autoloader great replay

  37. I dont just like the video, on Android there is a bug in the app, each time
    I scroll the like button resets so I like it again and again and again and

  38. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Who else click like button without even watching the video?

  39. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Good game, but very very lucky in the end…. Penning 4/4 HEATs thru
    tracks?? Well, i heard they are not supposed to work good against
    spaced…. looks like not anymore..

  40. wow, big hat off to this man, what a hero

  41. Yeah we say “Chatiyon” so you’re correct 🙂
    Superbe vidéo, on t’adore

  42. The second prononciation is the right one at 0:25

  43. Dez, i have a challenge idea, it’s epic. :)

  44. just say “batchat-eyon” ;)

  45. https://youtu.be/elixxSqd1ug?t=234 This was T95 shooting, check bottom
    screen and you will see. Kappa

  46. I didn’t know that a batchat can be this great…
    Well this guy is really good…

    Jokes aside, when will you click on “start streaming”?? :D

  48. Omg I hope I never meet him on the battlefield, very well played, one of
    the most flawless rounds of Wot ever !

  49. Yeah the second pronunciation was pretty great, You just had a little [n]
    at the end that was too much. 😉

    But very nice, lot of progress I can hear :p (Still wait for a great
    pronunciation of AMX Chasseur de Char, but I think I will wait for a long
    time ^^)

  50. OP autoloader

  51. It is spelt batchatillion but is pronounced “bat-shat-eyon”

  52. a number!

  53. Christian Oatley


  54. Second

  55. First =)

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