► World of Tanks 121 Gameplay: 10,000 Damage – Finally 121 Epic Battle! – Tier 10 Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 121 Episode. World of Tanks 121 Gameplay Review.

Guys, something new on my channel – 121, Chinese Medium Tank in action! 😛
This has to be one of the most requested tank on my channel, so finally we have a chance to take a look at one gameplay.
Checked my mailbox had one really awesome battle by “W00ha”.

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. I have over 3k games playing in mine. I LOVE it. the Depression is crap,
    but if you setup right, you can own the enemies. Its the highest alpha of
    any medium tank. and a decent reload.

  2. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    Personaly I hat this tank , Because of his Bad dépression and élévation ,
    he is So Big and worser than WZ-120 who is smaller and has the same gun at
    tier 9 

  3. Thanks. At last the video came. Got my name in the start of video. 🙂 funny

  4. Hey dez I realy enjoyed It again! Keep up the great work and thank you for
    making world of ranks awesome 🙂 and I would love to play In a platoon with

  5. Jēkabs Miķelsons

    DezGames you need to rename 0.9.8 to in res_mods map.

  6. Hell of a game by W00ha! The 121 really is more a fast under-armored heavy
    then a medium if you ask me what with that gun it gets.

  7. 0 dmg if he shoots tracks tried it many times

  8. Very nice gameplay gg

  9. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    haha 1299 raw xp? not impressive, the damage was impressive tho

  10. dezpic game again!

  11. my opinion on 121: good gun but i have no skill and get murdered because of
    gun depression and noobiness. yes still a noob after 3 years of playing lol

  12. Wise words were said : really good “click” by arty . Arty= very ultra
    brutal mode……for a donkey.

  13. StabberMcShanky

    Hey great video was just wondering if you have been streaming lately? I
    haven’t been getting notifications so I’m worried that I am missing the

  14. You’re one of the few WoTubers that actually entertains, Dez. Would it kill
    you to do a little research on the tank you’re presenting to us? It makes
    you seem like a newbtuber when you can’t describe wot’s going on to the
    tank you’re presenting :’< Like: the wz120 and 121 having -3 gun depression on their 122mm's. That they aren't played much because they are not comfortable to drive. Their modules are really close together and have very low module HP. Their AP shell velocity is very slow. Their aim time is 3,4 seconds on the wz120 and 2.9 seconds on the 121. Their dispersions after moving is terrible, almost as bad as the IS7's or T34...glacier-like. Don't drop the ball Dez. You're better than most of the WoTubers just by having a nice, calming voice. Keep that going. You make these videos like movie trailers sometimes. Don't kill the atmosphere with negligence.

  15. And my quickybaby mod is not shoving up.

  16. Danijel Novakovic

    stronk autoaiming

  17. Chinese Med tanks are the best … Yea 121 way to go XD

  18. How about some T30 gameplay now that it got a buff?

    • +USSWISCONSIN94 I have more than 900 battles in the T30. The buff was so
      incredibly small, I only know that it exists because of the patch notes.
      Nothing noticable in game.

  19. 121 one of the best tier 10 meds ^^ i had it short time ago.. i have like
    80-85 match with it %60 win rate… adore^^
    He didnt made tracking shots to that jp e 100 cos he was out of ap ammo..

  20. Dez I have lost my mods aswell and idk why

  21. Emilien Gosselin

    Description fail x)

  22. I’d like to add that I have 215 battles in the 121.

  23. The 121 is not a tank for a new player. You’d have better gun depression
    from a flat board. The gun can and dose troll you, and bounce at some
    really bad times. It’s larger than it’s Russian brothers that it is based
    on, and is slower to get up to speed. DPM is not even close to what you’ed
    expect from a medium, but since it has a heavy tanks gun, my reload is
    reasonable at just a bit over 7 seconds, (100% crew, rammer, vents, and gun
    stabilizer ). You have to wait till it sights in a lot unless you’re up
    close. Angling the armor is important because you’re not hard to penetrate.
    Now, having said all this, if you can fight targets at medium to close
    ranges, then the tanks works well. Just don’t think you can out DPM any of
    the tier X medium tanks.

  24. Like ur comments: 2 stickers’ lost of humor for THE rest and expert

  25. IS-4 on crack. That’s what it is, pure beast.

  26. Pepijn den Boer

    +Dez Moments You need to rename the 0.9.8 folder to This is because
    they changed it in the micropatch. After that all your mods are working

  27. kokozaur [RO-MX]

    +DezGamez you dont have the mods in game because it was a new update to the
    current patch so WG can introduce the Domination Gamemode so now is 9.8.1
    version. Mod Makers should update it soon ;)

  28. Das also have the 121 and I love it this damage is only verry good and it
    is fast

  29. derpymuffin dude

    its called the 1-2-1 not one hundred and twenty one

  30. It is very hard to track and do damage to jgpz e100 same time whit heat

  31. DutchGamerBrothers

    It’s a good tank if you are on even ground you can really shine but the gun
    depression is a really hard problem

  32. SteveBuscemiLover125

    Dez, he didn’t shoot the JP E 100 in the tracks because he only had heat
    left and it would have been absorbed.

  33. Can you get Type 59 for giveaway next time? And can we see some lower tier
    gameplay? Particularly ELC AMX?

  34. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Dez, I have 121, and I’ve played several hundred battles on it.

    And, it is a very, very difficult tank to play, out of the non-existant gun

    If the terrain is not, COMPLETELY, flat, you suffer a high difficulty to
    take shots. Many of them go too high. Many times, you simply cannot shoot
    enemies. To shoot over ridges,you have to climb over, and even go down a
    bit. And, many, many times, they track you, and find your gun aiming the

    Another issue, is that 121 suffer a high tendency to get damage on ammo

    It is a great tank, but VERY difficult.

    • +Ginés Ladrón de Guevara I would agree on a few things, 1. being that its a
      difficult tank to play and 2. the gun depression is indeed terrible. Where
      I think my description of this tank differs is that I would consider it an
      “advanced player’s” type vehicle. This tank needs a lot of driving skill to
      master, one must know the terrain, situational awareness, knowledge of
      maps, where your tank will struggle (Ridges) and in turn, how to use the
      terrain to actually create gun depression (i.e. reverse sloping, utilizing
      other terrain types to make unorthodox shots). I currently have my reload
      down to 7.59 seconds utilizing combat rations, that puts it as fast as an
      E50m using chocolate but with 50 additional average alpha. This thing is a
      fucking damage monster, it just takes a skilled driver to master. In
      summation, if you put yourself in a ridge fight with this thing, you are
      playing it wrong.

  35. CaptainSpetsnaz

    Amx 30B!!!!!! 

  36. thumbs up for dow2 with indrid at 2:30

  37. When Domination was added, the game version became and a new folder
    for this update should have been created in your game files. Mods will have
    to be updated and moved to the correct folders.

  38. I played it on the test server and bearing in mind everyone spams gold, it
    performed pretty well and i liked it quite a lot!

  39. Move your mods from 9.8 folder to 9.8.1 and everything will work :)

  40. Super 2 stronk gejm descpripshn….!! Lajk maj wrajting nau!!

  41. it looked like enemies penetrated his turret like nothing! that was kinda

  42. Nice Gameplay of the 121, even if he had alot of luck, but luck is always
    needed for such games 🙂
    The 121 is in my opinion a very good and fun to play medium tank,
    especially because of the gun, quite accurate, good RoF and alpha-dmg, also
    its so different to play compared to the other MT’s.
    Also the way to it from the lights is awesome, the WZ-132 is one of the
    best lights in my opinion and the WZ-120 is just great (did my best game
    with it, 9,8k dmg, 1v7, 7,8k blockdmg and 1,9k base-exp).
    In my opinion it’s one of the lines I would recommend most in the aspect of
    fun, because for Clanwar the tank is not so usefull (too special for most

    With best Regards

  43. jesse van vliet

    Dez, at the end i think he didnt shoot jgpz e100 tracks because he only had
    heat shells left. 

  44. your mods are for 0.9.8
    but we are playing right now, so thats why your mods arent working
    i think.

  45. Duck hunting season!

  46. Fernando Orozco

    I will grind for the 121 but first I have to get the 113 to make the grind
    more easy

  47. Dez Just reinstal the mods but then into 9.8.1

  48. G to the

  49. 121 is a brawler tank, gun is not accurate at long ranges and forget
    shooting anything while on the move(like T62A). Alpha dmg is huge, trading
    1-1 shots it is gonna melt any tier10 medium. You can even hold your ground
    vs low HP tier10 heavies(like IS7 – E5s). Any tank will think again to turn
    a corner and eat 500dmg. Camo value seems pretty good(same for tier9

  50. Ibrahim Al-junaid

    Please make a video on the modpack you use!!

  51. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Lol I just noticed the song in the background. Glitch ‘n swing fan too my
    friend? :P

  52. good description XD

  53. I think that the mods are not working because of the domination gamemode,
    but I’m not sure.

  54. Graham Brinkworth

    the gun is brutal its is8 gun with buff stats just the gun depression
    limits this tanks game play

  55. Dez, description says IS3 and KV2 bud. Ps. 121 has 3 degrees of gun
    depression so he really couldn’t aim low enough for the tracks =(

  56. Wow DG is it worth the grind and how is the grind and whats the better
    grind the medium or the LT line ?

  57. i love the 121, i have over 1k battles in it. when i roll a 500dmg hit its
    awesome. the depression can be a prob, but you get used to that. i sold the
    121 o_0 about 6 m/ago, but ill get it back a soon as possible :P

  58. He would have been shot by me at the start… Always blind fire on that
    position. Hit someone about 20 % of the times. 🙂

  59. just came home from school got a glass of milk and started this awesome

  60. Let’z roll out!

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Corodej Haha I just noticed that. Don’t worry Dez, I’ll take off 5 lashes
      because it was funny.

    • Like for replay and because you showed the replay we wanted

    • Christian Hostetler

      +DezGamez The reason he did not shoot at the tracks is because he only had
      Heat which is notoriously unreliable vs the spaced side armor and beefy
      tracks of the JPZ. Thats my theory, but great battle.

    • +DezGamez just rename inside res mods ,”0.9.8″ dir into “” it works!

    • +DezGamez IF he had shot the that JgPzE-100 in the tracks with HEAT shells,
      he probably would have tracked him – but most likely would not have done
      any HP damage. If he had more AP then I definitely would say go for the
      tracks, as AP will do HP damage while tracking at the right angles.

      As it was with only HEAT left, I would have done exactly what he did, I
      mean there was no way in hell that JgPzE-100 would be able to get a shot on
      him unless he drove like a tomato, which he did not! XD

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