► World of Tanks: 121 – Greedy Joker!

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Source: DezGamez

. . Best Battle.

It has been quite some time since you saw in epic action, so let me fix that today. Take a look what kind of death “_Death_bringer_” going to bring to the enemy team with Joker of a tank – 121…
… But the ending tho, a little bit too greedy or not? 😛


Player: _Death_bringer_
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3010683#details


  1. He completely deserves it, first he should have maybe asked but then still,
    he should have just killed him.

  2. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    that is-7 612 roll o.O :o

  3. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    The greatest part of this replay is that if he hadn’t of killed that M41
    Walker Bulldog then he would have gotten his Top Gun.

  4. gives me motivation to keep grinding down the medium line

  5. could have been 10k damage if not going for the fadins :(

  6. world of tanks is like school

    if you are popular (good at it) your fucked by the techers (arty or too op
    if u are not popular you are fucked by all the kids (everyone else in the

  7. Too greedy, made me LOL.

  8. you should not get Ace Tanker with a team kill, but that`s just me … :)

  9. I think Dez just likes saying penetration..LOL!

  10. That must have been a kick in the balls xD

  11. rofl. Great game, but that ending was funny. I bet that Borsig received an
    interesting message after the battle.

  12. That fuckin asshole Brownie25…Dez last day i see frequently assholes
    reloaded their guns and wait you damage tanks to get the final shot and
    kill, just for today we lost 5 battles cuz we had a bastards like them.

  13. show some love to the “The” article man

  14. ALMOST 100K
    your editing skills went level 100000 haha

  15. Where were you?

  16. Jagdpanzer E100 will be removed from the game, did I understand that

  17. love that rhm to funny.

  18. Finnbar Aardenburg

    Is it a medium or heavy? Thanks for anwser :)

  19. comment

  20. crazy shit 😛
    Keep this going

  21. lol, teamkill ???

  22. The RHM is a fucking BASTARD!

  23. Hey Dez, I am making an indie game with tanks stuff. Dev videos on my
    channel, check it out if you interested. :P.

  24. These cancer players, happened with me few days ago, was in ELC with 5
    kills, 1 spg left, I typed in chat to team please let me get it, got 1 shot
    into it, while reloading KV-1 rushes and take it out! what a dick!

  25. That was a really good game. But i like the fact that he didn’t get the
    last kill with the last shell (don’t remember the name of the medal) he
    just seems to be like one of those toxic dickfaces.

  26. You said he didnt get top gun but its clearly there on the victory screen

  27. It was nice the way that he apologised to the Bulldog for the TK. Oh wait,
    he didn’t bother did he? Free transfer to FAME incoming.

  28. The IS-7 was 1dmg away from a max roll.

  29. not even a sorry for team kill (yes Bull pass on the front of it’s cannon,
    even he didn’t complain, but not a fucking remorse for it)! And on the end
    FU (because he was full focus on the medal, forgot to see MAP, forgot to
    ask for to get the medal, forgot to see time and didn’t even consider that,
    that last shot could make a low roll)… what a douchebag!!!

  30. Top Gun is earned, not begged for or anything. If you get it, you get it.
    If someone gets the kill before you, tough luck.

  31. Hi Dez. What format for comparisons did u decide on in the end?

  32. Well so nice of that cock not to even say the smallest of apologies in chat
    for killing a teammate , accident or not even his fault , 2 seconds in chat
    to say sorry would have been the decent thing to do , but there at the end
    of the match you can clearly see the type of player this guys is with the
    fu to the rhm from this self entitled wanker … 1st time I have disliked a
    video of your Dez , featured a cock playing wot and the gameplay was
    nothing special….

  33. Ah the 121. It’s almost like playing the 113 but WORSE in every way! It
    really only has that 122mm gun going for it.

    Also great to hear you had a relaxing fun time on your break. You should
    know by now Dez that we understand when you need to recharge and don’t hold
    it against you because after all you spoil us with great content all the
    time. You da man Dez!

  34. actually Dez he took a top gun he had 6 kills but only 5 was shown in game
    due to that friendly kill on m41 in the start

  35. This guy is bad. The 121 is also bad. Getting 3 marks in a seldom played,
    bad tank is meaningless.

  36. Actually at 6 minutes in when he’s behind the jagpanzer, he’s firing at the

  37. What is he doing firing HEAT into tracks it’s not going to go through

  38. Should have used HE round to kill Roomba first.

  39. Man that was sad. No Fadins Metal for him!

  40. Nice gameplay. But have to say, I never, I mean never ever get that kind
    games where all your shots are going 100% where u aim. I know this guy /
    girl has to have good crew in his 121, but still. All shots going without
    no exception 100% where he is aiming. And I have almost 5 skill crew on my
    121. Never ever happened to me. Or is this somekind replay bug?

  41. the clan campaign is introducing a 121B its practically the same but with a
    105mm gun

  42. Welcome back Dez, glad you’re refreshed and ready to rock with more awesome
    content mate :)

  43. Glad he didnt get his medals …. Ok the team kill was unfortunate .. But
    his FU comment to the Borsig for the kill, was out of order …

  44. do a video where you blow up the biigest tower off the tank in the game
    doing ammo rack :)

  45. le fils de pute ce rhm omg je l’aurai tk mdr

  46. justice…

  47. Great replay with a very happy Chinese tank!

  48. subjekt superrurik

    hey my dear ;D can you do a wot Halloween movie?

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