► World of Tanks: 121B – New Tier 10 Special Reward Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks 121B Review. World of Tanks 121B . World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

Today I am going to review 121B, new tier 10 Clan Wars reward tank. Sadly yes, this is only going to be available for clans who take part of the next event. But you still need to know how to play it and how to play against it.


  1. CW reward vehicles are trash, so… who cares.

  2. I love have tanks gg has all these new tanks on it right away but STILL no
    T26E5. It had the AMX 49 like days before the patch, but still today no
    26E5. I want to see the final gun handling and crap. the only stuff I can
    find is supertest stats.

  3. This tank has the same L7 gun as the Leopard, STB-1, Centurion AX, M60 etc.

  4. y 1080 only ?

  5. this thing looks like a bit of a stinker, but I still want one

  6. Oh yes, another T10 med. As if there weren’t enough already..

  7. Sad thing is out of the 121B, VK7201K, M60, OBJ 970 and T95E6, the 121B is
    pretty bad. Im position 200ish right now in the campaign hoping to get an
    M60 Jesus.

  8. needs a rate of fire buff which they will give it to it. just like they did
    when 907 first came out.

  9. fuck I’m not the first

  10. Hugo “hugog2773” Giles

    Love how that TVP T50/51 went off the cliff on Abbey map without being
    pushed by anyone physically , drowned himself then calls you an idiot DEZ
    !!! What a typical WOT asshat that is so blinded by his head being so far
    up his ass he actually believes he was wronged by someone in that match!!!

  11. f u google no real name

    Nice chinese national anthem

  12. So what tank would you pick out of the reward tanks for this campaign

  13. … i want a t54 with depression gun -15 dez. can you make it one for me

  14. meh..am better off with my awesome e50m :)

  15. your review style is awesome! others I watch tend to put me to sleep with a
    15 min explanation while absolutely nothing is going on lol.

  16. Marshmellows Cheesecake

    Hey guys! it’s worth the read!

    In update 9.17, a new tech tree will be introduced to the whole community
    which is the Sweden tech tree line. To people this might be just a new TD
    tech tree line but no, there’s not only a dedicated TD line for the Swedish
    Tech tree but also a Light/Medium and Heavy tank hybrid, all in one line.
    The update will also introduce a new system
    In World of tanks which only work for the Swedish Tank destroyer which
    currently sits at tier 9, The STRV 103-0 and the STRV103B called the siege
    mode. Why this mode was implemented to world of tanks is because they
    wanted to stick to the real structure design that the STRV had and that was
    adjustable suspension.Coming new with the update is also a brand new mini
    line that is leading up to the Porsche line, but this is unconfirmed at
    this time as it is thought that implementing the new tier 9 “mini maus”
    would be too overpowered.
    The update will also bring a little buff in some of the premium tanks in
    game and also some armor adjustment would be made to some tanks in-game
    without being noted in the patch note.

    The update itself will introduce a new tank, the Chrysler K tank. A tier
    VIII heavy tank. The Amx65T that sits at tier 8 & the lorraine 40t that is
    making a come back after being replaced by the new tier 9 medium tank, The
    Batchat 25 AP. Both French tanks will be set to tier 8 as and like the
    FV4202P has seen great number of sales ever since it’s tier was lowered
    down and was significantly buffed to be better .

    Update 9.19 will bring a new set of tech tree, the polish tanks. As of now
    I do not have any news to be working on the game mechanics but it is a
    50-50 that the Polish tank would make a appearance as WG wants to implement
    the SPG line for the Swedish tech tree. The update to the CW system will
    also introduce a brand new tier 10 Clan wars reward tank, The object 268
    Variant 5. A turrented version of the Object 268 with the object 263’s gun.
    The stats are still in development this are just supertest characteristic
    of the tank itself. The Penetration value of the gun is 303mm with SAP with
    a DPM of 2295 with a reload of 19.6s . Armor wise would be the same as the
    object 268 but slightly buffed to make it better at the front, but weak at
    the sides.

  17. Hey Dez, I just had practice and, I presume, just watched one of my best
    friends have cardiac arrest. He went into the locker room and 2 min later
    the coaches all ran in and me as well. His face was blue and he had blood
    on the floor. Not breathing. I was devastated as the paramedics took him,
    and am still crying right now. I just watched your video and it actually
    made me happy, I laughed a little with the China part. Thank you for all
    you do, and I hope your career goes well.

  18. China/… China– China— China—- China! China! China?! China? China:.

  19. i can definatly see a rate of fire buff to the 121b pretty soon after it
    comes out

  20. if you had your choice of any of the possible reward tank in the current
    campaign. which would you choose?

  21. hmmm. Like you say Dez, this seem’s like a second line support medium. It
    LOOK’S like it’s better at cleaning up in the late game after working the
    midrange fight and dealing damage with it’s low DPM. I would dare say that
    it almost plays like the E50M in the same role. It’s also look’s like it’s
    great for peeking and snapping shots with that insanely fast shell speed.

  22. 121B is basically, in real life, a Type 59 Mk. II

  23. Hmm it’s seems like 121B is much better than the standard 121 because the
    accuracy, and the gun depression. Hmm, it’s time to work my way to get one.

  24. It needs a DPM buff TBH.

  25. 121B why dont they just call it the type 79 why wargaming

  26. Type 59 on steroids?

  27. nice tier x .bether than 121

  28. Cameron Moult-Smith

    Dez are you in a clan that can get tanks like this?

  29. Andre Kremer (BC120)

    this is just another copie of the t59/t54 ……

  30. XD good one DEZ

  31. need a buff of dpm

  32. this tank don’t is china tank in world of tanks don’t exist china
    sorry for bad english

  33. North Atlantic Terror Organization der kommunist

    good you had the right anthem and not the capitalist taiwan

  34. why did you not show the personal score after the game? congratulations on
    100k :)

  35. That tank looks awfully like the Type 69 MBT… Is Wargaming using vehicles
    from Armoured Warfare?

  36. Plea Dez don’t get political…. plez

  37. Can you do a 1v1 faceoff with the 121 and the 121B? (like if you think the

  38. wow look at all the unique tanks i will never ever have.thanks WG

  39. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    I love your channel Dez keep up the good work and great improvement with
    your english and congrats on 100k!

  40. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez,I can see you started aswell with Trump Memes :’D

    Awesome :D

  41. Quy-Huan Nguyen-Phuoc

    so the wargaming reveals from 2014 are true

  42. I will actually take the M60 over this tank, the DPM is just too bad

  43. tank looks nice but im so annoyed that 105 mm gun sounds like a 122 m one

  44. Sweet. Another tank I’ll never drive.

  45. bro, maybe you could make us video about clan wars? tell us all about it?
    p.s. tnx for another fun video. lick ;)

  46. This tank is pretty sexy 🙂 But dpm sucks sadly :(

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