► World of Tanks: 12h Stream & WGEU Anniversary Giveaway! – FV4202 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Giveaway and 12h Opening Stream! Gameplay.
►Welcome Home!

This going to be one really awesome weekend! I really do hope everything going to run smoothly without any major problems – like stream crash or lag or what ever…
Finally going to host my “first legit” stream, this saturday, April 11th 2015. Going to start my 12h+ Opening Stream at 11am CEST most likely… maybe hour later, but will keep you posted. So even for NA guys you have enough time to jump into action!
But why this stream is going to be super awesome?
Well, because the 11th and 12th is the 4th anniversary of World of Tanks here in Europe and thanks to that we are able to give away some really “sick” prizes!
I am able to give away:
-10 x + 300Gold + 3 days premium + Garage Slot
-10 x World of Warships Closed Beta Test Access Codes
-2 x WoT Loader Bag
-3 x WoT Razer Deathadder
-3 x The Kraken 7.1 Chroma
And our main prize:
-1 x Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

On the top of that I may be able to give away some random “Gold Packs” as well, but not sure yet, will see!

Anyways, I think the list of prizes is pretty impressive! 🙂

No reason to stay away from the stream, so BE THERE!
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. I love how Dez’s giveaway is 10x better than quickybabys 200k subscriber

  2. So great to see the level you’ve got to on YT (and now Twitch..) Ship,
    totally deserved. When I think back to your first videos usually getting 50
    or so views…o/

  3. Dude awesome video and prizes to give out. I think it will be 5am my time
    when u start your stream might have to go to bed early if i want to catch
    all of it. Shame the shipping is too much to give away the Physical prizes
    for people over here in the Na but its understandable. I can only hope to
    get one of the t127 tanks or maybe a WOWs code. Maybe for some of the
    bigger prizes you can Do a trivia like game and people with fastest and
    correct answers get the big prize make it WOT related. But man im going to
    try and be there for the whole thing and hopes it goes real smooth.

  4. ps ingame name is black_death666

  5. Darude Sandstorm

    Kaksteist kuud!

  6. id love the tank

  7. please
    great love wow code

  8. me to

  9. love the chat filtering 😀 so cute

  10. EPIC prizes, EPIC stream, EPIC action… this saturday is going to be….

  11. Awesome prizes, but the only one i hope to get is the wows beta key!!

  12. Epic giveaway+game :D

  13. I hope I can be in the stream the full 12hours. Looking forward for the

  14. oi couldn’t understand what time scale you said. did you say GMT time or
    something else?? can’t wait and will hopefully be able to watch most of the
    stream maybe all. anyway have a great time and looking forward to

  15. Such prizes, much wow!

  16. Δημητρης Χουιαζης

    How we take place in this competition?

  17. Awesome action going on there, i hope stream will work and i will join you
    the full 12h!

  18. WT AUF loves E75 ,awwww :3

  19. Somebody have any ideas if Kv-5 eill be in the gift shop?

  20. DUDE nice intro can u play some games with t57 heavy

  21. u giveaway during stream and the first pick it up is for him?

  22. Michael Mcdermott

    Down here on World of Tanks SEA we feel like the “red headed step child”
    🙁 but really here is wishing you the best for your 1st legit stream mate

  23. allauh akbar

  24. You would have to be my second fav wot utuber after jingles and your my fav
    info utuber because when i what to know somthing you got it compared to
    Quickybaby thanks lot of happyness 

  25. Awesome or what? 🙂
    Now share your ideas!

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