► World of Tanks: 13 Kills Epic Derp Battle! – WTF Does One Have To Do?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Troll . World of Tanks Epic Battle Series. World of Tanks M4 Sherman Epic Battle Gameplay.

Today I am going to give you some live gameplay action! Let’s ram some tanks with “E-50 Ausf. M” and let’s activate “Hero Mode” with “Bat.-Chatillon 25t”.



  1. Dez, look at your dez(kek)scription kappa

  2. love the gameplay keep it up

  3. DezGamez = Best WoT gameplay and commentary! You and SirFoch are my
    favorites. Keep up the good work!

  4. Psh no but from that Churchills point of view he is cheating. Because there
    is no such thing as derp guns.

  5. What’s new, he died in the hands of a scumbag that was eating a pizza.

  6. Honestly this guy played pretty badly, he was reckless and quite frankly
    only got to the end because of bad enemies and luck

  7. hey dez can you play or find a replay of the G1-R with 105mm gun?

  8. I really enjoyed this video Dez!!! Great gameplay until the end. You know
    that guy had to be beating his head against the wall. The old man thanks
    you sir.
    Take care, aka flea1951

  9. Isn’t that the music from the troll videos? That would be so funny if WOT
    put that in the game….

  10. “Accuracy you can measure with a calendar” Ah man that cracked me up!

    Dat heartbreak though, poor Smolka2… we feel for you buddy.

  11. He had a brainfart at the end turning his tank.

  12. HEAT=Hacks, must send to admins.

  13. BS shot too, WOT fail

  14. Great video keep it up! ?? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. I know the answer : REMOVE ARTY FROM THE GAME !

  16. I got 12 kills on this map in the T14 it was madness the most amount of
    kills I have ever got.

  17. “we can pen his boobs” XD LOL

  18. And “balanced” arty taked him out without aiming…

  19. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Wow. This match… just, wow. The life of a derp tanker: hardcore.

  20. firstly there cannot be an arti on the enemy team.

  21. feed me with your rage and tears kids 😀 GG

  22. Derper got derped on the move by a arty on the move. GG wot xd

  23. Arty. It’s always arty. -_-

  24. Meh this arty death not so bad. Just look at the shots M4 pulled off using
    derp. At least in this game one can’t complain.

  25. Lol the Churchill so mad

  26. Fucking scum arty….

  27. I’m so glad he lost in the end. I can’t stand all the bullshit rng that
    goes with derp guns and its just so fitting that he had his epic win taken
    away by another bullshit rng mechanic. too funny

  28. lmao, “what is this music?”

  29. i once got 10 kills in this tank and pretty much the same thing happend
    arty scewed me at the end would have been a 1-7 kolobanov’s aswell

  30. Great video, but title slightly gives away ending :o.

  31. You know what? I think that the number of heartbrakes because arty is like
    f*cking to big. Maybe if they could balance this shitty snapshoots that
    every time hit at the end… Arty is the one that makes me mad nearly every

  32. Low tier games are funny yea, but so boring and easy to play in.

  33. Grille is like not today bitch not today!

  34. Do you know whats total derp? Wolverine with 105mm .. aim time about 1,7sec
    reload abou 6 secs..just epic, try it ;)


  36. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    dat grille shot lol, the rng was with him

  37. Just one kill off a Raseiniai hero’s medal :(

  38. FUCK all artys!!!! AGAIN arty destroied the game FUCK!!!!

  39. Hello! :D

  40. Easy answer 🙂 kill last tank as well.

  41. LoL nearly 15 kills, that Pz IV D was him and arty shouln’t ruined it.
    RNGesus’s brother.

  42. lol poor m4, do u play WarThunder dez? will u do videos on it?

  43. i am so frustrated with people thinking hacks and cheats exist for a
    server-based game, you can’t hack things like damage, penetration or
    accuracy values cause the server comes with the calculations.

  44. he is just a seal clubbing Chai sniping whore

  45. He may have had a mod that plays that music when he spots someone or
    something. I thought it was funny. Sad that it ended in a loss. Don’t think
    he could have carried much more than that! Great Video DezGamez!! :)

  46. Still he had no time to kill the grille, look at the time at the end

  47. poor… :'(

  48. Wtf ? 13 kills my best was 6 kills

  49. That heartbreak in the end

  50. the only way to win is not to play-joshua war games. that’s why I bailed to
    armored warfare in September and havnt been back since. guns work and tanks
    drive faster than a tractor:) that’s fun,and that’s the point.

  51. I had a similar game with my platoon mate. Combined we have 11 kills and
    still lost in tier 6 battle. After that game had to go outside and have a
    cigarette to calm my nerves. Lol……..

  52. Could you do some panther 2 and tiger 2 gameplay?

  53. m4 op as hell WG pls nerf ASAP

  54. 2:45 someone’s getting pretty salty xD This game has a lovely community <3

  55. #under301club

  56. pls Dez. pls play the T49 for the love of the derp. I can hear her. She is
    not happy with you. :P

  57. first person to like I win

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