► World of Tanks: 15 ELCs vs 15 Chaffees – Face Off #6

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Source: DezGamez

Chaffee vs ELC. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. Tank Battle Series.


For the end of the week I have something really special for you – 15 Chaffees vs 15 ELCs. This want you wanted to see and this is what you get… Your wish is my command! 🙂



  1. 15 Ltraktors vs 15 T1 cunninghams!

  2. Gerrit Igle Jansma

    those elc’s cant focus fire for shit gg their only problem

  3. 15 lttb vs 15 t71

  4. Congrats Dez! Another of your videos shared by WG, this to the WoT official
    FB page!

  5. this battle makes me sad the poor elc’s they got to use none of the
    strengths in anycase great video dez lobing all of the new seris you are
    putting out lately

  6. Jg.Pz.E100 vs FV215b 183

  7. IS-4 VS T110E5 !!!!

  8. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B

  9. RU251 vs T49

  10. What was the music used during the battle you used music on

  11. T92 vs elc

  12. 15 kv 1 vs 15 kv 1 S

  13. Artillery jousting! Grilles versus Priests/Sextons (Berts would be too OP).

  14. Kinda bad respresentation: chaffee is a low skill tank while elc is a very
    high skill tank. A group of good elc players can easily beat a group of
    chaffee’s if they use their brain and don’t just go into a blind shootout
    like shown in the video.

  15. Vũ Linh Nguyễn

    Next maybe SU-100 (100mm gun) vs JagdPanzer IV?

  16. hey dezz maybe a E100 VS Maus

  17. 15 Maus vs 15 E100!

  18. how about Murica M4 sherman vs the Hans Panzer IV H? 2 well known tanks in
    WWII maybe with their derp guns?

  19. easy 8 v Cromwell

  20. is7 vs is4 or E100 vs maus

  21. JgPz E 100 vs FV derpy derpy

  22. S-51 vs G.W. Phanter

  23. Bat chats vs skodas t51

  24. Bat chats vs skodas t51

  25. Shit why did u take me I’am Elc master

  26. E100 vs Maus

  27. maus vs E100

  28. Type5 vs Maus

  29. T28 Prot vs Ferdi

  30. Is4 vs is7

  31. If you put the second canon on ELc, they won ….

  32. Armageddron740 /Tetra4

    10 Pz I C vs 10 BT-7

  33. Isaac Martenson (EpicTankLord101)

    15 light tanks VS 15 O-I’s

  34. 15 M41 Bulldogs vs 15 M41 90mm 😀 Let’s see who is the real DOG!! :-D

  35. After this video i just want to buy back my Chaffee :-D

  36. deathstar vs Jg Pz E100

  37. CHRoOMAX - magnus1voj

    I guese the Chaffee will win considering its fully traversable turret, much
    faster aiming and better dpm

  38. i dont care who wins. i just enjoy the chaos

  39. so inevitable

  40. Maus vs E100

  41. 8:24 that move doe

  42. How I play World of Tanks

    that is a fantastic video love all the handbrake turns too!Epic

  43. 15 FV 215b 183 vs 15 JpE100 – Star Killer Base vs. Terminator Army!

  44. 15 fv215b 185 vs 15 jg pz E100

  45. Maud vs e100 top tear fight

  46. t29 vs IS please

  47. Is-7’s vs Is-4’s
    King Of ZSRR

  48. elc just been chaffed.

  49. Julien Brouilhounat

    not the best episode… that was totaly unfair from the start, really not
    interesting this time. can’t wait the next episode. this one was too
    disappointing. non-turret extra-light tank versus two time his weigh
    turreted tank ? what the point with that battle… this is a nonsense…
    that was not fun to watch, just a free duck-hunt

  50. BERT THE AVENGER vs AMX 13 F3!!

  51. The mighty maus vs HE-100

  52. Cats vs Jaxs.

  53. Lets see panther 8.8 vs amx cdc

  54. Leopard 1 Vs Stb 1

  55. Jg. Pz. E-100 vs. FV 251b (183)

  56. Type 5 Heavy vs Maus.

  57. what is sader than dead elc… 15 dead elc’s 🙁 i lick yor vid but dont
    like killing elc

  58. Zyre Jansenn Paglinawan

    Maus vs E100

  59. e100s vs a tier 1 vehicle

  60. maus vs e100


    CGC vs T92 kappa

  62. JpzE100 VS Wt-E100 :D

  63. Luis Antonio Maliglig

    How bout’ HT no. VI vs VK 36.01 H

  64. 15 Oi-Experimentals vs 15 Cafees

  65. USA! USA! USA!

  66. OMG COMET VS T-43 I always play those tanks and people always say one is
    better then other I really want to see or hear yalls opinions comet more
    health T-43 better gun comet quicker reload

  67. obj 140 vs t-62a

  68. Or T49 vs wolverine

  69. Hellcat vs Jackson

  70. what about SPG’s

  71. Hellcats vs Jacksons

  72. Maus vs Type 5 heavy

  73. Tiger 2 Vs IS-3

  74. Ferdinands vs T28 Prots.?
    Background Sounds Please.

  75. KVs Vs Churchills?

  76. Tigers vs Is (Soviet)

  77. Jag panzer e100 vs. fv215B 183

  78. The Elc amx can out play a Chaffee

  79. kv1s vs kv1 deep guns

  80. Do a death race faceoff T62a Vs Obj140 guys like this for Dez can notice

  81. scorpion vs t7 car

  82. Plz 15 Cromwell vs 15 T34-85

  83. WZ-111 vs. IS-3

  84. T28 vs. T28 Prot

  85. elc vs. t49

  86. M4 Sherman vs T-34!

  87. T57 heavy vs amx 50 B ?

  88. nuclearsharkattack

    Epic as usual, Ship! Lots of action and excitement in this one, with the
    ELC and Chaffee. Keep up the good work!!

  89. m7 vs t34

  90. 15 T64 VS 15 M48 pattons or what ever the tier ten is in that line, I don’t

  91. slugger vs hellcat?

  92. VK 45.02 P Ausf B vs E-75

  93. Hellcat vs Jackson

  94. T1 Cunningham vs lol trakor

  95. M48 Patton vs E50M

  96. Those ELC’s couldn’t drive, don’t hit the chaffee’s ffs

  97. Great video Dez, please keep them coming. Thanks for all you do sir.

    Taker care, flea

  98. 15 berts vs 15 elcs

  99. 15jage100 VS 15

  100. yet another reason why French tanks really do suck

  101. Fv215b 183 vs jagdpanzerE100!

  102. Leo. vs AMX 30B

  103. Maus vs e100

  104. omg my OCD is killing me with those lines….

  105. 15 FV215b 183 vs 15 Jgpz E100 would be BOOMTASTIC!!!

  106. vk 45.02b vs e75

  107. Yeah this went exactly how I thought it would. I love the ELC it’s my
    favorite tank in the game, but in a head on battle against another scout
    tank it’s all over unless there is just a huge difference in skill. Also
    the ELC on the move shooting with that ~10 second reload there was only one
    way that could have ended. Great series though I’m loving it so much.

  108. 15 T-10 vs 15 WZ-111-1-4?

  109. Keep the music during the non-UI footage. Beautiful showmanship and
    camerawork. :)

  110. FV 215b 183 vs Jg panzer E 100

  111. 15 Type 5 HT vs 15 Maus?

  112. E75 vs VK45.02B

  113. 15 Pz IV H vs 15 M4 Shermans? :D

  114. Type 5 Heaies vs Maus’

  115. 15 obj 268 vs 15 Jagtiger

  116. hell no, elc vs chaffee one on one elc will win

  117. 15 Leo. 1 vs 15 AMX 30B

  118. FV304 vs Lefefefefe
    Jp E-100 vs Waffletracktor E-100

  119. Leopard 1 V E 50 M!!

  120. Fv 183 vs E4 ???

  121. best face off, thanks

  122. 15 IS vs 15 Tigers!!!

  123. 15 black prince’s vs 15 T29

  124. T1 Cunningham vs leichtraktor or grosstraktor

  125. 15 togs vs 15 oi’s

  126. U should do face off on 15 e100 vs type5 heavy

  127. AT-2 vs AT-2

  128. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    maus vs type 5 heavy, whos the true super heavy tank in wot?

  129. Should’ve done Chafee ram only and ELC gun only

  130. rofl… the best one yet!

  131. When your watching your replays… how do you get your camera to have free
    movement around the battlefield?? When I am watching my replays the camera
    is only fixed o my tank and that is it

  132. JpzE100 vs Fv215b(183).

  133. deathstars vs bat chats

  134. panther vs tiger!

  135. 15 FV 4005 vs 15 WT auf E100, but wt must use 12.8 cm gun. Guys that is
    epic sound

  136. T110e3 vs obj268

  137. Brian S. clemente

    German Td vs Soviet td

  138. 15 fv304 vs 1 Maus

  139. chaffees vs leopards

  140. Hy, I asked a few times, never got a response (probably never will), do you
    have a schedule for twitch streams? Thank you.

  141. IS-6 v Lowe! Now!

  142. Bert VS Matilda II

  143. Mattias Sernefalk

    +DezGames. 15 Cromwells vs 15 Sherman Fireflys.

  144. Foch vs E-100 Waffentrager.Nice voice btw

  145. t44 vs type 59

  146. Lol great music choices. I really enjoyed this. WHile I was pretty sure of
    the outcome, I was rooting for the ELCs ever time.

  147. fv215b VS Jagdpanzer E 100

  148. Let’s go with the flow and try t37 vs 12t, a fair fight, or t49 vs ru 251,
    that should be good.Bulldogs vs m71s or 13 75s and finally, battle of the
    stuarts – the original vs the Chinese :O

  149. amx 13 90 vs t49

  150. Błażej Filipiak

    I’d love to see how WG vision is related to reality. I mean i want to see T
    34 with 76mm gun against pzkpf IVH with 7.5 cm gun. History says that T 34
    was better, but what about WG reality?

  151. The turret made a big difference aswel

  152. e75’s vs st-1’s

  153. Alexander Schlecker

    t71 vs amx1375
    jageru vs deathstar
    jageru vs waffletractor
    15 t7 cars vs 3 wt e100

  154. I just realized that there are only 4 light tanks at tier5.

  155. 15 jagdpanzer e100 vs 15 waffentrager e100

  156. Amx 50 b vs t57 heavy

  157. Jpz.E100 vs wt Auf E100

  158. 15 ISs vs 15 KV-3s

  159. Did you get bored of World Of Warship?

  160. Gareth Fairclough

    15 tog 2 vs 15 tog 2.

  161. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    M41 Walker Bulldog vs M41 lekz GF

  162. Marco Eggenschwiler


  163. Marco Eggenschwiler

    Tog II vs O-I

  164. Come on guys, come up with more ‘balanced’, less predictable battles! ><

  165. Leopard 1 vs Stb1

  166. Soccer Highlights

    15 LTTB vs 15 WZ-131

  167. Der Revolvermann1

    fv 4005 stageII vs GC-E100

  168. Games Games Games

    AMX 12 t VS. T37

  169. Andre falcon fernandez

    I am on the video :D

  170. t28 vs isu152

  171. DezGamez more world of tanks generals

  172. Enric Talens Miralles

    Maus vs Type-5 let those behemooths kill each other!

  173. 1 T110E5 VS 15 Luchs, I really want to see that :)

  174. Alexandre Ribeiro

    t57 heavy x AMX 5b, is the tier X version of this

  175. or su100Y’s vs Dicker Maxes plz. To see the king of tier 6 TD prems

  176. tiger 2 vs super Pershing!!!!!

  177. Minecraftchris1905

    T7 vs Pz I C

  178. tiger II vs t32


  180. T34 vs IS6

  181. fv 4005 vs fv 183

  182. Tiger II vs IS3

  183. Tiger I vs IS

  184. i dont see the point of this face off…why people want to see that? of
    cource chaffee wins….why not something balanced.

  185. AMX 50b’s vs t57 heavies?

  186. Nice video and it was really fun :-D

  187. waffentrager e100 vs jagpz e100

  188. E-100 VS MAUS

  189. KV-1 VS KV-1S

  190. what about AMX 50b vs T57 heavy?

  191. But ELC is much, much better than Chaffee! Why? Because he can pen
    everything and still stay hidden… Only my feel ;)

  192. is3 vs kv-4

  193. 15 obj 268s vs 15 obj 263s

  194. haven’t seen the video yet but I already know the outcome.

  195. 15 kv2s vs 15 togs

  196. WT auf E100 vs. Jagdpanzer E100

  197. Asdow Zezusi (Asdow440)

    Jagdtigers VS Objects 704

  198. Ammar Abu Al-Haijaa

    I have a feeling that the next episode is going to have tow of these (type
    5 heavy , maus , e- 100 )

  199. obvs Chaffee would win they are ideal elc killers

  200. Daniele Porumboiu

    15 Centurion I vs 15 FV4202 (P)

  201. King Ogre Tanking

    type 5 super heavy vs. maus

  202. hi dez can you do 15leopards vs 15amx30b

  203. It was fun to help you with this video! please have a look at my channel I
    make world of tanks video’s too. btw I was kraftwwerk in this video.

  204. 1 Waffenträger E100 vs 15 Renault FT

    EDIT: Or maybe this would be better: 15 Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro vs 15
    Waffenträger E100, line up and waffle has to start the round with reload,
    while type 89 can start shooting them right away. (;

  205. t43 vs t-34-1

  206. we need an art v arty. shotgunning only. tier ten of course.

  207. 15 G1 R vs 15 T67

  208. uhm, T32 VS T34!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Benjamin Bastings

    Maby ithe chaffee won but the AMX ELC bis stil is my favorite tank in the
    game I almoust have my 3e mark

  210. Chaffee shooting is Op cos it can mount vert stabs

  211. 59-16(using auto) VS T37(using ato)VS 12T!

  212. Alexander Stoyanov

    15 Objects 263 vs 15 Foch 155s

  213. Kristoffer Johansson

    Love the camera shots! Great done,

  214. tiger 1 vs tiger P

  215. e75 vs t10 or vk 45 02b

  216. tiger 1 vs comet

  217. Well this one was unfair. The DPM of the ELC is too worse to do anything

  218. Try AMX 13 75 vs T71? Or maybe AMX 13 75 vs AMX 13 57?

  219. you should’ve asked the elc clan on na servers for this, i bed they
    would’ve done a better job…

  220. xXxX_MasterMip_XxXx !

    Type 5 heavy vs Maus x3

  221. 15 kv-1 vs 15 kv-1S

  222. Obj. 704 vs Jagdtiger?
    Amx 12t vs T37?
    Type 4 Heavy vs E75?
    How about artys M12 vs G.W panther? XD
    Amx AC 48 vs Ferdinand?
    AMX 50 100 vs O-Ho?

  223. GermanM41 GF 90mm VS. American M41 Autoloader !!!

  224. amx 30b vs e50m

  225. WT Austf. E100 vs Jagdpanzer E100
    Or WT with the 128mm gun vs WT with the 150mm gun

  226. this once more shows how over powered US tank are

  227. Obj. 140 vs T-62A

  228. every time a american tank is on one of these it win Americans OP

  229. Hellcats vs Jackson!

  230. Maybe 15 Jagdpanzer E100 vs. 15 T110E3?

    By the way: Your Videos and you are so epic!!

  231. Dorian Kupisiewicz

    IS 7 vs IS 4 ?

  232. those elc palyers realy dont know how to play it cuz you cant realy attack
    in that tank you need to use ur alfa dmg and just pull back

  233. This series is so awesome! I love it! And brilliant camera recording plus
    really fitting music.

  234. JuiceboxVanHouten

    How about 15 T-150’s VS. 15 KV-85’s? OR. 15 T28’s (Tier 8 American Tank
    Destroyer) VS. 15 T28 Prototypes?

  235. jeffrey schreuder

    amx 50b vs bat cheat

  236. Orion the Warrior

    T57 vs amx50b
    type 5 heavy vs maus
    waffentrager e100 vs waffentrager e100
    fcm50t vs amx CDC

  237. 15 AMX 40s vs 15 AMX 40s

  238. with my 3mark elc i easy outplay a chaffee

  239. 15 IS-3 vs 15 110

  240. JgPZ e100 VS WT e100

  241. 15 hellcats v 15 javksons

  242. 4:25- That was so cool. Thank you physics systems.

  243. 15 M4 Shermans against 1 Maus. Or 15 FV 215b 183 against 15 WT E-100

  244. G.W Tigers vs M40/M43 15v15

  245. Chaffee’s ramming is OP because AMX ELC bis only weights 7.3 tons when
    fully equiped

  246. Ferdinand vs Jpanter II, open field and hulldown

  247. Love the series. How about KV-1 vs O-I Experimental?

  248. Ru 251 vs. T-54 ltwt.!!!

  249. 15fv125b 183 vs 15 t110 e4

  250. 15 M4 vs 15 Pz4 with derp gun

  251. Maus VS E100 pls

  252. 15 M4A3E8 vs 15 T-34-85
    or, for the lols
    15 M3 Lee vs 15 T-28

  253. Helixx_330 gaming

    t92 vs conqueror gc or gw e 100

  254. O-I (using the Derp gun) vs KV2 please!

  255. most entertaining face off video yet

  256. 15 T40 vs 15 Hetzers, both with 105 mm trolls.

  257. Tiger II vs T34 OR IS-3

  258. wt E100 VS JG Pz E100

  259. chaffee no composition

  260. Conquerer GC vs GW E100

  261. Where we can catch the music of the event on the moon pls ?

  262. is4 vs is7

  263. 15 VK26.01 vs 15 MT-25

  264. ru-251vst54ltw

  265. Omfg thanks soooo much!!! I’ve always argued with my clan mates about who
    would win. This settles it.

  266. 15 Pz 1cs vs 15 amx 40s

  267. Luchs VS A20

  268. arty vs arty

  269. maus vs e100 pls

  270. 15 t62a v s 15 obj140

  271. 15 hellkitties Vs 15 Jackson’s!

  272. Maus Vs E100
    I have a Maus if you need one more test subject. ^^

  273. When will you do some challenges again?

  274. T-28 proto vs T-28

  275. Richards Slebonick

    Leo 1 vs amx 30B

  276. Oh no! (O-Ho) VS Kv4

  277. Master Malte (Master Panzer)

    stug vs su 85

  278. PzB2 vs B1 :)

  279. 15 fv215b 183’s vs 15 jagdpanzers e100

  280. ISU-152 VS OBJECT 704!

  281. is-7 vs is-4

  282. e100 vs maus or type 5heavy vs maus

  283. next episode maus vs type 5? or death star vs jpz e100?

  284. Aha.

  285. 3 WT E100 vs 15 Pz 1c

  286. Type 5 Heavy vs. Maus, plz….

  287. lttb vs wz131

  288. Pz II J vs BT SV

  289. 50B vs t57 heavy??

  290. OBJ 430 vs E50m

  291. type 5 heavy vs maus

  292. this video has no logic.

  293. E100 vs type 5 heavy

  294. U should try leo tier 5 vs chaffe. ramming would be brutal. Oh and use this
    machine gun in leo ofc.

  295. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    jpz e100 vs obj.263 please

  296. 1:10 Song Name?

  297. Tiger I vs IS

  298. 15 is tanks vs 15 t 29 tanks

  299. Inconspicuous Quasar

    tvp t 50/51 vs bat chat

  300. m6a2e1vs t29

  301. one Pz. II J vs. 15 PZ. I C

  302. vk28.01 vs hellcat

  303. WT e100 vs jagpz e100

  304. Whats the instrumental theme used in this video called?

  305. Tog II* VS O-I

  306. how can you send that message in 3:46?

  307. Julietas Fernadez

    Leopard’s 1 VS AMX 30 B

  308. 29 pz. 1c vs 1 pz.II j :D

  309. Tiger I vs IS?

  310. Obj.140 vs T-62A! which russian medium is most blessed by Stalin?

  311. T-62 vs Obj. 140

  312. alexgcampbell2000

    Or ferdinands vs Jgpanther IIs

  313. This on the American or Europe server?

  314. Pls pls pls do something like 15 113 VS 10 T110E5

  315. Foch 155 VS FV 215b 183

  316. alexgcampbell2000

    Or KV-2 vs TOG II*

  317. 15 maus vs 15 E100 would be interesting

  318. alexgcampbell2000

    FV215b(183) bs Jgpz E 100

  319. this was the worst match making

  320. Love it! 30 little bugs scurrying around the map :D

  321. obj 140 vs T-62A
    AMX (9-10 tier) vs Leopard (9-10 tier)

  322. do 15 fv215b 183 vs 15 jg.pz.E100 or ill cut myself :D

  323. t54 vs leopard pta

  324. It was nice to participate in making of this video 😀 chafeeFTW :D

  325. One way I guess to make it more balanced could have only letting the
    Chaffee’s using auto-aim in one match. (didn’t finish rest of video yet so
    sorry in advance if this was thought up and done)

  326. do 15 tigers vs 15 jumbo,s

  327. kv1 vs kv1s

  328. DezGames you should do epic cliff action,line up the tanks,while the others
    are jumping down the cliff and shooting the stationary ones….

  329. Bc-25t vs Tvp 50/51

  330. pls in the next time lefh 18b2 vs fv304:)

  331. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    Love your video’s/series, but here is a request: 15 Hellcats VS 15 Jacksons
    or 15 T95s vs 15 T30s

  332. DezGamez Don’t reply me! ;)

  333. sentinel vs. ram ii
    t-29 vs. tiger (p)

  334. Still Pz B2 vs AMX 40

  335. 15 IS VS 15 TIGER PLS!

  336. Talibanane Mr. Banana

    15 Leopard 1 vs. 15 AMX 30 B

  337. Do it again but have the ELCs use the 75mm

  338. plz 1 pz 1J vs 15 pz 1C

  339. Yes, yes. Put two tanks against each other, when other reloads 3 seconds
    and other reloads a minimum of 10 seconds. Good idea. Next, 15 Pz. 1 C’s
    against a very thinly armored German TD

  340. Type 5 heavys vs Maus plzz

  341. Answers to questions nobody asked, good title.

  342. Cromwell vs T-34-85

  343. tiger 2 vs is3?

  344. type58 vs t34-85

  345. 113 vs. IS4!!!!

  346. Every tank in the german e 100 line vs the t110e5 line

  347. 15 FV4005’s vs 15 FV215b 183’s. that would be awesome

  348. quick question, is there a way to sign up to do these Face Off vids (would
    like to help in case you don’t have enough people) or do you have a select
    amount of people to help you?

  349. Benjamin Stratford

    15 T49’s vs 15 T-54 ltwt’s?

  350. 15 hellcat vs 15 jackson..

  351. this is amazing XD

  352. Next time T110E3 vs Obj. 704

  353. 15 PZ2J vs 15 PZ2J, I challenge you to make it happen.

  354. Nice i like this series

  355. Leo 1s vs E50Ms?

  356. T32 vs tiger 2

  357. Do Japanese medium tree vs Czech medium tech tree

  358. rhm vs jgpanter II

  359. T92 vs gwe 100

  360. MAUS vs E 100 next pls

  361. VK4502 B vs ST-I

  362. Jg tiger 8.8 vs at15a

  363. e 100 vs obj 263

  364. Alexandru Cojocariu

    plz 15 fv215b 183 vs 15 jg.pz.E100

  365. Is4 vs is7 :)

  366. Holy **** I am early!

  367. Who was for ELC all the time??

  368. im not jingles but hello

  369. Hoky **** I am early!

  370. Bulldog vs panther

  371. It was obvious that chafee will win because : speed is the same , armor
    doesnt matter , elc have no turret , and dpm better for chaffe … one good
    point for the elc is his awesome penetration , but it useless vs chaffee
    … scripted battle

  372. 15 LTTBs vs 15 WZ-131s

  373. Batchat vs wäffentrager e100

  374. wow just came to check your channel.

  375. Maus vs e100 whose the king of German heavies

  376. Cédric Möhlmann

    4:54 SANDWHICH!

  377. Yeah, this was kinda inevitable. ELCs are built for ambush and circle
    strafing heavies. They almost always lose in a DPM brawl with the 90mm.
    However, things might change if you guys used the 75mm, which is better if
    you want to pump shots into people’s ass.

  378. I have an idea for a new series:
    Can 15 elc cap while 15 chaffees defend

  379. I would rather see 15 SU152 vs 15 ELC AMX. With no rules. That would be
    epic. (You could count on me and my ELC) :D

  380. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    1200 games on my M24 Chaffee and I can safely say M24>ELC

  381. first time Ive been this early

  382. Maus vs IS 7

  383. Whats the point of these videos?

  384. cool vid

  385. and hi

  386. t49 vs kv2

  387. Sherman3 vs M4 (Derp)
    Matilda vs Ac1 Sentiel

  388. Cédric Möhlmann

    Why was it on private just a minute ago?

  389. m4 vs panzerkampfvagen6

  390. First I think

  391. I’m early

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