► World of Tanks: 15 IS-7s vs 15 IS-4s – Face Off #9 – The Best Soviet Heavy Tank!

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Source: DezGamez

vs IS-7. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


Today, we are going to find out which is the best tier 10 Soviet heavy tank.

Is this IS-7… or this IS-4? Let’s find out!

Enjoy this epic action!



  1. Samuel Hofstetter

    The title is wrong! it sais “The best soviet heavy tank”! but we all know
    that nothing beats the KV2! So “The best tier 10 soviet heavy tank” would
    be correct! :P

  2. Commander Ethan

    T110E5 vs FV215 majority wins

  3. EP 10 HYPE!!

  4. haven’t been seeing much love for IS-4 lately so this is a good

  5. Ecerybody sugesting mediums and heavies, what about some scout vs scout

    Type 62 vs WZ 131
    AMX 13 75 vs Bulldog
    T49 vs SpahPanzer
    Type 64 vs T21

  6. David Písařík

    15 Tiger I vs15 Tiger P

  7. Is-7 is still better 🙂 just hulldown it :D

  8. kv-1 vs kv-1s ?

  9. Amx 30b vs Leo

  10. IS-7 needs a buff to it’s hitpoints really bad.

  11. Yannick Seeliger

    T71 vs AMX 13 75

  12. Aleksa Rajkovic

    how can i play with you in this episodes?

  13. The Pilot Penguin

    fv215b vs t110e5. they both have 120mm canons. and episode 10 just what th
    fuck is going to happen? idk

  14. Matilda vs AMX40

  15. conqueror vs e75

  16. (tiger 1) vs (tiger p)

  17. Azzedine ünküt

    Jackson VS Hellcat

  18. is4ever 😀 get it?

  19. IS4 is stromg です

  20. Im wondering what the Episode 10 is about :DD

  21. Yay my comment was shown first and YAY IS4 won! best day evah

  22. ST-I vs E 75 :D

  23. i was one of the is7 :P

  24. also tiger p will win hands down coz armor

  25. pz iv h derp vs m4 derp pls

  26. Hey Dez, I’d be interested to see another round of this one. Specifically,
    only prem rounds, but each row of tanks with their sides to each other,
    instead of head on. How much of a difference would the IS4 HEAT vs IS7 APCR

  27. I am Lord Gaben!

    obj 260 is the best right?

  28. connor trevaskiss

    conquer gc vs type 5 heavy

    29 fv304s vs 1 type 5 heavy

  29. Buğra YalçınEL

    maus vs type5 heavy pls

  30. Elliott Grossman

    do 15 tigers vs 15 panthers

  31. alphaomegabetta

    how do u move your camera like that?

  32. connor trevaskiss

    su-85 vs at2

  33. t 49 vs ru

  34. Tommi Ridanpää

    Tiger I vs Tiger P

  35. Fv 215 (183) Vs JPanzer E100

  36. SeaTehNoobWorld

    T92 vs CGC, PzIVh vs M4, Ferdinand vs JpzII, Pz58 muts vs Panther mit88/71,
    for lols PzIIj’s vs BT-SV, SU-122-44 vs ISU-122S, 112 vs WZ-111, Churchill
    VII vs Vk.36.01H.

  37. I knew IS4 would win open ground YOLO, where I also knew IS7 would win city

    IS4 armor is FAR better on open ground, as it has 160mm on the sides and
    IIRC 120mm on upper rear with 100mm on lower rear. Between that, and the
    better rear turret armor, combined with more HP and higher DPM by a little
    – means IS4 will almost always win open ground, where IS7 will always win

  38. T92 vs. Conqueror GC

  39. E75 vs ST-1

  40. STB – 1 Vs Centurion Action X

  41. Number 10 is gonna be EPIC!

  42. TVP T 50/51 vs. BC25t

  43. Tiger 1 Vs Tiger (P)

  44. Abdel Aziz Farhi

    15 obj 268 vs 15 obj 263

  45. Saw this live

  46. Abdel Aziz Farhi

    IS7 is under powered now. the thing it has is turret armor which is not
    rhat usefull because of the shity gun depression

  47. Sherman Firefly Vs Cromwell

  48. i still say that IS-7 is better even when IS-4 has Better DPM and HP . i
    just go hulldown and noone pens me. Only if E4/E3 or Jag E100 came with
    gold i’m DED :D

  49. Fabian Maldonado

    awesome vid,been waiting for this face off :)

  50. ST-1 vs T-10

  51. Also Dez, Can’t wait to see episode 10 with the awesome editing.
    Next Face off (15 E75 vs 15 ST-I)? ;)

  52. 15 TVP 50/51s vs 15 Bat Chat 25ts

  53. Hetzer v stug

  54. M26 pershing vs t-44?

  55. T49 vs. AMX 13 90

  56. I’d rather watch a realistic scenario

  57. A T95 vs its self thatwill be crazyy hhhh

  58. Mihai Alex Serbu

    15 fv215b vs 15 t110e5

  59. IS-7! Very STRONK!

  60. LOL you got wrecked in that 1st round XD

  61. fv215b vs t110e5

  62. T57 vs 50B??

  63. karlis baldonis

    15 amx 50 b vs 15 t57 heavy

  64. Nathaniel Forcelle

    T29 VS IS?

  65. Nikola Kolarovic

    15 Waffentrager Auf E 100 vs 15 Amx 50 Foch (155)

  66. No big surprise, Russia wins.

  67. 15 T-62a’s vs 15 obj. 140’s

  68. 94TH PERSON

  69. 15 Tiger1 vs 15 Tiger (P)

  70. when is the next stream?

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