► World of Tanks: 15 IS-7s vs 15 MAUS Heavy Tanks – Face Off #16

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vs -7. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. Tank Battle Series.


There is going to be some serious armor on the battlefield today… We are going to find out what happens, when 15 IS-7s are going to face 15 Maus heavy tanks. This is going to be crazy!

Thank you for making this series possible!



  1. 110 vs. IS-3, or t71 vs. amx 13 75

  2. u from estonia?

  3. 113 VS IS7

  4. 15 jgpz e100 vs 15 t110e3 that’s the most strongs td in the game will be

  5. Where’s the 1 Pz2j vs 14 Pz1cs?

  6. AMX 30 75 vs SP1C
    Same vehicle manufacturers and a LT twist to face off :D

  7. KV-4 vs IS 3, and ST-I vs T-10!

  8. the problem is is7 players are baf

  9. IS 4 vs IS7

  10. maus have 3000 hp,IS-7 have 2700 hp what the fucking ever derp maus PLS

  11. IS-7 better than Maus

  12. That maus players where just bad

  13. MrMegaPowerStar MeMasterGamer

    Jpanther ll vs ferdinand

  14. Please make a Face Off with: 15 Type 5 Heavy vs. 15 Maus

  15. why suggest this ,this is clearly impossible

  16. Blighty_SlowReflexes

    Love these face-offs. Here’s an idea I had for a different competition I’d
    love to see if you think it could work.. Two teams, two rounds. Map
    Overlord. First round, tanks swan-dive off cliff and score points by
    hitting target tank set 100m down beach. Shots have to be fired mid-air,
    manual aim. Second round, armored clay pigeon shooting. Tanks dive off
    cliff. Tank on beach scores by hitting them mid-air, manual aim only. What
    do people think?

  17. 15 t10’s vs 15 st1’s

  18. E75 vs VK45B I’d like to see that one any bet’s on who would win


  20. my mind is IS7 is better, still

  21. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B, Obj-140 vs T62a vs obj-430 ( i guess this can go 3
    ways :P)

  22. do kv4 vs tiger 2 or kv4 vs is3 or tiger 2 vs is3

  23. pls dont make only t10 vs t10 i think its very boring and i want more low
    Tier face offs, and ofc i will help you with that :D

  24. IS-6 v Lowe!!!

  25. T30 vs JAGTIGER

  26. 15 artillery vs 15 light tank

  27. At wich times does DG most stream coz I Should enjoy to help making iT but
    then I need to have the times That he streams

  28. 15 MAUS vs 15 T110E5….because E5 has more hit points than IS7. And E5 has
    a higher DPM!!!!! Just Do It.

  29. QB recently questioned in his stream whether the E100 could beat the T110E5
    when no gold was allowed. Mission?

  30. SerB? Maus is not OP! SerB! No! SerB?! i will slap you!

  31. cuauhtemoc cabral

    obj 430 vs obj 410 plz

  32. T-62A vs Obj 140

  33. captainexplosivz

    M4 Easy 8 Sherman vs. Cromwell

  34. Antything that leads to the destruction of IS-7 is OK with me.

  35. 15 ST-I VS 15 T-10

  36. death star vs grile 15

  37. ville ollikainen


  38. IS7 is the most inferior heavy tank in the game these days.

  39. How about type 5 heavy vs maus? Battle of 2 giants.

  40. maus op as fuck

  41. 15 O-I with derp gun VS 15 KV-2 with derp gun

  42. sir Wackelpudding

    1 Pz II j vs. 29 Pz I c’s

  43. Kanonenknall Hochexplosiv

    15kanonenjagdpanzer vs 15jagtiger8.8

  44. sir Wackelpudding

    I love that pre intro :)

  45. E-50 M vs E-50?

  46. elc vs t49

  47. 34 Andrés Sandoval 333

    1 ELC vs 25 loltraktors :v

  48. Maus FTW! Next Tiger P vs Tiger H

  49. I can’t believe this is the same tank that was in the game a few patches
    ago. The Maus is terror incarnate, in the right hands.

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