► World of Tanks: 15 KV-2s vs 15 O-Is – The Last Stand #1 – [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

15 KV-2s vs 15 O-I Experimentals Battle. 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. The Kings of Derp.

Today, once again, I have something new for you! Yet another new series on my channel and it called “The Last Stand”. As I said in the video, I do not know if this the best name for the series… so if you have any ideas, let me know!
It the first, pilot episode, we are trying to find out which tank is The King of Derp, 15 KV-2s are going to fight with 15 O-I’s. was simply the best update for that kind of series… Those sounds, O, M, G! 😛

I really do hope you enjoy this epic action and please give me feedback!



  1. TheThefishyofdoom

    Maybe a good name for the series might be “The final confrontation” instead
    of “The last stand”. My reason is last stand makes it seem like they have
    their backs against the wall, where as confrontation seems more of it time
    to finish this once and for all, winner takes all loser gets nothing.

    Great video, like the series, very fun idea!

  2. King Mareep (Lanu)

    Could it be called Tankers 15? :)

  3. TheBurningsteppes

    If memory serves, RELIC did something similar to this a few years back…
    30 ducks (also on Malinovka I believe). Hilarity ensued.

  4. you need to do Maus vs. Type 5 Heavy next! Clash of the Titans!

  5. Please do fv304

  6. the O-Is are focusing much better than the kv-2s, if you look closely at
    the video, the kv-2s are each shooting a different target yet the O-Is gang
    up on 4 rather than 15 all at once.

  7. 15 vs 15: T3585 vs Cromwell 😉 that would be interesting to see 😉 great
    series if you ask me ;)

  8. 15 ms-1 vs 1 t92

  9. It’s a good idea but the group lacked discipline if it’s an all in rush
    then have them all rush. I’m also curious if many shells were wasted on
    dead tanks on the line up. either way this is a good idea I’d love to see

  10. this was amazing

  11. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    This is awesome! ;D

  12. IS vs Tiger I

  13. As commendable the idea of having 15 doom-turtles vs. 15 doom-turtles, is,
    what I would really LOVE to see, is 15 doom-turtles vs. 15 T110E3’s…

    You see, I have always, since I bought the T110E3, been dissappointed in
    it. The thing is just a heat-magnet, and with their lower glacius’, I
    always felt that in a 1v1, the T95 would beat the E3, despite the DPM and
    penetration differences.

    The thing is, I want to be wrong…

    Prove me wrong DezGamez!
    positivePXL [+PXL]

  14. Pessi Lyytikainen

    great vid, loved it :)

  15. 15 kv 2 vs 5 maus

  16. Suggestion: Can you make a countdown, so you can see how many tanks left?

  17. OIs are only the noobversion of KV2
    each BOB can win a battle in a OI…
    WG produce this fucking noobtanks, cause they get more money for premium

  18. Snippsnapp Gaming

    A name can be “Who is the best?”

  19. 1 maus vs 10 fv304 (1 fv being the scout :p)

  20. This makes total sense actually. KV-2’s main advantage over the OI is

  21. 5-10e100s vs 20-25 oi derps HE only

  22. 15 T95 vs 15 tortoise

  23. 15 t82 vs 5 t95

  24. Just out of curiosity, did you order all to use HE? Cos O-I with AP can pen
    KV-2 no problem even frontally and if using HEAT… Oh boy…. 😀

    Anyway great series :-D

  25. 15 t71 vs 15 bulldog

  26. This is awesome please keep doing this the concept is awesome.

  27. 15 Togs vs 15 kv-85’s :D

  28. Kv-2 is still king of derp

  29. Togs vs ELCs

  30. T110E3 vs T95 :)

  31. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    i really enjoyed this and i like the name, it gives me chills like in a
    good way :D, nice job with the new series

  32. Wt auf E100 vs T49s. I think that it would be very hilarious.

  33. Pz2js vs Pz2js

  34. Graf Brot von WoT

    TVPs vs BCs…who’s the king of autoloaders?

  35. 15 Pz1c vs 1 Wt auf E100

  36. Leopard 1 vs AMX 30B

  37. I like this new series. make fv304 vs fv304 xD

  38. kv2 has a better chance of one shotting another oi. kv2 s HE pen has 86
    while the ois is only 75.

  39. The stream was very entertaining to watch. Many thanks!

  40. e100 vs type5 heavy (japanese). e100 with derp gun

  41. T71s vs M41 Bulldogs, 1 match on this map unable to go out of bounds/
    vision on this field. Another match limited to a camo-rich area of the map.
    Maybe 14 on 14 with a couple of tanks of another type sitting it out in a
    central spot to show the conflict properly, given the nature of camo

  42. Nice i like this

  43. Kv2 is the king of derp but when it comes to this OI is gonna fight cause
    your gonna kill 1 shot kv2 with OI if you know how to shoot… under the
    gun is flat plate and with HE its BOOM

  44. awesome

  45. This was kinda stupid, since O-I has double the frontal armor. KV-2 is
    still better, but will only penetrate an O-I from it’s side. Still, the old
    reliable king of derp will always be the mighty, Stalin’s fist, KV-2!

  46. what did you even think OI is just OP

  47. Fair? Not really. the O-I’s 10mm gun reloads faster than the 152mm gun on
    the KV-2

  48. Great vid.
    name idea Ultimate tank challenge,

  49. amx 50 foch He spam vs Wt e100 :D

  50. magicGfinger Grant

    Bert the Avenger Vs Stuff

  51. ErikandAlexander Harris

    Jagaroos vs Death Star basically original Death Star vs newish Death Star

  52. Nice content again. O-I Experimentals is the tV ;)

  53. Call the series: STANDOFF!!!

  54. KV-2 is still my favorite derp monster. How about 15 E-100s vs 15 Type-5

  55. Wonderful video. This will however not display which tank is best. Let me
    know if you need me in a tank. Like one said down here, T4 heavy vs 15 T1
    tanks, I’ll bring PZ.B2 xD

  56. Daniel Grabovskiy

    ultimate DPM machine, obj140 vs stb1 or something like that

  57. It’s unfair a little cause OI’s have thick armor

  58. “Two Tribes” (go to War) – as per the Frankie Goes To Hollywood song.

  59. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    Lets fill the map with 30 Berts and fight.

  60. More plz! O-I is deffo the new King of Derp though!

  61. wte100 vs fv215b

  62. Type 5 vs maus :D

  63. is-7 vs is-4!!!

  64. Try arty wars: 15 vs 15 arty 🙂

    play it like a normal random game…

  65. 15 TOG vs 15 TOG :D

  66. I was amazed by how much stronger the E100 is than the IS7.

  67. kv2 fuck faping oi players op shit!

  68. Batch at vs Yvonne t50/51 and amx 50b vs t57 and also Chaffee vs amx elc

  69. kv-2s vs tog IIs

  70. Jingles says the kv-2 will always be the king of durp

  71. berts

  72. Jad e100 vs 183

  73. 1 t95 vs 10 best

  74. make a rape battle then we will decide

  75. looks like a lot of work for just work for 11 mins of video. just for these
    guys tho, derps and all..
    what about 15v15 wte100’s and see if they can one clip each other and watch
    the fastest melting of hp possible.

  76. Damian “Samson” Borson

    KV 2s should be red team.

  77. DOOM TURTLE VS TORTOISE, only the true survivor will win

  78. Maybe you could do a line fight? Like tier 1-10 on the IS7 and E5 line and
    see who wins.

  79. This was pretty great. maybe for an idea autoloader vs autoloader. Or
    perhaps one tier 4 heavy agaisnt 15 tier one tanks.

  80. kv2 never dies

  81. T95s VS Tortoises,
    The American Steel Wall Vs The British Whippersnapper

  82. you should do 3 Maus vs 5 O-Is, 5 KV-2s and 5 T49s :)

  83. object 140s vs t62as

    t110e5s vs fvb21fbs

  84. 15 Tigers vs 15 IS/T29

  85. O-I has better armour, better ap pen, same gun in other characteristics…
    I didn’t see the KV-2’s winning this in a long shot…

  86. 15 JgPzE100’s vs 15 Death stars ;p

  87. Agree with those who say proper battle is better. That line up face to face
    was always going to favour the O-Is. T92 VS Conq GC would be good. Also,
    how about Luchs vs KV-2? That could be pretty funny especially with the new
    physics. And how do I get to be on one of the teams? :D

  88. Kv 2 is and stays the king of derp

  89. KV – 2 will forever be king of Derp! no change to that

  90. I was in that!!!!

  91. 10/10 would do again

  92. T37 vs T21 maybe?

  93. jan kristian mari Dia

    15 vs 15 bc 155 58s! blind firing, no spotting until at most 5 is left!

  94. KV-2 will always be the king of derp those filthy O-I’s will all perish!

  95. BestCocBaseBuildings

    e100 vs maus

  96. Awersome idea. MOAR! Plz.

  97. Lttb vs m41 bulldog

  98. I like this new series. Derp against Derp…. wonderful :D

  99. hey, i have noticed that u have estonian flag (blue, black, white) on some
    of your tanks. why? btw i’m form estonia :D

  100. This shows that line infantery tactics are not very effective against O-Is.

  101. ELCs VS CHAFFEES!!!!

  102. AWESOME:

    line up is the best:)
    keep them coming

  103. try do 5 M4 Sherman Vs 1 Tiger with stock gun …HISTORICAL

  104. amx 50b VS T57heavy

  105. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    Awesome, i love it! I’m just waiting for the next episode!

  106. The KV-2 is the King of Derp, the O-1 is the Shogun of derp.
    The T-49 is the Prince of derp, the BT-7A is the Duke of derp, the Cruiser
    II is the Earl of derp.

  107. David Hildebrandt

    nice series dude!

  108. EPic…

  109. TORTOISE VS T95!!

  110. I wouldn’t call it a fair fight, kv is better at popping in and out of
    cover, if you line them up your either accidentally or intentionally giving
    the Oi’s the victory, poor show of a battle

  111. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    KV2 WILL STAY!! and im going to love this series, maybe try t95vst95, bc
    155 58 vs t92

  112. pls buff kv2

  113. 8:58 dat miss doe

  114. Dez Gamex maybe if u didn’t always do the battles face to face. Let them
    move as they please around the map. This will let the light tanks use their
    speed and spotting power. It will let the mediums us ridge lines. It will
    let the heavy tanks cover their lower glacis.

  115. Tell the morons firing AP to uninstall the game.

  116. Daniel Vilbergsson

    the ois have better reaload time

  117. Don’t let them stand in the open Cuz If you play a normaal match then
    sometimes a kV-2 can hit OI Side Thats more fair

  118. OI win cause anime, and shit

    btw great editing dez ;)

  119. That was fun to watch and participate yesterday on your live twich….
    I can’t wait to see E5, E100, IS-7…and that epic E50M action 🙂
    Thx Dez.
    I would gladly help you out with your future projects….best regards

  120. Paranormal Penguin

    Notice me Senpai

  121. oi exp is tier 5 :P

  122. Tang-Bang

  123. O I gonna win cause thickerarmor

  124. early for once Ianhf here

  125. hey ma friend nice twich

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