► World of Tanks: 15 T92s vs 15 CGCs – Ultimate Artillery Battle! – Face Off #21

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks 15 T92s vs 15 Conqueror Gun Carriages (CGC). of Tanks Artillery / SPG Face Off. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


I am back with another Face Off episode, after few months break and what a battle this is… Long-waited 10 artillery Face Off is here featuring 15 T92s vs 15 Conqueror Gun Carriages. This might be the most beautiful episode, because have you ever seen that many SPGs being destroyed in one episode?



  1. t57 vs 50b

  2. “ma look…Scums” LOLS… nice face off <3

  3. One advantage the T92 HMC has over the Conquerer Gun Carriage is a faster

  4. Do a vid with the S51 tier 7 soviet artillery tank!!!!!!!!!!

  5. epic! how could anyone not like this

  6. 15 SU-100Ys vs 15 ISU 152s

  7. 1 maus vs fv304s

  8. Fastest tank vs slowest tank, if they can’t penetrate well, see how long
    they can survive against the other.

  9. Batchat artillery vs Russian artillery

  10. Why u not do the “15 kv2 vs 15 kv2

  11. It’s scary to see that many T92s

  12. Everyone listen up! 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s, let’s see if Bert can kill the
    Maus before the Maus kills Bert!

  13. Hey Dez, check QB’s new vid, he is trying to copy u, he even used the same
    replay of foch 155.

  14. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}

    The ad that plays before this video is a pain in the ass. It loads by
    default at super-high resolution and takes thirty years to play, and I
    can’t skip it.

  15. “Choppa” Camera! Love it!!!! xD

  16. Go Gun Carriage!

  17. Grants vs Lees

  18. dez obj.268 vs. obj.263 :)

  19. stop at 8:03 look at the middle gc. it looks like a military jeep lol

  20. Choppa Camera–classic!

  21. lol RNG fun XD

  22. How about a face off with the full line of td’s or light or medium or
    heavies? tier 1-10 from all countries

  23. Great video Dez. Am loving this faceoff series

  24. Your faceoffs are fun. cheers.

  25. IS3 vs. Conquer

  26. *15 T95s vs 15 Object 261s Please!*

  27. after this maybe do american line vs uk line of spgs and you only have the
    coordinates soo like a1 and a9 for tier9s etc

  28. can you play the Lowe with then new buffs

  29. urtlary vs urtlary lol no both of them died by one shoot. right

  30. the fast reloed win

  31. it,s not even a fight

  32. CGC has better gun arc and a slight reload rate better than t-92. I think
    in the face off video the T-92’s had better players than CGC.

  33. at 2 mins 15 secs……..so beautiful…*tear

  34. Very cool, thanks for doing that!
    Now do the FV304 vs the Maus!

  35. No one, Who said Dez is crazy???

  36. T34-85 vs Type 58
    face off

  37. Hello what’s your name in the game?? Do you play at EU client?

  38. Easy Eight vs. Cromwell.

  39. make long range fight with 1 spotter for team, 14 arty 1 spotter, test of
    accuracy with fully aimed on target, not only RNG on blindfire

  40. i smell to much credit and money in this espesode ???

  41. Personaly I think this is your most boring, one sided face off episode yet.

  42. what u use record to this game dezgemez

  43. Excellent video Dez, it’s been a while but worth it especially as I’m
    nearly at the T92 and I stopped at the Bert with the British.

  44. hey mom I’m on YouTube

  45. If you think about it, assuming everyone fires and hits then everyone
    should be dead. It’s really just luck of the draw.

  46. now switch the players to the other tank and do it

  47. 30 Pigs Dying this cant get any better.

  48. 30 clicking assholes shit on each other. Nice. I wish they only focus on
    countering enemy clicking cunts in the game.

  49. Finally!!! Was waiting for this since the legendary opening of this series

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