► World of Tanks: 15,000,000 Spent – New Tanks – AMX 30, T110E4 and STB-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks AMX 30 First Prototype Review. World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Enjoy just some of the moments from yesterday’s stream with Circon!


  1. Damn, more than 1 year since i played WoT. Is it still fun to play? Lot
    changed in gameplay /tanks? I used to play most of the time t10 and t8 +. I
    still think about tactics and moves that players do when i see those vids
    lol 😀
    Great gameplay! Your channel was always amazing to me 🙂 Take care!
    EDIT: oooh E4 still looks dope! Thought it went bad after the nerfs back in
    the days? 🙂
    And e5’s using HEAT i never could understand that. I only carried like 5
    HEAT shells in my E5 for breaking moments in the game :)

  2. Actually that shot to the Maus is v lucky st that angle

  3. Francis A. Sinatra (Stealth Line)

    wtf 15 mill and i am happy if i can earn few thousands 🙁

    btw i found your giveaway video today and as it ended watched few other
    game play videos and its awesome…

  4. Those ghost shots are awsome WG need to fix that broken shit

  5. How I play World of Tanks

    just wait until the T55 mission….. 3 arty kills needed….. nightmare!

  6. the m60 in the second game was a douche

  7. The Anonymous Patriot

    Why is a T 57 camping?
    World of Tanks…..

    fully explained.

  8. Love your vids and commentary. Just a tad of nitpicking on the STB game.
    After you killed the WT, could have followed your CDC and T49 to the enemy
    cap instead of joining your team on the same flank (all frontal shots and
    no side shot advantage). Your capers got to 15 seconds and then 12 seconds
    or so before their T57 went to kill them both. You could have helped seal
    the deal on that cap with your speed. GG though :)

  9. these killing SPG with med missions are frustrating. Just finished the one
    for the T-55A. There you need to kill 3 SPGs. Took me ages to do it. Did it
    in Cromwell B. I think it is a good tank for it. Wait until half the team
    is dead, then race to the arties… Ijust hope you don’t need to kill 4
    SPGs for the next tank…

  10. great video . a point of interest i never sell a tank above a tier 4..
    loads i dont use but wont sell . did i say great video … oh yes

  11. And I was happy to have 1 million…

  12. come on u die in all 3 battel and it was not a good video.. i know u can do
    better then that.. show us a full carry game played by u.. anyway love
    watching ur vid..

  13. lol of course the T57 is balanced XD

  14. When you said “this guy is the luckiest guy in the world” I was expecting
    this is the luckiest guy in the fucking world lol

  15. 15 mil :O!!!!!!!!!!

  16. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    and its alwayse the russian medds drivers who constantly fire HEAT…..i
    guess the russian top tier meds are soo bad that they need HEAT to make
    them playable….

  17. Dez, why don’t you like using international voices?

  18. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    dez…the amx30 isnt really worth getting. its just a worse leopard and the
    tier x amx 30 is concidered obsolete with no place in the game as is worse
    then leopard1. if you ask me the money spent on amx30 could of better spent
    on somthing else

  19. So entertaining


  21. Do the Mission with Cromwell

  22. You killed Delta (Obj. 140) from MisterCro’s stream shame on you

  23. i can beat that. I bought the Leopard PTA, Type 4 Heavy, WZ 111 1-4, Object
    704, Pershing, O-Ho, Ferdinand and the T 49 over the last 5 weeks (~ 21
    million credits). And i stil have to buy three tier 9´s and 4 tier 10´s…

  24. wow 15.000.000 credits,,,,,,, how is the amx 30, because i am gonna buy it

  25. first? man! I’m early.

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