► World of Tanks: 160,000+ Gold Worth Giveaway Event – 100,000 Subs Celebration!

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and Giveaway!

I wanted to make it big and I believe it is pretty big! You are going to be able to get something from more than 160,000 worth of prize pool. A lot of prizes to give away and a lot of lucky winners, so stay tuned for more and good luck!

I Thank You for subscribing and supporting my channel!

For all the prizes and information what you have to do, watch the video!

Enjoy the video!

Player: SugerSprinkledWalrus
Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/3160789#details


  1. Favorite tank: M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
    Username: Xx_Nikola_Jan_Likter_xX
    Server: EU

  2. My favorite tank is amx ELC bis
    Server: EU

  3. Favorite Tank : T-54.
    Username: willard_burris
    Server: EU

  4. Favorite tank: kv-2
    wasnt, Na server

  5. My favourite Trank in World of tanks is: amx 13 90
    Username: Constantinos_GR
    Server: EU

  6. Fendi Elyon Ramadhan

    Favorite tank : O-I
    IGN : FendiER2000
    Server : Asia
    7k comments on this video ‘-‘)
    It’s impossible for me to have a chance to get that prizes ._.
    *sorry, my English language isn’t good

  7. favorite tank:amx 12t

  8. My favourite tank: 105 leFH18B2.
    Username: rosu8
    Server: EU

  9. Favourite Tank: FCM 50t
    Username: feldherr123
    Server: EU

  10. my favorit tank is: T44 medium tank
    user name: d3mon112
    server: EU

  11. My favourite tank?? well….Obj.140
    Username: Matorako
    Server: EU

  12. How do you sent a replay to you?

  13. Favourite Tank: E50M
    Username: Goryan
    Server: EU

  14. Playing Blitz on Eu. Nice prices-). My favorite is the E50.

  15. My favourite tank is elc amx bis

    Username: avip123
    Server: EU

  16. My favorite tank is M46 Ripper Patton Kr.
    Username: RUZENE
    Server: NA

  17. Favorite tank of all time has to be the comet – Username – Tankman76classA
    – Server – Eu

  18. Favourite Tank: Centurion Action X
    Username: MrPoodlepoops
    Server: EU

    All the best dude.

  19. Favorite tank: KV-4 and all russian tanks, because of “russian steel” 🙂
    Username: Gavrilo87
    Server: EU

  20. Favorite Tank: IS-3
    Username: CarnalKnowledge
    Server: EU

  21. and would you can make a wotfunnymoments??

  22. My favorite tank: JagdtigerIGN: Lord_CrankyServer: NA

  23. Type 4 heavy (such a beast tank for fun)
    Username: Cheesecake589
    Server: EU

  24. My favourite Tank is the Obj. 907!
    Ratz101 EU

  25. My favorite tank: BT-7arty
    Ingame name: attacker13 , EU

  26. Favourite tank: Amx 13 F3 Am

  27. Favourite tank: is6, when RNGesus wants …u can be the monster of the map
    Username: speedy_klan
    Server: EU

  28. Well my favorite tanks are t-54 at high tears cos its op and Luchs al low
    tears its just insane when u get a tear 4 match 🙂
    Username: *zmago*
    server: EU

  29. my username is huppelknien

  30. Favorite tank: IS-4 (my first tier 10,I have over 1000 games in it)
    Username: RoosterManFromBehind
    Server: EU

  31. i play in the eu servers

  32. Favorite Tank: arl 44Username: paarseleguaanServer: EU

  33. Chrysilaos Patroumpas

    My favourite tank is T-10

    username:Lakias, EU server

  34. ferdinand ign fixicio Eu server

  35. Hellcat From Heaven

    My favourite tank is T-34-85.
    Name: Pro_sNaKe, EU

  36. fav tank e50m

  37. hey dez… the tier 9 patton. Username: jklogs, server:eu

  38. My favourite tank is the Comet
    Username: agent1022
    Asian server

  39. Favorite tank : E 50
    Username : FEED_THE_WOLVES
    Server : EU

  40. Favorite tank: obj 140
    U: kovypower
    Server: EU
    Great work you have done dez ;)

  41. Φώτης Λουλουδάκης

    Favorite tank: T110E3
    User name: Dorieas30
    Server: EU

  42. Favourite tank: Skoda T24
    Ingame name, kamhol, SEA

  43. Gabriel Josel Fabricante

    favorite tank: cromwel berlin
    username: gabriel_invader
    server : asia

  44. Favorite Tank: KV1, AMX ELC
    Username: abrams2013
    Server: EU

  45. My favourite tank is: AMX ELC
    Username: CrystalSurfer
    Server: EU

  46. congratulations for the 100k subscrivers my favorite tank is the leopard
    pt. username ataraboluap @ eu server

  47. Êd Chíìhãb Déèñ ? Mind of A Stoner

    favorite tank T34
    Username: Mohamedcrook123
    Server: EU

  48. Favorite Tank: E50M
    Username: DanMoro
    Server: EU

  49. Favourite Tank: T49
    Username: Belzambix
    Server EU

  50. Take it this won’t work for those who play on console e.g. me ? I’ll do it
    anyway ?
    Favourite tank- FV215B 183
    Server- European

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