► [World of Tanks] 200K Credits? No Problems! | T-34-3 Epic Battle Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

Battle Episode. -3 Gameplay Review and Commentary.
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Wanna see the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/148902#report

Hello everyone!

In today’s epic battle episode we are going to take a look at . This tank not getting as much “love” as it should get.. it really nice credit cow with beasty gun… but luckily Lukaszini going to show this to you.

if we are going to be able to play/chat together!

Sit back and Enjoy!

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Oldskools modpack:


  1. They see me rollin’…
    …in cash.

  2. Will the EU branch be implemented in 2015 ?
    When is HAVOC coming ?
    Will there be new branches in any of the current trees ?

  3. Qs for WG: When is Chieftan replacing fv215b? When is EU tech tree coming?
    When will fv4202 become t8 premium? When is Havoc engine coming? When will
    game be optimized and when will support multiple cores? 

  4. my question? when will arty finally gets removed? (vote up) :)

  5. Will the WT line be removed?

  6. how often do they actually get in games with that many tier 7s….i see 3
    high armored tanks which is rare for this tank(no tier 9s)

    also the 3 high armored tanks that would normally rip you to shreds were
    all taken out by a surprisingly competent team. which isn’t something you
    see often.

    my question is. if the T-54prototype is being released.(epic hull, good
    mobility, 2k dpm) how will Super P, T-34-3, and even Type 59 be buffed to
    put them on its level (as all of these have 1.8k or lower dpm, bad hull,
    and in the case of the Super P. 9.6hp/t)

    Type 59’s hull is ~160 to 170mm front
    T-34-3’s hull is about 140-160mm front
    Super P is about 150-170mm front (With ton of weakspots)
    T-54prototype hull is 225mm front………and the best gun of any of
    these….with equal(or better than Super P) mobility.

  7. Hi,great replay and that end:D so the question:It will be a czechoslovakian
    tree in World of Tanks one day?

  8. Question for WG: When is Havoc comming? When is multi core support comming.

  9. I prefer it when you say, “Ladies and Middlegen.”

  10. Question for WG: when will be a KV-2 HD modell, really important question. 

  11. Qs for WG: pls ask them when is something happening to the FV4202 tier 10
    uk med and to the heavy 2 if u care

  12. Is this a old t34-3 clip cuz my reload is 7.9 seconds!? What’s that about?

  13. Qs for WG: there will be another time the x35 converter for exp?

  14. When are the french going to get new tanks? Thats my question…

  15. Great game by this polish player..

  16. question for the devs: when will the T-150 start shooting actual shells and
    not blanks?
    seriously though, it’s less accurate than artillery.

  17. Dose he think wot will be coming to Xbox 1 and what is the next thank line
    coming out on xbox 360

  18. Q for WG: Are the rumors about Sixth Sense becoming a passive skill
    available for everybody (on PC) true?
    browntown13 (NA)

  19. Alexandru ten Hove

    Fv4202 free for its owners? And hesh ammunition changes in futures? And
    news abouth the Action X centurion please please :)

  20. i have 11.08 reload in t-34-3 :O

  21. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    this my quesion: when arty get to pick map they can play cus some map arty
    really useless ….

  22. My question: How often do you ragequit because od artillery, and how are
    you going to balance it out ?

  23. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Modpack where ? 

  24. QS FOR WG: There will be any New tech tree? 

  25. gg good game

  26. Will roaming ever be introduced? I saw a player with the War Gaming clan
    tag from the RU server a few weeks back so know it’s still be being tested,
    but would just like to know what’s the plans with it? 

  27. Questions for WarGaming: WHEN IS HAVOC COMING!!!!

  28. Great vid Dez ! Question: will they remove the ammo storage from is3 that
    is on the front?
    Ffs all the time being ammo racked

  29. Q- How do you decide which server gets what update when? (Ex. Russian
    server got winter mode first, NA got Fury first, etc…)

  30. Question for Wargaming; When is the US going to get a premium TD? And what
    will that TD be?

  31. Qs: is wargaming concerned about the newly releasing game called armored
    warfare….is wot adding new tanks like modern tanks because of this???

  32. there is only one question you need to ask and its the big one……..do
    their map designers actually play WoT ? as Mines, Komarin and South Coast
    are not balanced. I have a feeling that they may try them out in Beta/test
    server but not in real games on the live server.

  33. Any news on the centurion action x

  34. Question for WG staff member: “In the upcoming title world of warships,
    approximately how much more clicking and healthbars will be involved?”
    I would expect at least a 400% increase in the amount of clicking, and for
    every healthbar I would love to see at least 8 sub-healthbars and for each
    of these healthbars I would greatly appreciate about 2 more healthbars. So,
    on average, for each ship I would like to see 17 healthbars for more
    clicking action. Just imagine all the clicking possible with 30 ships each
    with 17 healthbars……

  35. Question for WG: Are we ever going to get tanks that aren’t just variations
    of Russian tanks? Or when will they stop making cookie cutter tank
    stats(ohh this one has .01 faster aim time, SOOO much better)?

  36. Question for WG staff member: does wargaming realize that the mission for
    WZ-111 made the game unplayable for a month. Can they think a bit before
    puting missions like this in the game, or find something else other than
    no. of kills as a requirement to complete the mission.

  37. Can you ask something about the AMX30? :)

  38. Question for WG: When are you going to put the Havok engine in World of

  39. I cant understand why he get spotted so hard.He was almost invisible.Ive
    been in that position with my elc with camo paint and full camo crew + BIA
    and vents in battle with players under 2k games where they will not going
    to have good crew 80% of the time and still they manage to spot me.

  40. It’s a seemingly small issue, but you might ask the WG rep why all
    key-bindings can not be reset.
    In particular ‘Free Look’ can not be unbound from the Right Mouse
    Button…..VERY annoying since it interferes with my preferred setup.
    Thanks much!

  41. If I am not miskaten Su122 44 or whatever correct title is – the tier 7
    Russian TD, it goes into tier 9 games, therefore, I think the tank is fine
    the way it is, for that gun is not so good against most tier 9 tanks, not
    to mention, you are dead in 1 or 2 shots!

  42. Question for wargaming: do they plan to expand platoon slots to say 4-5

  43. just started to watch your videos and you do a great job, my question for
    wg is why have you given everything that includes credit bonus and premium
    days to other servers, we’ve had nothing since January 2014, I earned 9
    premium days between xmas and new years (2013) alone and this year two days
    and I had to watch that movie for 4 year olds to get the one and too get
    credits like this guy got on this video takes days and days of hour after
    hour of grinding to come even close to his one game

  44. yesterday I went 21/27, 77.78% win rate and earned 153 171 credits for the

  45. Q for WG: What is the overall long-term plan for WoT? Most games fizzle out
    after a few years. What does WG plan to do to keep players interested?

  46. sorry na server

  47. When will a beta be released for world of warships?

  48. Great game.

    WoT question.
    What is the basis to MM? What does the algorithm ‘weight’? Recent press
    release implied/stated there were no major issues. Yet forums consistently
    produce threads criticising the MM.

  49. DezGamez ask the war gaming dude when will world of warships come out?

  50. I have another question, why, I can only guess a vodka stupor, would you
    give the top 3000 na players a chance at an obj. 907 and let them play in
    pub games? fair balanced its not even listed so you can found out its
    weak points if there are any

  51. Question for WG: will their be a European tech tree e.g Sweden, Czech
    Republic and some other nations.
    Will there be heavy tanks for japs and TDs for china, if so when will they
    be coming? 

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