► World of Tanks 2011 to 2018 Evolution – Graphics, Sounds, Effects, Gameplay Changes

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Changes From 2011 2018 – Graphics, Sound Effects, Visual Effects, Gameplay Changes and Updates. How World of Tanks has evolved from 2011 to 2018, up to Update.

Thanks for supporting my efforts towards this channel. 🙂

I have been thinking about episode likes this for quite some time now. I knew it was not going be easy and no, it wasn’t… 200+ GBs of different WoT versions installed, countless amount of broken replays, corrupted recordings, but after few days of work it finally here!
When playing World of Tanks in daily basis, you might not understand how game slowly progresses, evolves… How many map changes, new tanks and how many old vehicles has been removed, graphical and sound improvements…


By WG:
– Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik – Main Theme (WGFEST 2017 version)
– Andrius Klimka – Overlord (Intro)
– Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka – Overlord (Battle)
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of tanks… Including Waffentrager Auf.


  1. This was definitely one of the hardest episodes that I have ever made… 200+ GBs of different WoT versions installed, broken replays, corrupted recording and game files, but after few days of work it is finally here! My HDD at the moment: https://puu.sh/zuExP.png
    I did not cover every single little change or topic (Rampage mode, some other tank changes), but I tried my best. Wanted to keep it under 20 minutes. Really awesome to see how much this game has actually evolved over all those years. I have seen/played almost every patch myself as well, but I really didn’t remember how it looked and felt back in the days.
    Hopefully you like it and btw, this was the reason why you didn’t see any episodes from me for 2 days. 🙂
    #stayawesome #muchlove #evolution

    • DezGamez What a fantastic video! Congratulations you did a fantastic job! ?? W Italy ??

    • As always great work Dez 🙂 Crazy that you can even find these old clips and get it to work 🙂
      A video of all the removed maps would be awesome 🙂 can remember south coast, komarov but cant remember the rest from their names 🙂

    • Not taking the best way to avoid demonetization xD

    • Old maps, old tanks good memories miss them even the not-so-good ones.
      Nice flashback vid, if you can make some more.
      Battle On!

  2. I kind of feel back in 2013 the game required a lot more skill than today, there was prominent weak points that you had to learn but today it’s a bit hit and miss, I was quite young back then and was terrible at the game but I just feel like it had larger skill gap, maybe that’s just me ☺️

  3. I remember those days september 2012 is when i started, i had so much love for this game now its sad to see it drift away from me ? I miss the old wot, wish wargaming would keep some originality of the old wot in the game (hangar, ambience of hangar etc) sadly it will never be like those days again ??

  4. thanks for all the hard work epic video dez

  5. Great video mate

  6. You won’t get demonetized if you don’t talk 😛

  7. Wow I’m soo damn old in this game, I started play this a update before the t57 line.

  8. It seems like I played this game longer than this. It seems like the game has been out longer. May be due to the MM that is a pain in the donkey, that WG says is there to make us happy. Thank you for the stroll back in time.

  9. personally, apart from the huge graphics changes, I love the new soundtrack coming with 1.0, it sounds absolutely awesome

  10. Until the tear in the eye becomes;)

  11. Now Thats…… touching..those moments back then.

  12. Oh the memories…the old tank engine sounds were the worst!!

  13. tears started to drop when I saw HD lakeville…

  14. I’m crying????

  15. Introduced myself to WoT in early 2013. Would have loved to join in earlier to see the evolution of it further from a personal level. But even since 2013, so much has changed, gives me an appreciation for how far it’s come.

  16. The game has come a long way. I still remember when I first downloaded the client… patch 8.11

    ~15k battles later and here we are about to get 1.0

  17. Wow man, that was great. I’ve been playing since 2013 and miss some of those old maps. This is the best synopsis, and perhaps the only synopsis I’ve seen. Kudos to you, ty dez

  18. Dez amazing video!!! It was worth waiting for it!!! Keep up the good work bro!!!

  19. I played since 2011. Im gonna miss the old crappy maps when 1.0 hits.

  20. As someone who joined way back in 2012, this was a walk down memory lane. It really hasn’t seemed like that long at all! That music at the end set to the new HD maps was beautiful. Loved the video Dez, and keep up the great work!

  21. You didn’t speak so you won’t get demonetised. Clever lad? Nice video. Good effort!

  22. Very nice video. Never realized how much has evolved. There are still a lot that has stayed in on console. Console is just 1 or 2 updates behind, but not a lot has been removed. Apart from the 9 maps that were removed from console (just got Live Oaks and Severgorsk back), we still have many of the maps that were removed from PC. We also have vehicles that were removed including the Waffle E 100, T-50-2, FV215b, FV215b 183, Foch 155, Lorr 40 t…at least we don’t have “clown tanks”. This game is constantly changing and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left wondering WTF?!?

  23. Feels good man feels good!

  24. 2017 improved MM… what are you smoking?! template MM it didn’t improve anything… it caused a bigger problem than the old MM, at least in the old one you weren’t 80% bottom tier! But nice video to show changes to the game through the years. man the game changed since I started playing in patch 8.2.

  25. I Watch And cry

  26. Absolutely fantastic job with this video, I think that maybe wargaming needs to hire you to do their future video content as your content is always far superior than anything they seem to release. ?
    I always really enjoy watching all your content and have learned a lot from watching it too. Keep up the excellent work you do and I look forward to your next video.
    Stay awesome, take care and bye. ?

  27. and yet they still can’t make matchmaking balanced…. today I lost 10 battles in a row…. and it happens more often then ever. Over all I have 15k battles and 55% wins, but never have I ever, in all 5 years of my WoT career witnessed losing so many battles in a row…

  28. Great video brought back some old memories. One of your best videos ever!

  29. Very nice video Dez. Thank you. Started to play this in 2012 and still like it.

  30. HD maps don’t hide the fact that WoT has become PAY-To-WIN.

  31. Good old back back to the 2013

  32. I like the first versions more. I dont like wot in 2018 too much

  33. I like how all the maps that were aded in 2013 were removed

  34. Dragon ridge got removed in 2012. Havent played on it since that time

  35. OMG dez this video was awesome!!!

  36. Nice work, it’s awesome to see all the changes

  37. This shows so nicely how the game is getting better and worse at the same time (I mean current gold-needed meta).

    There was missing just one important milestone: introducing of first flat out better premium tank in comparison with it´s regular counterpart, which also start´s new chapter of WoT. But let´s not ruin the nostalgia, I´m in since 2011 …

    Appreciate the effort, it must have been insane to put this together! Respect Dez!

  38. This this could not have been done better. Just imagine what you could do with a large budget and more specialized and advanced programs. You should be recognized for this kind of work Dez.

  39. Great video dez. I see that you have put alot of work in the video and it realy pays of. I am allready lokking forward to your next video.

  40. The end made me wish that some WoT maps were in WT….

  41. shouldve mentioned the pilsen map being introduced with the czech tanks but nevermind, this was an awesome video overall, thanks for the effort 🙂

  42. and its still shit

  43. This was like a list of my favourite maps.. all gone 🙁

  44. Wow, really Dez, you outdid yourself with this one. Congratulations.

  45. please wargaming and youtube , give this man a medal for bringing the most epic brutal beast mode footage of world of tanks development. I really give u all the credit in the world mate , damnt u worked hard on this one !!! the men’s hot !! u mighty dezz u always seem to overrule urself

  46. These updates though, are why I keep coming back. Your video really shows how far the game has come, and whilst it isn’t perfect the fact they are still improving it means a lot. Bring on patch 1.0.

  47. “graphics and sounds get better and better” but matchmaking is worse every patch!! There are more and more battles with unbalanced teams, one side totally crippled with very few or no good players, the opposite team with the majority of good players or even couple of unicums… AND THIS SUPPOSED TO BE BALANCE!?!?!? FU*C*K you WARGAYMING!

  48. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    We are still waiting on the real MM rework. Where it will go by player skill aswell as tank. So we don’t have one sided battles with 1 team being red or orange and the other blue and purple.

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