► World of Tanks 2016 RECAP – BEST MOMENTS… GG, WP!

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Source: DezGamez

2016 Recap, Best Moments. 2016 Best Moments of The Year!

2016 has so far been my most successful year ever, with a lot of super epic, awesome, funny, legendary, amazing moments in World of Tanks with 300+ episode that I uploaded in 2016… Over 300 episodes, OMG! 😀

So I decided to make one episode for you featuring some of the best moments from my 2016 in World of Tanks… I felt really good making this episode, looking back at all those moments really felt awesome, we have done some crazy shit together!

Thank you for you support and let’s continue in 2017!


Music in order:
Glude – Identity [NCS Release]
K-391 – Earth [NCS Release]
Uplink – To Myself (feat. NK) [NCS Release] – Official Video
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. Eeeeppiiccc. I remember all of those moments ☺. Happy new year DezGamez!!

  2. I actually though that you hit the AMX 13 75 :O . Username: Stegeta ,
    Server EU

  3. worked XD

  4. I remember most of those clips. I was wondering if everything was alright
    with you because it was a couple of days with no vids. Now I see why it was
    worth it. Keep on tanking. ?

  5. Yeah your troll got me lol

  6. damm Man You did troll me??

  7. Epic episode, epic year!

  8. Congratulations Dez. You did pretty well mate. Entertaining contente and
    good takes. Keep it up ?

  9. It was an awesome year! Keep it up man!

  10. God damn that fucking troll still gets me xD

  11. Awesome RECAP for 2016. Every single one of clips wached befor , but all
    toghether… WOW!!

  12. thx for that bud , yes its been a good year

  13. Matt Conrad (MWConrad96)

    Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings with all the new changes !!

  14. Hey Dez, was that you on the motorbike? I have built an electric bike with
    7.000 watts of power (about 9 horse power) and it can do over 50 mph (scary
    on what is actually a push bike, but fun!). I did think that my computer
    had frozen so gg to troll Dez! :-)

  15. Great job, hope 2017 beats 2016 out though. Keep up the good work!!

  16. you got me

  17. It was successful

  18. machinegunjoe 2001

    Haha you trolled me like hell :D

  19. Wait you ride a motorcycle bro do moto vlogs

  20. Bruh, that troll.

  21. Hugo “hugog2773” Giles

    No , THANK YOU Dez!!!!!!

  22. got trolled 😀 Nice video mate!

  23. face reveal?

  24. Have a new year wish for you to fulfill…..
    Wanna see you!!!
    Upload a facecam gameplay or a ride video with a selfie moment!!!!
    And another question, why didn’t SEA server get much love from the
    giveaway!!! 🙁
    Good luck and wish you a great 2017!!!

  25. You got me Dez. Totally got trolled lol

  26. after watching the video, i just wanna say…………………you are
    welcome trololololoko

  27. please make a 2017 preview video, but only with your best moments. thankyou

  28. got trolled good, good job Dez lol

  29. Love your work Dez,keep it up!

  30. Hey dez could you do Leopard 1 line vs E50 line for your next face off

  31. lol dez you got me again with that damn screen pause xD

  32. Fuck, I just got trolled! D:

  33. Well done Dez, you got me! And well done for the 2016, keep up the good

  34. That troll?!!

  35. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    Dez on behalf of all your subscribers and viewers I want to thank you for
    no doubt all the tremendous effort you put into your videos with all the
    editing, finding clips and just trying to put some humour into our everyday
    life via this amazing game and youtube. It pleases me to have seen your
    channel grow so much in the past year I have watched your videos, and I
    can’t wait to watch for years to come!

    Best regards for the new year


  36. still really like your vids Dez. keep up the good work

  37. Tom's Game Replays

    Happy New year Dez good luck to you for 2017 keep up the good work i enjoy
    your channel alot thank you

  38. Veselin Nedyalkov

    Don`t freez video like this 🙂 i nearly restart the router…

  39. I’ve watched every episoe bro, I watched the stereo type ones first and
    after that I was hooked . You and Foch have the best vids . Keep up the
    great work! Bloodlust81 / NA in case you ever get over here and play!

  40. That moment when you get trolled twice with one clip

  41. It’s been an honour to become one of your subscribers this year Dez. Your
    sense of humour is at least as magnificent as your skill. Not quite as good
    as your victory screen of course, but not much is.

  42. 11:24 i almost slapped my lil bro for downloading…

  43. Beast mode trolling … bastard ;)

  44. Maarten van Roest

    Thanks Dez,

    Great year, nice content!

  45. DezGamez, may I ask you which country and city are you living in? Not
    because I’m gonna find you or anything but I’m planning to continue my
    college in a foreign country and the place in the last clip looked pretty
    good, then I wondered.

  46. 2 years in here and i still enjoy your content and your funny accent. keep
    it up

  47. no stereotypes? :(

  48. got trolled

  49. love this guy especially the steortype players he has made like to see some
    more of your vids with Highflyer 15

  50. Arvin Dave Velasco

    proud to be a DezGamez subscriber.. =)

    so excited for your contents this year 2017!!!

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