► World of Tanks: 2,100+ EXP – T26E4 SuperPershing “SuperMan” Gameplay!

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Source: DezGamez

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You ready for some more epic action?
Take a look how “sabujca1111111” is trying to carry his team to in “Superman”, T26E4 Superpershing! This is simply ridiculous what is going to happen! 😀 Take a look what happened!

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2178241#details

Enjoy the video!


  1. vive la france!

  2. Nice video Dez, can you review the Löwe please

  3. I’m The T26E4 Super Pershing Master in WoT Blitz lol 1k battle 59%WR xD,And
    its my favorite tank :D

  4. He was really lucky to survive, he made so many mistakes, but the RNG
    fucked him over as well. I don’t really think he deserved his victory,
    there were so many things that could have easily went wrong, but hey, he
    won at the end, Congrats!

  5. still cannot work out why a hatch on turret is worth so much in damage –
    just makes no sense

  6. Dez, the two missile barrels in the top Pershing turret are not in the
    damage model anymore. Look on tank inspector.

  7. Will you do a video of the M4 Improved, or are you even going to buy it?

  8. I like the aggressive play in the start. But there isn’t that much epic
    play or something… Maybe I expect too much :S

  9. Why did he take so many APCR’s, i got 9 and its enough

  10. I love this tank in real life and Wot ruined it

  11. meh nothing too special
    did well though

  12. Its only Super if you use apcr. And you need to not get into a game with
    tier 9-10s and hope that nobody shoots gold on you.

  13. Amazing game, great commentary (as always)! Thanks for showcasing the Super
    Pershing, DezGamez!

  14. lol I was scared that IS3 was going to push him into the water at the end

  15. Gooood!!!

  16. Wow! That is probably the single best match I have seen in that tank, the
    not-so-super Pershing!

  17. goo jab gg!

  18. nice game Dez

  19. “same shit,difrent name” or in my language “isti kurac,drugo pakovanje” 🙂

  20. Ahahhahahhha Same shit , diffreant name .

  21. Not bad game play

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