► World of Tanks: 25 T49s vs 5 x Maus – Jumping, Ramming, Fails, Pit Fight! – Face Off #14

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Maus . World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


To celebrate our special episode #10, I decided to do something epicæ How does 1 Maus vs 29 M4 Shermans sound to you?

Thank you for making this series possible!



  1. this is fucking epic

  2. make a mous bridge and make a pz 1c or luchs drive over it

  3. Dear mister DEZ I must profoundly object to the abuse of these fine
    examples of german engineering. Me and and many viewers fear that those
    splendid vehicles are getting rusty because they were standing in a shower
    of T49’s while not wearing proper rain coats, some even fear they got
    scratched during the making of this video!!!!!! The least what you could
    have done was to provide umbrella’s to the Maus panzers. Most sincerely, mr

  4. focus fire would have mad a massive difference!

  5. Type 64 vs T37!!! Better DPM vs Better HP

  6. The t49s did a lot of friendly fire lol

  7. i’d love to see tier8 best rammer jump on maus…. KV-5 v.s. Maus ramming
    would be epic :)))))))

  8. Very entertaining video! Keep up the good work!

  9. I could watch this all day hahaha!!!

  10. niicu the end jumps where awesome. good video.

  11. pullstringgoboom0811

    reminds me of that old computer game Lemmings lmao

  12. the lack of focus fire was terrible..

  13. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    KV vs 10 Luchs

  14. Came, licked, now to see what happens :)

  15. I know it’s hard to hit the turret but isn’t the side of the Maus hull
    mostly space armor and tracks? Wouldn’t HE damage get reduced?

  16. Very nice!

  17. “Stronk German bunker” XD…
    plus all that extra ‘mark T49 spaced armour’ on the last battle

  18. happy music!

  19. Dawid Rodziewicz

    T-54 ltwt vs Ru 251

  20. it’s raining mouses and dogs :)

  21. Love it ! But WOT needs to solve the MM if u guys know wat i mean

  22. Mateus Games (THX)

    OBJ. 268 Vs Jg.Pz. E100

  23. russia med(the T62A line) vs the german med (the e50m line)

  24. 25 tiger 1 vs 25 tiger p

  25. useless video. the series are getting boring

  26. I like the dolphin edit and the mellow music as they all lemming into death

  27. 15 lttbs vs 15 m41 Bulldogs

  28. Ween I was playing world of tanks blitz I jumped on a a-20

  29. firsttimeshot opAF

    rhm borsig vs t49?!?!?!?!?

  30. where is the face off between IS-7 and Maus or BC 25t vs TVP T50/51?

  31. I love these videos I am gonna have to subscribe

  32. I love the T49 that almost did the backflip off the cliff in the cliff
    jumping section!

  33. I liked the jump of the t49 who made a backflip, that looked pretty epic^^

  34. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    the maustank ass star formation was my idea i would have never thought that
    it would work that well :D

  35. The Dolphins killed me 😀
    GJ Dez :)

  36. if the mauses only focus enemy t49s ( they see them red) they win much much


  38. 15 SU-100s vs 15 SU-100Ys.

  39. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    it was funny taking part in that great video

  40. Gamingwith _k1ller123

    Cool ? it’s a master piece

  41. we all live in a derpy submarine, derpy submarine, derpy submarine

  42. that guy who almost freaking BACKFLIPS his tank xD.. too epic

  43. Maus VS type 5 heavy!

  44. jasperph watching

    damn ;)

  45. Florian Werweißwieichheiß

    can you make a 15 Vs 15 with pz1c and pz2?

  46. M4 vs Pz.IV

  47. I’m still pushing for the 29 pz1cs vs 1 pz2j

  48. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    JPanther ll vs Ferdinand plz?

  49. amx 13 57gf vs m41 bulldog

  50. epic!

    didn’t even watched the video xD

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