► World of Tanks: 3,100+ EXP Amazing RUDY Epic Battle – T-34-85 RUDY Gameplay – Tier 6 Premium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-34-85 RUDY Gameplay Commentary. Episode.

Music: The of Royalty Free Epic Music Compilation

This time let’s jump into one of the Berlin Trio tanks, “T-34-85 Rudy”, which is actually first Polish tank in the game. You simply can not guess how this game is going to finish and this is why is our todays Epic Battle Episode! 🙂


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. LMFAO! Enemy Cromwell B is SO SMART! Because even if he HAD been spamming
    gold (and only a moron could think AP is gold, or a terribad Donkey without
    any mods that SOMEHOW thinks it requires APCR to reliably penetrate a tank
    with TOTALLY flat armor that is never thicker than 63mm on the hull, and
    what, 88mm on the turret front?)

    And that is another reason I think Rudy is far better. Yes that guy played
    his Cromwell terribly, but a Rudy in the same situation I could guarantee
    would have done more damage (much more accurate while moving) and Rudy most
    likely would have lived longer too! While you can’t count on the hull
    armor, when moving around, shells will often hit at angles which will
    always ricochet, and the turret would definitely bounce some shots.

  2. +DezGamez Cromwell B may be your favorite, but I like Rudy MUCH MUCH more!

    Cromwell/B has HORRIBLE gun handling and basically cannot hit the inside of
    a barn when moving around in it. The reticle bloom is just too GIGANTIC for
    me to like it…

    Rudy on the other hand, has great gun handling. That combined with better
    alpha, view range, and MUCH higher shell velocity (785 versus 950 on Rudy)
    means Rudy is a much better “all-around” tank! The armor, while not great
    is worked better than Cromwell, especially the turret, and because of the
    good sloping Rudy can side-scrape and poke and shoot MUCH better than
    Cromwell B can – as it can and will bounce some shots when properly angled
    with cover.

    That is one of my major pet peeves, yes – EVERYONE is entitled to like ANY
    tank the want. And while one MAY be better for you, it does NOT mean it is
    all around better!

    I have played regular Cromwell and T-34-85 and I would ALWAYS pick the 85!
    And just as the Cromwell B is better than the Cromwell, Rudy is better than
    the T-34-85. Rudy MAY have about 12% less horsepower (500 instead of 600 on
    fully upgraded regular 85) but Rudy has 20%-33% better ground resistance!
    So apart from hills on hard ground, Rudy is usually faster than the regular
    85 – as I regularly pass them, and more than once someone in a regular
    T-34-85 has asked me if I was running premium fuel and/or removed speed
    governor, as they were award Rudy has 100 less horsepower as I was slowly
    passing them! I just told them the differnce in ground resistance and told
    them to check it out in Tank inspector if they like the regular 85, because
    the Rudy was INSANE value for money for anyone who likes the T-34-85 and
    wants to work a Russian Medium crew.

    Anyway, Rudy is EASILY the best tier 6 premium I have ever played! And I
    HAVE tried all of them on teat servers at some point or another. So very
    capable and flexible, and if you are fighting tier 8s – you can EASILY use
    premium, as long as you damage about 75% of the time, and turn a great
    profit! It seems that for every APCR round you use against a tier 8 tank
    that does damage, you probably make about 800-1100 credits profit over what
    the APCR round cost!

  3. Dez,will you play Wot less when AW is released? Just asking….

  4. very nice shame about wasted shots

  5. Sad the hellcat didn’t bug TOG sooner… i was expecting him to do that
    while he was out of ammo… Easy to say from the chair, but maybe popping
    from the other side of the hill could surprise TOG and enable him to do
    some dmg… Could be Crucial Contribution..

  6. He stayed at that spot the whole game… I would like to see xvm here

  7. Well played, stronk haxx. Gratz Ship! :)

  8. I just dont understand why people zoom to 3rd person the last second when
    you fire. It just makes your shot inaccurate and as seen in the replay he
    could have so easily killed the tog and he just 3rd person derped all the

  9. Ffs, get unspotted and AIM! :)

  10. Do you have old wot installs? I think I have a stupid kv2, 600+ m on the
    move blind shot and kill on an elc.

    Just RNGenious!

  11. Thats pretty awesome right there. That is a fear i always have in my
    Hellcat running out of ammo only holds like 20 rds. U always get some great
    replays sent to u.

  12. Awesome game. Over 2k raw exp? SICK

  13. Nice score, lame game. All he did is sit in one spot for the entire game
    and abuse the view range against bots.

  14. That cromwellB platoon was so bad rofl 😀 but GG epic game :D

  15. I like beginning the video with a clip, good addition.

  16. Do you even know what those words mean under your sixth sense in croatian?
    I had a nice laugh when I saw it!! 🙂 

  17. The most base experience ive gotten was in my M24 Chaffee i got 3500 before
    the nerf 

  18. that 6th sense

  19. ilarionas avgoustou

    Nooo tog is amazing!!! I get my 6th ace on it today xD

  20. Another great video! Keep it up man, never ceases to make my day.

  21. Well to be fair he wasted those last 4 APCR rounds. He could have moved 100
    meters to the right and had better shots right into the ass of the second
    TOG. Still he tried his best and he worked well with his teammate.

  22. No offence, but I don’t really think your intro is very mature. I mean,
    Transformer sounds? But I don’t care, still like your videos :)

  23. He shouldn’t have taken those risky shots at the end there. Why bother
    trying to take them at all, save the ammunition and credits unless he’s not
    looking at you and you can AIM your shot

    • +dubhead spartan Agreed. He rushed his shots way too much, and it cost him
      more than a bit of damage. I would’ve let my platoon mate draw his fire
      instead of wasting all those shots. Still, it was a great game nonetheless.

  24. again you make my day good man my grandma is died today but this video
    makes me a little bit more happy love your vids, en keep up the good work

  25. Lucky Rudy all red tanks drove in one by one

  26. Dan te jebo, hahah

  27. last shots were wasted….


  29. That ELC looks very familiar.

  30. Not 3,1k base xp but 2,1k is still :O
    Nice damage farming

  31. Hax

  32. Gg 🙂

  33. Omg lol uploaded 16 sec ago

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