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. Giveaway.

►Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/95e4

Thank you for being epic Beasts! It still pretty retarded to think about it..

►Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/95e4



  1. 5 I count cheers dez keep going videos are great

  2. I love you too #nohomo :D

  3. If only I joined WoTs a few months sooner to get the 5+ year gift….


  5. Hey Dez, does anything happen if you submit a application with the wrong
    number of 50K?

  6. Well deserved 50k. Keep up the good work :)

  7. Lol congrats

  8. I have a Type 59. What will happen if I win it? Do I just get the gold or
    will I get nothing/something else?

  9. good video like always ?

  10. 7 times ;)

  11. love u !!! I hope I win !!!!! I manage to kill 11 enemies and I play also
    for fun!!! so I m lucky I guess!!

  12. the sandman gamer

    MUCH #nohomo

  13. Respect Mr Dez and congratulations to +50.000 subscribers. I always enjoy u
    uploads and even know waiting for more uploads from U. For me U are up
    there with jingles and Quickybaby on my youtube-list. Keep going and
    cheers / Magnus

  14. Congratz, and thanks 4 ur great videos!

  15. The entry thing for the giveaway is kinda messy. I typed in my phone number
    under “phone”, and did not see that it was meant for how many times 50k
    popped up xD

  16. hello,ty 4 the video,i sbmit 4 the giveaway,i watch all your videos,and i
    never win anithing plzplzplzplz,im 2 poor 🙁 saludos desde argentina,and
    keep the exelent work, oh and i love the serie 15vs15 o7 (u deserve
    5mill,subs,minim XD )

  17. WG checks the email with username? As in how you registered like that?

  18. you are making quality content, keep up and im sure youll grow

  19. 6 ? Some hidden content?


  21. Congrats Dez! Been here for a long time and hope to see you in the future
    as well. Thx for the channel and good luck in the future! Greets from

  22. Hey Dez
    Here’s an idea for “challenge” videos
    High tier tanks with stock/unual guns

    For example
    M46 patton with the derp gun (105mm M4)
    E50 with the 7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L/70 gun
    E75 with the 8,8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71 gun
    Tiger 1 with the derp gun
    IS with the 85 mm D-5T gun

  23. love the channel good to see it growing

  24. Congratz on the 50K subs and i love your work. Keep creating such high
    quality and hilarious content. You make my day <3

  25. You deserve all these subs and many more, man!! Keep doing the nice job you

  26. Congrats on 50k man keep up Te video quality my name is Rolling_Thunder123
    I hope I get a change at winning

  27. Like you said, always them sexy gameplay #nohomo… Filled it in wrong, I
    did fill my phone number but not the amount of 50k that was shown in the
    video…. Oh well GG and stay sexy Dez….. THEEEZ NUTZZZ

  28. Dez, such a generous and awesome youtuber. Loved your old videos and I’m
    sure its the same for the other 49,999 subscribers who come back to enjoy
    your content. thanks so much from us the beast mode community 🙂 now gimme
    the gold pls

  29. Gratz

  30. Congrats lets go to the 1mil ?

  31. 5 because wots 5 birthday!!!

  32. VK 45.02 (P) Ausf B v E-75

  33. how ’bout AW giveaway? :)

  34. Dez just a question. If someone already has a CDC will you give them the
    gold value of CDC or just give a different tank?

  35. Congrats on 50k from the NA Server. Would’ve like a Type 59, but any prize
    is a good prize! Keep up the great videos!

  36. Much rather AMX cdc than type 59

  37. Getting Close to 60K man! THIS TRAIN DON’T STOP!

    Also sucks to be everyone else cause I already got the best prize! Dez’s

  38. I just wanted to say how awesome and generous you are for doing the NA
    rewards out of your own pocket. Your other NA fans will appreciate it as
    well, I’m sure. Stay awesome DezGamez! You deserve every subscriber.

  39. congrats dezgames been with you for a long time. keep it up. we’re here for
    you, simple as that.

  40. OH NO! I put my actual first name in the first name box instead of my wot
    username! 🙁 is that ok dez??

  41. What happens if you are on the Xbox?

  42. 5 years of wot… Time to. End.
    . Because. Now game is. Scrap… To many. Cheats… And wargaming. Do
    nothing to.stop. ?.

  43. Reason for 50K+ subscribers/fans(yes fans)……….Your a rock star, make
    your videos personal but most of all you are yourself. Keep up the great
    work, Dez……..

  44. I was really confused at when you said i started in August (Which i did
    too) and you said you took 2 years off the game (i did too) weird as :P

  45. We come for ur badass accent :)

  46. Congratz on the 50k Dez

  47. congratulations for your 50k subs man!!

  48. You are my favourite youtuber!! :)

  49. Your sick !

  50. The enjoyment & no-stress really shines through 😀
    So, here’s to the next epic number of 100K and more!!
    Stay awesome dude!

  51. good entertainment would be my wild guess why people come back ur channel
    everytime :P

  52. dez you da best

  53. Dez giveaways are the best :P

  54. 50K and you’re this hyped Hahahaha!

    This should be expected because the content you make is simply top notch.
    Congratz Dez!

  55. There’s many reasons why I subbed and continued to come back
    1.) The amazing gameplays and stream highlights
    2.) Your knowledge of the game and the skill level you play on (Always
    entertains me)
    3.) The funny and amazing RNGesus series (FUCKING LOVE IT)
    4.) You being the sexy beast that you are

    Keep it up man, See you at 100k!

  56. ChiefTeamStrikers

    Congratulations on 50K Dez. You are da Man. Keep it up!

  57. hahahha 666th like :)…. congrats on 50+k subscribers Dez

  58. wow i watched your videos and subscribed you 3 years already???

  59. NOOOO DEZ i messed up 🙁 i put my name not my username :(

  60. Oh hell – the site autofilled in my phonenumber when I sent it … holy
    crap … well waiting for your call then Dez :D

  61. For server can I enter “NA” or do I have to put North America?

  62. What!!?? Legit its my birthday today lamo

  63. What about the Korean server?

  64. if i keep blinking, i will see 50k 324654654 times XD 😀 XD 😀 XD :D

  65. it is the way you speak! That is why I hit subscribe.

  66. No homo

  67. is this for pc or ps4

  68. Umm well i screwed up the entry is there a way i can enter again?

  69. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ you will eaily reach over 80k subs before this year ends, plus can you
    do a face reveal ??

  70. Gratz bro !!!

  71. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i sold my type 59…..it was pretty crap 😀 plus i was broke and wot
    premiums take ages to make money for a tier x machine, so i couldnt be
    asked so i sold it 😀 lol, am i sad/? nope, it was worth the e50-m i
    bought, tell me who wouldnt trade in a type 59 for a tier x

  72. like EVERYTHING? like being 1 shotted by arty :O

  73. i seen the stereotypes ” arty players” that made me subrscribe you ;)

  74. Your accent is addictive :))

  75. 1:33 frustrated PL guy in T49 xD

  76. Congrats on 50K.

  77. I stayed because of your super manly voice.

  78. wow very nice from you respect to you
    i’m sorry for bad englisch but i’m from germany

  79. Congrats on having such an epic channel

  80. Gaming with scissors

    why? your voice

  81. Congrats! Awesome work, mate. And those challenges you have been doing are
    hilarious, hope you keep doing them for as long as good ideas keep popping

  82. Been here since 25 k subs or so….

    Never regretted it. Its nice to see someone rising with his own powers,with
    his own content and unique commenting.

    Keep it up man,proud of Estonia:)

    Hail Eesti ja eesti kuninga!

    (I seriously need to remember the language….)

    A Greek with Narva blood

  83. Found this channel thanks to Jingles, I’m not one of those who were with
    you since the beginning but I enjoy those videos aswell. You’re funny dude
    and you deserve this, as you said you just do it for fun and I can see that
    on your videos. Keep it up and never change Dez. (I do apologize if I did
    write something wrong)

    Cheers from Argentina :)

  84. Man the na server got screwed

  85. happy 50 k day

  86. I have been a sub from when you were just over 3k subs.. So been here a
    long long time indeed xD Hope maybe this time I’ll win something 😛

    Anyways, you’re doing a great job! I’m really enjoying your vids 😀 Thnx
    for all the time and effort you put into this! But I do have one point of
    criticism.. The ad’s you put into the center of your vids now and then are
    kinda anoying.. :$ But nothing major really! Keep it up dude!

  87. 6 times : 1 0:22 ; 2 0:55 ; 3 1:57 ; 4 2:43 ; 5 3:19 ; 6 4:43

  88. Wait….DAFUQ? I could’ve swore I saw you had under 50k last week, and now
    I look and its 58k! Did I miss something?

  89. nice one dez

  90. Congrats on the 50k but it’s still bullshit that it’s only 50k, you should
    have so much more cos you’re just that awesome. I’ll always be here
    watching you and you hope you have all the success mate. Love ya Dez <3

  91. gz on 50k subs:)

  92. Nice man. BTW the NA server rewards are shit :(

  93. Dez I just come here for ur accent :P

  94. i put my real name by accident on the giveaway but my name in game is niac
    and i know it is wierd but anyways thats what happened

  95. Geometry Dash Warrek

    This channel is awesome, congrats! :)

  96. And we enjoy the content you bring to us . Thank you for that :)

  97. my sister is saying that You sound like a G.Clooney !!!

  98. my sister is saying that You sound like G.Clooney !!!?

  99. hey dez where u from? based on your accent i would assume some scandinavian
    country ?

  100. cristian cqmpimeanu


  101. Presley Faircloth

    Gj bro. Bewteen u and jingles I lov u more.

  102. Benjamin Bastings

    I love you and I’n realy happy for you That you got the 50K subs!!!

  103. *facepalm too late for me, guess i will jus wait for 100,000

  104. Gratz Dez! Love the channel

  105. your videos are always awesome :)

  106. congratulations, well deserved 50k subs. keep up the good work, always nice
    to listen to you after a hard days work.

  107. im just total idiot …. i gave in the thing with phone my phone number
    even when i read it xD …. im just stupid :D

  108. TY Dez

  109. What happens if you win Type 59 and already have one?

  110. Congratz on the 50k Dez 😀 Lets make it to 100k :DDD

  111. keep the good work mate ;)

  112. Congrats Dez,greetings from Romania =)

  113. +DezGamez Congrats on +50K subs!!! Well-deserved and keep up the good work.
    More importantly keep having fun!

  114. Julien Brouilhounat

    hi dez, gg for the 50k !!! your lemmings army grow every day… I want my
    official tshirt shipthenutz – lemmings army please !!!
    anyway, never have the chance to win something in your previous contest,
    hope this time this will be mine.
    Thx for entertaining us with original content. the stereotypes arty players
    was the best wot content i ever seen, over 15 different celeb youtubers.
    the new concept of 15 vs 15 is pretty damn good, your point of view on the
    patch note was really apprecited. this is why we click on your dawn
    suscribe button, and this is why we come back everytime; Original content,
    fun, no pression, humor, real-rage-road on arty os, we can easily compare
    us to you. not like so many unicum that playing so well that it looks like
    robots. After evryone of your videos, im pretty motivated and i crush
    everything in front of me in the game.
    The only moment im stressed is when there’s no new content for 4 or 5 days
    in a row… asking myself “was the fuck dez is doin’ at the moment”.
    Thx for all. My favorite youtube channel, the only one i check several time
    a day, looking at the old videos when im bored.

  115. You are much more epic/awsome… for us than we are for you :)! We love you
    <3 #no homo!

  116. Some 50k signs were so sneaky xD

  117. How do you get back when you already have signded in because I have filled
    in the wrong way. help

  118. CONGRATS! on 50K!!!!!!

  119. You deserve more and more bro hehe,good job and congrats :D

  120. congrats Buddy and I like the way you kept us SEA players in your mind for
    the giveaways unlike other WOT tuber :)

  121. ‘Appy birthday to you, Dez! Loving your work as usual – and how you always
    say how nice it is to see us in your videos, brightens my day. You’re a
    good lad, have a good one! :)

  122. ok,i am fucking retarded,i typed mu city,phone number and my name,fuck me

  123. fuck yeah dude, you want to create just for the sake of creating

  124. Congratulations!! I have been following you from the 5000 mark keep up and
    get 500000 and then 1000000!

  125. Congrats !

  126. Why do we keep coming back???? Because you make us laugh; you show us great
    game play; you have a cool sense of humor. GG. Keep doing it!

  127. you’re epic Dez!

  128. Congrats man 50k is a lot! :D

  129. God dammit I overlooked the 1) FILL THE REQUIRED FIELDS LIKE THAT!

  130. Now u can pronounce AMX CDC right in french since u offer it ;-)

  131. start practice on your backflip dez

  132. I Subscribed because i like ur content, they are interesting, & ur gameplay
    & ur accent :D

  133. What keeps me coming back?

    That sassy accent! RAWRRRRRRRRR!

  134. you deserve it bud. you are so awesome man!

  135. Wow dude, i just couple videos back said that almost 50k subs and now over
    57k :O dude you’re doing a amazing job and i love watching your videos…
    Keep up the amazing work dude! I love you #NoHomo :D

  136. Give me Type 59! I don’t need slots! Have only 5 tanks o.o . And 11 free
    slots ! xd

  137. love the new video. keep it up, can’t wait to see 100k subs

  138. GJ for your 50k+ subscribers.
    keep it up, keep doing your RNGesus, your new 15vs15 (which is awesome btw)
    and your stereotypes. We love you just the way you are.

  139. Aleksandar Ilceski

    Nice content made my nice creators to 100k subs dez ;)

  140. You deserve it man! your voice is so chill to listen at !

  141. I really love the 15v15 tank battles! Such a great idea and is really
    interesting every time one comes into the feed!

  142. Congrats and good luck to the winners :)

  143. 50k subs is neither crazy nor ridiculous Dez. your content is fresh and
    awesome. you will make 100k before you know it. well deserved.

  144. I subscribed on you, because you’ve got a sense of humour but at the same
    time you’re good at what you’re doing:). congrats with the 50k subs and
    keep on going !

  145. I subscribed because watching you playing WoT and commentating on WoT is
    now way more enjoyable than actually playing WoT ?

  146. Really nice of you to pitch in your own money for the guys who aren’t on
    EU. Hopefully I win that CDC!

  147. But we need to count the one on the internet page , It’s confusing with
    that… Is it a troll so intelligent guys will count the one one the
    giveaway page or not ?

  148. Good job DezGamez, keep on rolling! Awesome as always. 

  149. Well done sir, well deserved, keep up the good work.

  150. Thanks for us not having to upload a video and the NA opportunity to win!!

  151. Dez for the email do i need to put the email which i use to log into WoT or
    can it be another one?

  152. After this video i have a new favourite thing to do. Watching Dez in 0.5x
    speed. He sounds like a very happy drunk.

  153. congrats on 50k keep it going !

  154. Congratulations and well deserved :)

  155. +DezGamez I want to help you by sending Funny, RNG replays but for some
    reason you do not reply to any of my email.

  156. if you make people shout out that you have a givaway then there is less of
    a chanse for your subscribers to get anything.
    i found your channel when you did an uppdate video for wot long ago.

    Congrats! on 50k!! :D

  157. You are awsome man!!!

  158. Congrats mate!!! you deserve it?

  159. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    Hey DezGamez

    Reason i pressed Sub:
    The first video i watched from you made me splurt out my drink over my
    monitor i was laughing so hard. Clicked sub button right after.
    Everytime a new video came i watched it, and still enjoyed the content, i
    like your humor, the T95 video where you dropped cookies and cleaned it up
    was great !.
    There you have it, i hope you understand now why i keep coming back and why
    i pressed that button!,

  160. Comgrats :)

  161. You do all this in your spare time? Wow! Anyway I subscribes to your
    personality and voice xD

  162. Congratulations!! (and thanks for the giveaway)

  163. What do you mean 50K, shit, shit, shit, it should be 5 million subs!!! I’ve
    told everyone I know about your site. OK, back to the game. How, the hell
    did you survive???? LOL, you are da man!!! I would love to win a Type 59. I
    have wanted one of those tanks from the beginning. All my clan mates and
    friends have them. My friends say I’m to old and my fingers don’t work good
    enough to play the tank. I have neuropathy in my feet and hands real bad.
    Oh, well I’d love to play it any way. I guess if my body wasn’t so old I
    could play a lot better. Dez, I have learned so much watching you videos.
    That’s why I come here everyday. Thank you, my friend!!
    Take care, flea

  164. Grats dude, do a face reveal for 100k!

  165. Thank you soo much for what you do and i hope you will keep doing this for
    a long time, iv been with you since i think 10k subs and i will always
    stay! thank you soo much for what you do and never stop doing it! Thanks/

  166. Ha, Dez I met you in game today. You were playing the Obj.261 and you got
    killed before you could even cross the rails on Himmelsdorf hihihi

  167. Lol I like the accent

  168. Its over 50,000!!! congrats man!!! Can’t wait to be driven my AMX CDC!!! ;D
    jk, just keep making awesome vids!!!

  169. lol #nohomo

  170. 600k for 6th anniversary? :D

  171. Crate - Collector

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  172. Samuel Hofstetter

    How long does this event last? how long do i have time to incribe?

  173. congrats bruh

  174. and grat :P

  175. CG ! :)

  176. DEZ OMG you are the best :)

  177. Gratulation for 50000 subs:)

  178. You are the most loved WoT youtuber! And for a reason! 🙂 Congrats on 50k
    man, you’re the be(a)st! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  179. Hey Dez, remember the Giveaway at 20,000 subs? When Jingles shouted you
    out, that’s how I found out about you. And I continue to visit the channel,
    because of your personality and epic WoT content.
    Keep being awesome Dez.

  180. congrats man u are so freaking awersome xD why do you say spanish words ?
    im spanish and i realy love u to #nohomo xd

  181. Congrats!!! Hope you reach 100k soon, really awesome content.

  182. What is your Main income?

  183. 50k subs!!! congrats man, you totally deserve it, you have the most EPIC

  184. You have a pleasant voice and accent, with a great sense of humour.

  185. gj bro…

  186. Chemistry´s the best!

    war thunder or world of tanks? what’s better?

  187. I told you that you are going to hit 75k this year! I foching told YOU!!!!

  188. congrats!
    entering now!!!!!

  189. yaaaaa

  190. Almost 60k

  191. keep up the good work!

  192. Who da man?

  193. you 100% deserve all the subs man

  194. what do I have to do, that you show the replay of my T92 alone against 4
    round ? ;D

  195. lol i accidentally used my armored warfare username in the sign up well
    shit guess im not winner XD

  196. The first time you said “stress” in the video it sound like a Romanian
    saying it xD

  197. What about armored warfare players D:

  198. Stovell Harry James

    gratz man, u r fucken awesome mate

  199. It would be awesome to win Type 59 🙂 Thanks Dez!

  200. Christian Urquiola

    nice and congrats!! :D

  201. Congratulations well deserved, good content, entertaining host, cool new
    ideas. What can we hope more, well more :-)

  202. It will buff Out bruh

    close to 60 000 subs!!

  203. Congratz!

  204. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    You deserved that mate!

  205. Congratz, you really deserve it man. :)

  206. Papa bless

  207. Congrats! I started WoT on november 2015 and i discovered your vids at the
    same time, they helped me a lot and even now i’m enjoying them. Hope it
    never stop

  208. Congrats on the subs. You’ve worked hard for the success.

  209. i had auto fill on and didnt even read, oh well my mistake good luck to
    everyone else, and congratz on 50k!

  210. sir i salute you!

  211. if only I played on pc, curse you consoles!

  212. Dez, i wanna meet you in your country and give you a big hug and let you
    know that i am your fan…hahahhahaa
    bye for now…23rd entry…yeaaah….come to me…loving GOLD or that
    lovely AMX>….love that tank with all my heart…

  213. congrats man, i’m proud of you, i teached you well xD

  214. damnit entered before you told us what to actually put, lol, ah well

  215. Nice video :), now hope to win.

  216. Асман Мамоу

    when world of warship video pls I love your videos

  217. Keep up the awesome work. We can see the hard work you put in for us

  218. i can not open the freaking entry…wtf….

  219. Gratz, onto another 50k !

  220. Dez now go to 500k!! :3

  221. get in Dez lad

  222. Congrats Dez!

  223. you deserve to have more sub’s with such high quality videos man

  224. Congrats on 50K glad I’m one of them, always enjoy the videos bro :)

  225. wow congrats dez please do more stereotypes there the best

  226. yeyyyy second

  227. yey first

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