► World of Tanks: 59-Patton Tank Review – Tier 8 Chinese Premium Medium Tank – 59-Patton Gameplay

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Gameplay. World of Tanks 59- Preview / Review. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

Today I have something really special for you!
In this episode you are going to see new upcoming tier 8 Chinese premium medium tank “59-Patton”. The time has come for another Chinese medium tank because as you know, you can not buy “Type 59” anymore.
In this episode I am going to take a look what you are going to get for you if you decide to go for it.



  1. Dez I love your game play and respect your views, You really try to make a
    pig look good, but I see this 59PAtton as way sub par to other tier 8
    premiums. I am just very disappointed with the premium tanks WG is putting
    out for this event, I can only hope they get better as it unfolds.

  2. when do u stream Dez? But only WOT, not WOWS

  3. I get shit about fully shooting apcr in my type59 but your video shows
    exactly why its needed, you bounced 4-5 shots using roughly the same pen as
    me which sometimes can cost u the game or affect it badly…

  4. id love to know how communist Chinese got patton turrets

  5. Dez you also have other option of t34-3 as Chinese medium however its way
    over priced compared all other mediums and that 12 second reload with no
    gun depression so frustrating. basically no type 59 your fucked!

  6. Woa wait a minute @11:31 there is a rental IS7 in the garage, whats

  7. Picked one up today, very disappointed; WOT hidden stats strike again.
    It moves like a brick of lead dragged across sandpaper. Unless you need to
    grind for your Chinese med crew or are a collector – leave this tank be
    until they buff it – which they almost certainly will, just not soon.

  8. Hey Dez! This hasn’t happened in my 59 Patton yet, but I’ve set several of
    them on fire. In one of those games, I set the same 59 Patton on fire
    twice. Too bad I wasn’t on that mission yet!! Just curious if you or
    anyone else has noticed if the 59 Patton catches fire easily or if RNG was
    simply being nice for once?

  9. dez its Esurio1 again.
    i whant you opinion on whats the most fun/good tier 8 premium medium after
    the type59 which is 1 of my current prems. i am thinking about expanding so
    i can play medium’s non stop if i whant and stil farm credits. im an
    agresive player or ballzdeep as you like to call it. any recommendation’s?

  10. Frankentank

  11. was this an actual tank? a Chinese tank?

  12. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    R E M O V E A R T Y F R O M T H E G A M E

  13. now they need a tank with the hull of a patton and a turret of type 59

  14. china… what have u been doing?!?!!?

  15. Fought the 59 patton once…. and it’s TERRIBLE. the FCM50T (a heavy) has
    better view range, mobility and a FAR better gun (not to mention APCR
    instead of HEAT). all the BAD things of the Type59 are carried over into
    this pile of CRAP as well as the tessLove lynxLove nooshLOVE cirLove
    ferretHB kffcLove jenHeart lowcoLove thuluLOVE shandLove
    BIGGEST issue with the M48A3. I’m not sure about the HP of the ammorack in
    that thing, but if it is anywhere close to the Type59’s, you’re going to
    get racked a LOT.
    Oh and before I forget: it sees tier 10 vehicles, which the FCM doesnt….
    why buy this thing when the FCM is just THAT much better?

    The only real selling point is that it is better then the 34-3 (but let’s
    face it, how hard is that?)

  16. It’s also a cash grab

  17. wtf is with your garage!!!

  18. Dez you’ve got to know you’re good when i watch your reviews before the
    mighty gnome…. ;)

  19. Ballz Deep!

  20. Quote: “59 Patton is for more advanced players” equals: “59 Patton is an
    inferior tank with a few good stats”.

  21. It’s garbage, we have it on NA and we spent the entire morning on the
    forums yabberring about how much of a rip off it was

  22. Wg doesnt know what to invent any more. So they creat stupid non existant
    tanks, with shitty stats , that are uggly as shit. This is what we are
    seeing in WG. No inovation whatsoever. Just new tanks…

  23. Hey Dez. Had an idea for a WoWs video. Knowing WW2 ended 70 years ago. Why
    not play the Iowa class Battleships? And each game you call them by each
    name of the class. Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and the Wisconsin. 😀 What do
    you think?

  24. WG is pretty stupid… The new tanks without special MM have worse stats
    than the tanks with special MM… Seems legit…

  25. My games have been crashing the same way. When killed in battle, my tank
    has it’s turret facing the rear like your was! 59-Patton does not seem very
    good to me. Thanks for the videos!

  26. Hey Dez, my game froze and crashed exactly the same way, and I’m not
    running any mods yet. So it looks like it’s a game bug.

  27. aha i have about 15k battles and i am either looking for the t54 mod, cdc
    or the 59 patton ?

  28. Thanks for the review.

    This does not look like a fun tank. A credit earner that doesn’t get played
    doesn’t earn credits.

  29. no sixth sense on a press account? i thought they give you everything

  30. Dat pen destroys this tank for me, better just get CDC or even better, the
    FCM :P

  31. My dream tank :)

  32. whats better this one or sta-2?

  33. I see an M56 scorpion in your garage. Please tell me it’s coming out soon

  34. WTF old gara ? and that press account from WG tho so NA have it already EU
    will get soon but SEA :<

  35. 59 patton has more gun depression over the side and faster shell velocity
    with the heat shell. Still won’t be picking one up tho, not worth.

  36. “if you went too deep” that’s what she said

  37. this thing is an abomination its the ugliest tank in this game by far and
    im going to call these things mutants

  38. It reminds me of a chinese 30b

  39. Does WG think that players are that stupid(witch they actualy are)to buy
    patton 59 and think Its the same as Type-59?this tank isnt even real

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