► World of Tanks – 8,000+ Damage T-55A Gameplay | Try-Hard, or Die Trying…

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review and Commentary.
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Last time we featured Object gameplay and a lot of you wanted to see some T-55A action as well.. After some digging in my mailbox, I found something pretty nice for you. Take a look how to get over 8,000 damage in this Chinese copy of Soviet’s T-54 for Germany. 🙂

Enjoy! 😉

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. What next? :)

  2. LennieThePolarBear

    Kinda want to see some M46 or WTE100 gameplay :)

  3. m103 aiming backwards! thats another super honey

  4. Disliked because of that 25Heat rounds….

  5. Oh gawd.. I knew there are going to be some huge fights over the amount of
    premium shots used..
    This game is not here because of that, this game is here because a lot of
    funny/epic moments happened(shots on the move, that M103, …).

    Enjoy! (Or don’t!)

  6. SICK GAME! I want that tank!! I have stock T-54 with the first gun… The
    grind is as long as a dark age

  7. 1:55 Bounced a AP shell that was not even aimed at the cupola, oops! Forgot
    I wasn’t loading my HEAT shells…


  8. You know what i’m kinda happy he lost 🙂 I still respect you Dez

  9. I understand why peopls use gold ammo…. but when you see a top tier T-62a
    that bounced off the front of my 13 90 with normal APCR, loading HEAT ammo
    to kill a 13 90 and oddly enough bouncing a shot and donking one in my
    tracks… yeah. 

  10. Nice replay….i have a t54 and it does need a heat nerf to balance
    it…..well done….but also happy he lost

  11. Thank you for this Dez 🙂
    Just a question for all you guys who debate the number of prem shells
    instead of enjoying the replay: how many games do you have in all your
    medium tanks with 8k+ damage? Or you have to add up 3 to 5 games to get to
    that number. And if your tanks armour is useless because of HEAT….how did
    people manage to do the HT missions?
    Thank you again Dez and don’t forget to tell us when you’ll start live
    streaming 🙂
    Cheers mare

  12. Press “2” for instant skill.
    Yeah, “sadly” we lost the battle.

  13. Can’t pen a lower tier medium’s toughest part of armor? Don’t bother going
    a bit further up to hit the hull, load the skill instead! Pathetic…

  14. I need a group of 90%+ win ratio arm chair generals to please tell me
    everything this player did wrong so I don’t lose as terribly as this scrub
    did. Thanks.

  15. Nice looking tank and damn that turret is fast at turning. I really wish
    this Tank was on the normal research tree. I hate the mission system so
    much, it has totally jacked up battles.

  16. just look at the rest of his team, especially heavies!
    so,what would you do at his place?

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