► World of Tanks: 80,000 Celebration – Type 59, Type 64, Type 62 + Gold Giveaway!

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Source: DezGamez

►Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/9f69
Contest. Giveaway and Gold Giveaway.

► Submit your entry here: https://promosimple.com/ps/9f69

PS! Read all the rules before you do anything!

This event created to celebrate completing my goal for 2016. But you guys, you went full ham and I was able to complete the goal in June! This sick, crazy, amazing and beautiful, Thank You!

Thanks to the epic Wargaming EU Community, I have few prizes to give away. Those prizes are for EU and NA only:

1 x
5 x
3 x 2,500 Gold (7,500 in total)

If anyone from SEA server is going to win, then do not worry! For SEA guys I am going to send out similar prizes myself, just not the Type 59. Going to replace Type with some other tier premium.

– Write your WOT USERNAME to the “FIRST NAME” box.
– Write your WOT SERVER to the “LAST NAME” box.
– Watch the video and count how many times did you see “80K” in the video!
– Write that number to the “PHONE” box in the form down below!
I am going to send out e-mails and usernames of all the winners to WG guys, they are going to add those prizes to your account. If your e-mail is not valid (or NOT connected to your username), they are not going to add it and you lose your prize!


► Music used:
– ES_Back To Black 5 – Victor Ohlsson
– ES_Majesty 1 – Marcus Svedin
– Cartoon feat.


  1. Just registered Dez Lets hope everyone a fair and good chance :P

  2. Am I the only one here that thinks that the guy from the last replay is
    using hacks ? He is aiming at the spot where one tank will be spotted
    before it is actually spotted there, multiple times, with so much
    precision. Gimme hack. Shut up and take my money. :)

  3. Guys, I might have screwed over. I put my actual phone instead of the times
    i saw 80k. What do I do?

  4. dez i have a problem i put as my first and second name my actiual name what
    do i do?

  5. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Who else is reading the comments to see what the answer is? Like this
    because I caught you!

  6. sry for my bad english!!:P

  7. Dez where must i write my data to you?

  8. so when I did my entry I put NA as server but then realized wait it’s US
    will that be accepted

  9. Deez I subscribed since you started I have the type 62 on world of tanks
    blitz (iPad version) it would be cool if you could hook me up ;D

  10. Are you limiting the number of entries?

  11. Waiting for your map location videos , keep up the good work :D

  12. Ok, so 1 question, you need to use an email that is not connected to your
    world of tanks account, but all my emails are connected to one, so can I
    use like the email for ImpossibruNerdV2 and my first account is

  13. congrats Dezzz :)

  14. Dez what about console players?

  15. Congrats Dez on hitting the 80k subs!!! Continue to give us laughs and
    dramas hehehe 😀 Don’t change man and keep it up!

  16. So does the email used in the giveaway have to be the one thats used in
    logging in to world of tanks?

  17. Sweeeeeeet!

  18. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    I will donate £100 to a charity of your choice for the Type 59? lol
    I collect premium tanks, have 83 at the moment but started after they
    removed the Type from the shop…
    I R SAD :-(

  19. All these type 59 giveaways ffs…I have a type 59 on both PC and ps4 and
    all people do is literally spam gold at you…

  20. gratz on the viewz 🙂 personal question – did you get dez moinez yet in the

  21. 8 ok?

  22. I Counted with Flips :D

  23. Congratulations, wish you the best from Lebanon / Middle East, I’ve been a
    follower for few months (since I met WOT :P)

  24. EU only?

  25. congratz at 80k mark

  26. Hint: Hitler

  27. Thanks man, I’m a sub from SEA server and it’s very kind of you to think
    about SEA server. Besides that, I really like your vids, especially
    RNGesus, that is the funniest series I’ve ever seen. So plz, DEZ keep on
    going, I’ll always be your SUB!!! :)

  28. Please, no one comment the number of ’80K’s in the video, just to make it
    fair to those who actually watched Dez’s sweet video and spent the time to
    legitimately count.
    Thanks :)

  29. But dez i just filled out the form you didnt say only the big white ones
    counted i added another one i saw on the screen …

  30. #GetDezTo100K

  31. pls keep on doing those Videos Dez, plz. you are so awesome and you make
    the best WoT content i’ve ever seen☺ #GetDezTo100K

  32. Dez what if I am from Asia server so I put SEA?

  33. Seems like it was only like last month that you had a video for 50k 😛
    You’re doing well Dez

  34. Well here goes. Anyway congrats man you definitely earned these
    subscribers. Maybe in a year you will be hitting over 100k subs. :D

  35. hope I win cuz I dont have a single premium tank im poor :(

  36. Congratulations on such a milestone Dez, and Good Luck to everyone

  37. Valtteri Vatanen

    80K=80 000 x 80K :D

  38. RC-UFO interceptor

    aha. rules

  39. knowndevotee 444

    Will this work for a console acount because most of my progress is on the
    console one. Congrats on 80 k subs btw.

  40. RC-UFO interceptor

    vhat to do?

  41. congratulations

  42. never had before gold only tetrarch so hope now something awesome

  43. does it count if I typed in for the server EU 1

  44. I saw it 13,459 times, Is that right?

  45. 9… right? ;)

  46. AHappyTurtle 123

    Good Job Dez you definitely deserve more subs than you got now but you are
    getting there!!!

  47. oh wait i think i did wrong already….the number i went to key in my phone

    damn…. me so noob. can cancel my entry?

  48. awesome job Dzgmz.i hope that we will soon celebrate another great ewent
    such is 200 000or more.gj gj gj keep going

  49. Where to Key in the answer?

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