► World of Tanks: 9.12 – Centurion Action X + New HD Tank Models – Patch 9.12 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 9.12 Review. World of Tanks Centurion Action X Gameplay. World of Tanks Centurion Action X Review / . World of Tanks Patch 9.12 Update Test Server. World of Tanks New Tanks.

It is to take a look at World of Tanks Patch 9.12 Update, because patch 10.0 got postponed!

So in today’s episode I am going to with “Centurion Action X” together with “MisterCro” himself!

List of important changes with the first stage of testing in Patch 9.12:
– New version of Rampage + two new maps
– PvE tutorial for new
– Viewing system revamp
– Centurion Action X added as a replacement for the FV4202*
– FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII Premium
– More tanks reworked for HD
– Changes in the US trees for some low-Tier vehicles
– Added a mission for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*
– Added Škoda T 40 and M4 Revalorisé for testing

Enjoy the video!


  1. Anyone here wants to see my 10 inches in action? It is a HarD model as
    well, trust me.

  2. I would fit the wet ammo rack and extra repairs, question then will be
    which equipment to drop in my opinion… good shit man as always!!

  3. lol looks like you make a wrong place for channel

  4. It seems that the ammo for the CAX is stored in the front lower plate of
    the tank. Wet ammo storage will help with that.

  5. How does the Action X compare to the E50M?

  6. wet ammo rack is my choice for sure!

  7. what do you think about the caernarvon getting the action X turret?

  8. You got 2 bruiser medals as well.

  9. u cant compare hd models in wot with aw tank models for simple reason. aw
    is still in beta it has just started its journey to be perfect game. look
    back when wot was in beta how its tanks looked back then?

  10. Say Action Ten please… It’s not action X.

  11. They gave it a new name because after Stalin died there came Nikita Hruchow
    who didnt like Stalin and the name IS(Iosif Stalin) was all changed into
    other names for example the T10 now ;)

  12. James Alexander Bula Wright

    I have has some rack problems on the test sever with the CAX, but not
    more-so than I had with the Centurion 7/1. I do have safe stowage on my
    crew though :P

  13. is–8 was original name, after was renamed as t-10.

  14. I play 10 games and dont have problems with ammo rack, but Dez , lol , i
    dont know, your tank is Made in China probably

  15. To be fair Dez those ammo racks were both from arty which happens a lot,
    from my experience CAX on test server didn’t get ammo racked any more often
    than the other tier 10 meds or say T110E5.

  16. Dez. Blue or Red. What color do you like more?

  17. Looks like i’ll need to buy is-8/t-10 again for the sake of HD model… :)

  18. HD models look awesome, gr8 vid again dez 🙂
    P.S. you are supposed to say mistercro like crow not crew i think.

  19. 9.12????

  20. i just want cent to be added in so i can play the gameee ughh

  21. Hi Dez, I watched these games live on MisterCroo’s Twitch, and I am
    wondering, is there any chance that you two can do more stuff together? He
    is really popular in the Balkans, so there might be chance for you to
    increase your fan base as well 🙂 Keep up the good work! :)

  22. 9:20 EXACTLY what I have been saying! Hell, the HD models in WOT even beat
    War Thunder Tank models in terms of looks! (Had to say looks, otherwise WT
    fan boys would be all over me with “WT armor models are the most advanced,
    blah blah blah FART”)

    Seriously, compare the Maus, E-100, T32, Tiger 2, and on and on, the HD
    models in WOT really are beautiful!

  23. The T-10 HD model is the thing I care the most about this patch.

  24. Oooou yeah i did it! I was watching MisterCro stream and he said that you
    are recording and i send friend req to you because i want to be in video
    and i did ittt :D

  25. HD tanks in WoT looks SO MUCH BETTER than the tanks in AW. Also maps are
    overall better in WoT. Other than that AW has done most things as good or
    better than WoT. AW is still in development so hopefully they will improve
    a lot. WoT needs the competition.

  26. gg wp nice vid sir dez!

  27. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    So whats the point of the patton? lol

  28. Can’t wait for the T-10 (IS-8) new model. IS-8 must be my favorite tier 9
    heavy, don’t really know why.

  29. Where is DezGamez from, interesting accent?

  30. Dez you da real mvp

  31. cool newly uploaded video. another epic vid sir Dez. keep it up… thanks
    for the epic vids =)

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