► World of Tanks: 9.13 Update – Changes to the Vehicles – Buffs & Nerfs with Patch 9.13

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Source: DezGamez

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In today’s patch 9.13 update episode I am going focus existing vehicles.
They rebalanced (improved) the parameters of 31 vehicles:
* USSR: T-44, SU-122-54, Object 430, SU-1, , T-10.
* Germany: VK 30.02 (D), Ferdinand, Tiger II, Jagdtiger, Leopard prototyp A.
* USA: T69, T28, M26 Pershing, T32, T95, M46 Patton, M48A1 Patton.
* France: ARL V39, AMX 12 t, AMX 13 75, AMX M4 mle. 45, Lorraine 40 t.
* China: , WZ-132, T-34-3, T-34-2, WZ-111 model 1-4, , 121.
* Japan: Type 5 Chi-Ri.

Let have a look!

Full list of new tanks:
* Tier 1 – Kolohousenka
* Tier 2 – LT vz. 35
* Tier 3 – LT vz. 38
* Tier 4 – ST vz. 39
* Tier 5 – Škoda T 24
* Tier 6 – Škoda T 25
* Tier 7 – Konštrukta T-34/100
* Tier 8 – TVP VTU Koncept
* Tier 9 – Škoda T 50
* Tier 10 – TVP T 50/51

►Full patch notes 9.13 test server version 1:

Enjoy the video!


  1. IS-7 badly needs hit points upgrade. Increasing the tier9 TD Jagtiger to
    almost same level hp as IS7 is so silly by WG.

  2. Arvin Dave Velasco

    thanks for the update.. but that game was unfortunate. i thought your team
    was going to win but the BC plenty of ammo was not enough. if the second
    shot did not pen you can win by ram.. hahaha

  3. -Jagtiger HP from 1800 to 2100
    WTF WG it’s a T9 tank!

  4. An update that doesn’t suck for TDs? I’m ecstatic.

  5. TBH… the constant buff, buff, buff of Russian hardware is growing old and
    heck i’ve only been around about a year in WoT. Its like “da, they have
    figured out how to kill superior Russian hardware, we must buff it till it
    shines…” They are not required, at all, to inform us of any vehicles
    tho… and who wants to bet they’ll be a lot of silent snip-snip in the
    next release?

  6. Thanks Boss man!!!! Old man out!!!

    take care, aka flea1951

  7. will they ever add more armour to the kv2’s turret??

  8. Wha??? No buffs to the Tiger I? Or the E25? Or any of the other vehicles
    that have to deal with the OP IJA moving houses? Or the stronk tanks of

    Not all the buffs/nerfs needed are the 8/10 tiers… c’mon WG, how bout the
    rest of us pleebs?

    Oh almost forgot – the mandatory – fix arty.

  9. I think the Leo 1 is becoming completely irrelevant. what made it “special”
    was gun handling and speed. it’s speed was never really that much better
    than alot of the other mediums in any game changing way and now with alot
    of tanks getting their aim times buffed is losing its edge there. also its
    dpm can be described as mediocre

  10. Eh B0ss, I have teh canc0r

    Wow no 59 Patton buff?

  11. poor 13 90 needed a penetration buff… even the t69 got 180 pen buff…

  12. I recently unlocked the t110e4 and I fell like it’s underpowered coming
    from the t28 prototype having good hull armor and t30 having good turrent
    armor. Does anybody else agree that it’s underpowered? Also I play in Xbox

  13. is the 59 pattons gun getting that increased penetration, as it uses the
    same gun as the t69? i really hope it does!! and im so happy for the t-34-3
    getting that upgrade :D

  14. when i saw “buffs and nerfs” i expected that soviets will get all the love
    again and the gerrys will be nerfed. but what’s happened? buffs only? Serb
    got fired or something? :D

  15. japanese just the chiri wow looks like only soviet tanks (soviet and
    chinese) are getting buff

  16. but wait. i thougt WG was planning on nerfing all penetration, but instead
    all the shitty tanks get a buff, well tier 7-9, good im glad, now maybe
    everyone will be happy, no, take that back, arty is still OP.

  17. Havent seen the video yet but let me guess, the T54 and Tier X russian meds
    got buffs because they werent OP enough?

  18. so the first 4th of the vidio, buff rushian, buff rushian, make more op,
    but rushian.

    NO rushian Bias.

  19. Dear God. that heartbreak match in the background. I would have cried tears
    of blood.

  20. already do well in my t343, but an extra 2 degrees of gun depression will
    make it awesome, especially because of preferential mm.

  21. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    No E5 nerf? No Maus or E100 buff? Shame :(

  22. lol buffing broken tanks and ignoring most of the ones that need it, JT is
    already kinda OP, as are many other tanks in that list, why not help the
    IS-6 for example, its been suffering a lot lately i find, or the churchill
    III, that used to be really good, but now is pretty bad thanks to things
    like the kv-1 buff ages ago and the O-I exp.

  23. Giannis Chatzipetris

    M48 PATTON !!!
    yea I love my patton!

  24. omg pershing buff i love it alot

  25. Note that the buffs on the batchat’s guns are only for the first 2 guns,
    the top 105 mm gun won’t be buffed

  26. the changes to the ferdi is nice but im amazed that the panther 2 hasnt
    been buffed in some shape of form because its a giant target its slow the
    aim time sucks and the gun which was its selling point has been power
    creeped pretty badly actually the tank in general has suffered badly form
    new tanks being introduced

  27. kinda happy my beloved kv4 is getting buffed. but there will always be
    secret buffs and nerfs wg won’t tell u bout. like a long time ago the kv4
    used to have 1400 horsepower but now it has 1200. how thw hell did wg sneak
    that past me.

  28. lol the jagdtiger with 2100 hp? the tortoise is basically useless now

  29. T-34-3 gun depression -5 degrees is NOT historical.
    But the tank was a pain to play in the -3 degrees

  30. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    Guns like 88 L56 needs pen buff, but no, 132 is fine with tier 7 med…yes

    15 cm E100 235 is fine on tier 10 HT,..Patton form tier 9 will be
    overbuffed, crazy DPM and acc on move. Tier 10 patton, well he is going to
    be better than E50 m, where DPM on that tank, and turret armor is abysmal.

    113 DPM is cool buff, but where its going to, Mause, IS 4, IS 7 will be way
    back in DPM, and I dont get that. Mause armor is good, as long as no gold
    is used.

    There is a lot of meds that need pen buff, not Russian and US ones WG…

  31. What do you guys think of the tank changes? And I think it’s pretty good
    that they give the turretless TD’s an HP buff. Well, except for the Germans
    from Ferdinand to Jagdtiger, they have no turrets)

  32. giant nacho from space

    so the russian OP tanks are getting more OP? fucking interesting (…) and
    the centurion Mk.I still no gun buff and why dont they give the FCM 50t
    some more armor buff or let the front be angles some more :/ at least the
    already good WZ-131 is going to be better

  33. Major MC Tuhovoima

    am i the only one who thinks new gun that Su101 gets (122) is kinda
    pointless its already really good tank, i think tier 7 Su-100M1 should have
    gotten the SU-101 100mm gun (220pen) instead.
    Who agrees?

  34. The last tank was barely alive.. why didnt he loose vision which he did,
    then just ram him.. him in the ass not at full speed should of been easy
    kill at the end and left the b-c on some hp…. i rahter done that then
    play hide and seek.. but well played up till then

  35. so they don’t give a shit about british nightmares, like the churchill gc
    (needs at least the same buff as the arl v39), or the challenger.
    come on wg. why on earth would they miss british buffs?

  36. The purpose of this video was to let us know about the changes. I can’t
    focus on that when there is a fucking 10k BC game in the background.

  37. Jochem van Pamelen

    are u going to do a preview of all the new premium tanks as well?

  38. Maus no buff:(

  39. I was really hoping they would nerf arty, but nope we still need to keep
    calm when you got splashed for 1k damage….

  40. Very informative DezGamez, now I wont sell the semi-stock Ferdi, will grind
    for the top gun on it! :)

  41. glad there buffing the leopard, love that tank now but the dpm lets it down
    so next patch it will be amazing, looking forward to it. also your the only
    youtuber (that i know of) that does a buff/nerf update love it!!!!

  42. Awww such a good replay just a disappointing ending !

  43. So no T-32 buff :(. shame that tank really needs a buff

  44. omg so nice I love the T 34 3 nnow and at 9.13 it will be better 🙂 🙂 🙂
    also nice gameplay and thx for info :)

  45. Love the vids Dez, War Gaming needs to bring back the OLD kv-1s with the op
    gun as a prem tank …just saying

  46. 50 sec ago….. just got on the pc xD
    Nice vid, good to know things in next patch :)

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