► World of Tanks: 9.13 Update – New Czechoslovakian Tanks – Skoda T50, TVP T50/51

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Patch 9.13. World of Tanks 9.13 Update. World of Tanks Patck 9.13 Update Review / . World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tanks.

Not too long ago we had patch 9.12, but already it is a time for some new updates! World of Tanks patch 9.13 update is behind the door and let’s take a look what this patch is going to give us.
One of the main thing is that we are going to get entire new tech tree – Czechoslovakian medium tanks are introduced to the game!

Full list of new tanks:
* 1 – Kolohousenka
* Tier 2 – LT vz. 35
* Tier 3 – LT vz. 38
* Tier 4 – ST vz. 39
* Tier 5 – Škoda T 24
* Tier 6 – Škoda T 25
* Tier 7 – Konštrukta T-34/100
* Tier 8 – TVP VTU Koncept
* Tier 9 – Škoda T 50
* Tier 10 – TVP T 50/51

►Full patch notes for 9.13 test server version 1:

Enjoy the video!



    He changed his clan!


  2. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    so i saw the name: t34/100 i was like OMFG we get the 100mm back on the
    t34-85! DENIED its a tier 7 lol

  3. Damn that tier 9 Skoda is fast :D

  4. you are from the eu iam too i am from germany

  5. Czech qualit


  7. So what happens to those of us who already have the German T 25 premium?

  8. Interesting and look challenging to play :)

  9. The only things I’m looking forward to are that the Pershing and T32 have
    FINALLY gotten some much needed buffing love. the only real thing about the
    patch that pisses me off is that the Super Pershing is still not getting
    it’s gun buffed even tho the T95E2 which is also a premium is getting it’s
    gun buffed.

  10. very interesting auto-loaders on the 9-10 tanks. Looking forward for this.

  11. tier 10 lorraine with mobility and gun ish, but better

  12. i want to play those new meds! but when i go on test serever it gives me
    error 1001 🙁 any1 knows a solution?

  13. the czech tanks are just shit.
    i played them all they are just crap. nothing unique going for them.

  14. Please tell me that when they start adding more tanks to the
    Czechoslovakian tree that is isn’t going to be yet more variations of
    Russian tanks. It’s nice to see variation rather than this slightly
    different Russian tank gets 1mm more turret armor.

  15. wow a new line, I better go Czech them out! Thanks Dez!

  16. French and German mediums combined, thx wargamin

  17. Soda T25 will be a ceck Slovakia teir 6 so will they make teir 5 German t25
    premium which Is basically made by soda unavkible?

  18. When will released update 9.13 ??

  19. Why didn’t you show the tier 1 tank? ;)

  20. @DezGamez awesome video! Keep up the good work.

    Do you think the update wil hit the live servers around Christmas Eve like
    the British TD-line last year?

  21. well the t9 autoloader doesnt seem that well since the reload is prety long
    , the t9american autoloader gets 4 shots, 390 damage and only some seconds
    more reload time :/

  22. can we just have some new maps no more tanks!

  23. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Rip pattons and leopards everywhere.
    Officially creeped.

  24. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to play with them, BTW how long will
    CTS remain open?

  25. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to play with them, BTW how long will
    CTS remain open?

  26. Fuck that where’s my god damn chieftain mk6 or super conqueror? Waiting
    fucking years and they’re rolling out all this shit

  27. The Czechoslovakian tree looks pretty interesting from tier 5 up! Those
    auto-loaders will be pretty fun and irritate the crap out of any slow
    reload heavies and TDs that give their flanks and sides – so I’m excited to
    grind to them!!

  28. Compared to other, this tech tree feels quite uninteresting. Most of the
    tanks seem to play the same as the Leopard and STB-1 lines with only
    difference between that small autoloader.

  29. That armor….ughhhhh

  30. Why do all the czech tanks look like german tanks? (below and tier 6) And
    share also a close name? Did germany stole the czech tanks (Because
    Czechoslovakian was one of the first to be invaded) or did they capture the
    german tanks? The tier 7 is american though.

  31. Alex “Bahha24” C

    Wait, wait wait… The tier 10 is going to need to be buffed = let’s
    compare it to the T57 heavy = Faster reload, better burst damage, and
    better armour. Only advantage to the Medium is it’s speed.

  32. Zvonimir Ćatipović

    actually the german t-25 tier 5 tank is also a skoda tank :)

  33. good tank

  34. under 100 club right?

  35. God damn, I cant wait to go back to my dorm and play these bad boys.

  36. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    TVP sounds like it is Polish TV lol

    (Telewizja Polska, Polish Television)

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