► World of Tanks: 9.14 Update Trailer – Get Ready! – “The Era Of Epic Kills”

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World of Tanks Patch 9.14 . Trailer. World of Tanks Epic Montage.

World of Tanks patch 9.14 update is behind doors and I decided to make yet another “Epic Trailer” for that.
has been a while since my previous epic editing session… felt good actually 🙂

Hope you enjoy it as well!


  1. GET ReadyyyyyyyyyY oor die !!??

  2. Patch 9.14, the perfect patch to bring the Awful Panther back D:

  3. do you know something about the buf the FV4202P will get?

  4. Awesome! GJ

  5. beast editing skills confirmed. n1

  6. very nice indeed :)

  7. Epic trailer!

  8. Greta job man 🙂 +1

  9. Sigh..


  10. +DezGamez when do you think patch 9.14 will come out?

  11. those RNG series will be better after patch :)

  12. Epic-o-meter is off the charts!

  13. is your world of tanks account named: ShipTheNutz? if so i just had a
    battle against you in the test server in my T-54 ltwt and you in a E 50 M.

  14. 10/10 video montage, dude that was epic :D

  15. SO Dez, when is the WoT movie directed by you coming out? I would like to
    preorder my ticket now please. >:D

  16. I hope his mechanical keyboard breaks so he will be forced to get a quieter

  17. EPIC DEZ

  18. They should pay up and hire you

  19. WG should pay you for making these trailers :-)

  20. nice! kinda like a movie trailer, loved the DG at the end like batman. Keep
    up the good work man!!

  21. Susheel Chandradhas

    really cool edit!

  22. epic! ?

  23. DEEZ plz feature my elc game it’s REALLY funny

  24. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Free camera in da test server?

  25. Is there anything you are not awesome at? You are Estonias national
    treasure. A ambassador of goodwill to youtube.

  26. Whenever I see your ending picture “DG” I always think of DOLLAR GENERAL

  27. Noice vid Dez!! much love from Russia!

  28. I always enjoy a good montage video!

  29. Light Tanks are more powerful! Muahahahahah!!!

  30. The ramming feel with be much better now imagine you can ram someone while
    your rolling off a cilff

  31. This was awesome!!!

  32. Probably some of the most beautiful graphics in a video game I’ve ever
    seen… A new era of gaming has begun.

  33. nice Video gj :)

  34. Well Dez… A DAMN good video. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time.
    Hope to see more of these. WG should hire you to make their trailers

  35. Just keep it up man! You’re killing it!

  36. Talking about Legendary trailers. Outstanding Dez.

  37. I now want to see a tank fly off the hill of himmelsdorf, flip mid-air and
    fire and kill a tank at the bottom. Only then may I experience the ultimate

  38. That. Was. AWESOME!!

  39. ima not watch the vid but i will still click like

  40. Thanks, again Dez. We look forward to your videos daily. Reason why we all
    get up in the morning in the west coast. See a great video from Dez.

  41. Damn, mate. You are amazing!

  42. Nice work dez! Love the sounds

  43. it looks absolutely amazing!!!! HYPE!!!

  44. Well done with the editing! it was very good :)

  45. ERA? Explosive Reactive Armour?


  46. Top Notch editing Dez. Just what I expected from a quick trailer. Cant wait
    to see what you have in store for us next! Keep It UP!

  47. Hey dez, please check out the RNG replay I send you, I was playing In
    Crusader (tier 7 British arty)

  48. Its like a professionell filmtrailer nice editskills:)

  49. whens the patch dropping?

  50. ikd if it becuz i spend lot of time on the test server but i feel
    disappointed when i watched this, i already did most of this and more

  51. One word, EPIC! :D

  52. Good video editing but i dont see point of this video,i hoped for some epic
    kills but i didnt see anything interesting… :(

  53. Epic dude !!!!!!!

  54. Do you feel something like this in FFA? Me I don’t xD

  55. Nice work, very nice :)

  56. Really excellent again Ship. You are very good at this sort of thing, keep
    ’em coming.

  57. So goooood

  58. Omega Kevin Allahu Akbar

    very nice editing but i thought i would see a montage with retarded and
    “skilled” kills by using the new physix. anyway very good video

  59. Thanks, very nice.

  60. 116th!
    NICE VIDEO DEZ Keep it up!
    One of the worlds best WOT youtuber right here.
    I present you DEZGAMEZ!
    High Quality content is always awesome

  61. Seriously epic, captures the essence of what makes this update amazing. The
    Good work, hope to see more trailers like these in the future!

  62. codygree GodOfBattle WoT


  63. First, yeah!
    Anyways, haven’t done anything like this for quite some time now, so
    decided to sit down and “make some editing happen”…
    So, why I did it? Because I felt like I want to do that! 😀
    Hope you enjoy! :)

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