► World of Tanks: 9.16 – New Paris Map, New HD Tanks, “All-Chat” Removed – Patch 9.16 Update Review

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World of Tanks T57 Heavy Tank Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Patch Notes / Test Server.

Full list of World of Tanks 9.16 Update changes:

In my second about 9.16 I am going cover some topics that I did not talk about before, like “all-chat” removal, new map “Paris” and new HD models.



  1. Christopher De vries

    Great, another corridor shooting map. Just what we need.

  2. hmmm.. still no obj 140 hd

  3. thank god, less overheating on update

  4. they are worcking indeed but they forget some basic things….like girl
    voices for the female crews in the game….don.t u think?

  5. have you saw wot sinematik trailer about Paris map

  6. Long story short, the HD5750 in my old laptop will be capable of playing
    WOT at higher graphics settings (considering that WOT is playable on a
    Mobility Radeon HD4250 though….).

  7. Alot of changes, some of then are very good, but what about ban users that
    use ilegal mods or prevent the use of ilegal mods, i’m tired of this
    f**king players using cheats. Come on, is simple.

  8. WIll Foch armor change on this HD update?Like it happened with E5

  9. “see more penis”. quote for the ages!

  10. So WG is fixing chat issues(0% in game problem, 100%community issue) by
    removing chat. 10/10. “We fixed it.” I’d like the same fix applied for arty
    now. Getting oneshotted is a fun and engaging game mechanic since 2011. So
    is failplatooning. I can go on all day. The devs are actually kept on vodka
    and crack. If someone is a special little snowflake with a fragile soul…
    f*ck them. Normal ppl just ignore the chat cancer. Removing chat=ignoring
    the core issue. And proper mmo games never tolerate chat abuse like giving
    away positions etc… they reward it with a ban.


  12. wow nice map.i feel like I want to play again but when I play lost every
    battle that makes me disappointed

  13. the only situztion in which one i talk to the ennemy team is when i meet
    one of my clan mate in the ennemy team

  14. Removing global chat is very stupid

  15. Am i the only one who likes all chat?

  16. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    Wait. No more messages to the opposing team? So I can’t congratulate a guy
    on a good kill, or say “GG” at the end of a match?
    *Whose idea was this, and how can I get them fired?*

  17. Dez, you may be the funniest human being on the planet (LOL Traktor in HD,
    I believe my life is complete).

  18. Onthe Paris map in j2 there is a secrets area but you need to be in a small
    tank relatively fast

  19. rip end of match gg’s

  20. global chat on the EU server might be cancer but on the NA server, more
    often than not I end up having fun conversations with the other team :/

  21. Actually, when watching replays, the chat is the funniest thing. Sadly they
    are gone.

  22. I’ve been in a 1 vs 6 position and had a teammate report my every change in
    position to the enemy. So goodbye global chat. But it is the lazy way out
    for WG.

  23. You don’t need to own the tank to look at it. Just go to in the tech tree,
    and click preview.

  24. Why dont they just set a age limit to the game because of bad language?
    Then we could have the all chat. I like to see people get mad when i kill
    them ;)

  25. “This guy has a penis, ah ok” funniest part haha

  26. I dont see why the chat is such a big deal on console there isnt even a
    chat and nobody is complaining.

  27. I liked the all chat because you can say good game and good luck to the
    other team. it’s the same thing with the youtube comments not all of it is
    good and not all of it is bad

  28. And no fix for the broken arty…so I don’t care…..the game is on the way
    out and they will not fix arty.

  29. world of tanks – 40+ fps

    battlefield 1 – 7fps


  30. About the global chat… Is it just me or Asian server is relatively
    healthy where half of global chat is negative? Many times is just arties
    saying ‘lol’s after they 1 shot people.

  31. Sturmtiger please. I want!

  32. global safe space in place. Soon team chat will go since that is where most
    comments are.

  33. So Im starting to get the picture with the in game chat change,, I think!
    You said “All chat” will be turned off , as in talking between tour team
    and enemy team. But “Team Chat”, as in talking just to your own team will
    still be on. I hope thats right cause you really need to be able to talk
    to your own team, like follow me and why are you leaving the whole side
    open and such.

  34. Tak8ng global chat out of the game is wrong. WG needs to do their job when
    the rage chat gets reported, is to take action against the offenders . The
    problem is WG is lazy so they take the easy way out and punish everyone in
    the game. Tisk task on you WG.

  35. If they’re in the mood of removing things, why not remove arty? Or at least
    make a game mode that’s like random battles but with no arty?

  36. removing the chart should be optional

  37. lmao removing global chat is a disgusting change its supposed to be a
    mmo,just shows you how autistic wg has become

  38. The eiffel tower you see is actually just an AMX 30b on the enemy team at

  39. Wot starting to become like METIN…. bots and chaters no wonder chat is
    heated like this…

  40. Just say DW2

  41. Paris .. a map full of cocks and bush action – World Of Porn.

  42. Hehehe ‘some nice bush action’ ???

  43. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    i wish there was an option to turn off the enemy chat in game as opposed to
    removing it entirely. being from na, it isnt usually that toxic, and also,
    i usually find it quite amusing.

  44. You are awesome hahahahahahah
    “Penis action”


  46. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    “Can we see some more penises? No, aww.” -DezGames, 2016

  47. no global chat? how somebody will wish me gl & hf? :)

  48. Shoot, the last time I’d seen a game about tanks that had Paris as a map
    was…. BattleTanx: Global Assault. Man, was that a game.

  49. Oh boy… Another campy camp corridor map… Great..

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