► World of Tanks: 9.17 – KRANVAGN, Tier 10 Swedish Heavy Tank – Patch 9.17 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Kranvagn Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Update Preview, 9.17 Test Server.

Finally… Finally World of Tanks patch 9.17 update is here and we are able to test out all of those sweet and sexy Swedish tanks. You are going to see a lot of videos from me about those tanks and with all the changes in the patch 9.17.

Btw, help me to pronounce it, but guys… I believe I am in love!

List of new tanks in the Swedish Heavy Tank line, in update 9.17:

Strv fm/21
Strv m/40L
Strv m/42
Strv 74
Emil II



  1. Better effective turret armor than the E100 with a half decent hull, with
    an autoloader… wargaming is shameless and doesn’t give a fuck about
    balance. Meanwhile theyre adding 1-5% modifiers to old vehicles in an
    attempt to “rebalance”… what a fucking joke

  2. So this tank is a well-armored, fast autoloader with the best gun
    depression in class… well…balanced

  3. Riktig svensk ingenjörskonst!

  4. 0:10 Man, that tank is slow!

  5. married the 50b with a decent turret

  6. I like the teir 8 better

  7. it has 12 degrees of gun depression too XD

  8. I thought of a new challenge for you Dez. The Stock Tank Challenge. You can
    give us all STC’s. hahaha. 75% crew, stock tank (no upgrades or equipment
    or consumables). One vehicle type for every country. Premiums excluded as
    well as any tier 10 that comes fully upgraded, any tier 10 that has one or
    more upgrades acceptable. Finish top 3 for all. What do you think? It could
    be an interesting series.

  9. WOW it’s a remodeled 50B!!!!

  10. I am DEEPLY let down that the food is not the trademark of

  11. while you were heroically fighting that last heavy tank, you could have
    killed him if you had 4 or 5 HE rounds. the roof armor is often thin and
    easy to penetrate.

  12. But why???? :'(

  13. The A is pronounced as the A in After if you do it with a really brittish
    accent and the G in Kranvagn is pronounced as ng in for example Thing

  14. “Kranvagn” is pronounced like you say “kran” and the “gn” in “vagn” is
    pronounced like the ending of “dang” with an extra “n” after. Like “dangn”.
    I think spelling it “Kranvangn” would give a sort of correct pronounciation

  15. so basically me grinding down the line to get the AMX 50B was

  16. This Kranvahgn will cause a lot of salt. I’m saying it now. That thing has
    to be nerfed, or it will be totally imbalanced like the old KV-1S, the KV
    (not the 1 or 2, the KV), the T-57 (especially pre-nerf) and the T110E5

  17. What more could i ask for?
    Simple: rear armor and side armor made out of ”Princess tårta”

  18. yea,implementing next to op tanks while current tanks are becoming less
    then mediocre and plus while working on ,,balance” with that sandbox,gj

  19. …does it have a shell lodged in the front of it’s turret?


  21. my 4th game with it….
    3k dmg Made
    7k blocked
    1k assisted
    and lost cause just 3 arties per Team and me were left and one of the
    arties blindshoted me….

    and it was the Same map….
    Bit the Best Moment today was on himmelsdorf hill… on both sides a few
    strvs… and noone was able to penetrate each other…

  22. Haha lol It looks like a IS-3 and a AMX50B had a child and this what came
    out of it XD

  23. FINALLY…Someone that shows this thing in a game…even if its 1 game.
    That vantage point is a definite location for Arty, that you were in;
    although it proves good gun-depression and you can really just peek over
    the lip to take a shot. I can imagine the stand-off battles in Mountain
    Pass at the Canyon, everyone crying for Arty to help them out.
    -sticking your face out there to test the armor of the turret, nice, but no
    one else was shooting you except other Kranwagns; correct me if I am wrong.
    It would be a good option to put this in a training map and let Arty take
    some shots with standard HE just to see the splash damage; if its AP, how
    typical will a bounce be vs that front face of the turret?
    Achilles heel? Reload speed & finding someone thats willing to rush it to;
    Good luck with that in Random. LOL, weekends, forget it.

    You can tell the TD STRV-103B is going to take some time to learn; training
    rooms guys.
    Once you set that hull, it looks like that guy went AFK because he wasn’t
    quite sure how to use it and just bailed out; poor timing in the middle of
    a match though! Freak!

    -If the 103B doesnt have a smooth and good traverse (in range of degree’s
    10+, left&right) in the locked position, I can guess the frustrations.
    I can see it getting into bomb craters (Siegfried line) or gun case-mates
    (Overlord)and ripping up tanks while hoping Arty doesnt rape you.

  24. 6 months later NERF İNCOMİNGGGG!! This is a trap guys. I will definetly
    wait.Let’s see(Also tank is woderfully)

  25. Maybe it is better to do the comparison with a 100% crew and not your own
    crew (‘current crew’) because of the influence of the perks you have on
    your crew?

  26. lol u can see ingame how much u blocked^^ 2390 as u asked yourself at 9:00


  28. Love your stuff Dez and I cant wait to get this tank either it looks beast

  29. The power creep is strong with these Swede tanks. Seriously I’m not going
    to bother grinding my other lines other than the lights I’m working
    towards. The strv and this are going to be amazing T10’s and many of the
    tech tree tanks look amazing too.

  30. that is not binos :)

  31. Hmmm Remember when WG released the T57 Heavy tank and how great it was ?
    and then proceeded to nerf it down to average a couple of months later ?
    I’m feeling the same trend for this tank. WG just wants the money to roll
    in first before nerfing a new product and since its not a premium tank they
    can nerf it down to whatever they please.

  32. Another thing to point out is that with these new Swedish tanks (another
    autoloader and a rapid fire TD) is WG even considering what to do with the
    light tanks ? I mean come on now…. city map after new city map and then
    autoloader after new autoloader just makes playing that tank class really
    tedious and boring since you get a large volume of incoming fire just from
    a few tanks.

  33. It could be a silent g (Kran-vann) emphasising the n but the only way to
    find out is to ask a Swedish person.

  34. At 5.25 you mention mounting binoculars, but it looks like you actually
    used optics. Otherwise, thanks for the video. These HD models are
    stunning. Of the two I find the Strv 103B more interesting for my
    gameplay. I use the T29, T32, Centurion AX a lot. They all have great gun
    depression and hull down opportunities, so the Strv 103B would fit right
    into my style.

  35. This is what I need another high skill cap autoloading pos handicapping
    random Battle’s.Thats exactly wtf this tank will do.Every tomato that has
    French heavies that fail at them will free xp or grind 10,000 games to get
    these pos’s.

  36. Freehugs606090YT Snoopdoge

    It was funny when you said oh fuck

  37. 50b still better at ramming :)

  38. who is going to Arsenalen the Swedish tank museum next weekend. I know i am

  39. I feels stronk nerf in this tonk

  40. Yeah, more autoloader and more fucked up tanks (the TD´s) while trying to
    “balance” the game – WG fucked up!

  41. Both the new tier 10s look SOOOOO OP (situationally of course). I like how
    they nerfed T57 Heavy, just to introduce THIS which is just a better T57

  42. I really dont know where are they going with this updates and new tank
    lines. For an example, IS7 is essentially useless now. Do you have any idea
    how much it takes for nonpremium player to grindout tier x? And after
    finally is grinded, with new tank lines tanks is just a shade of former
    gameplay. Not to mention that new OP premium tanks. JGD88 has no chances
    against T26E5 P for an example. I fear that now we will see increase of
    arty players, and not see that so needed arty rebalance. I know that they
    want money, but in long run this is ridiculous. I already am considering
    asking for refunds of my premium tanks, cuz they have become inappropriate
    compared to the new premium tanks and tanks lines. Gameplay experience
    deteriorated so bad…

  43. I think the “g” is silent in the name

  44. Tried it on the Test server, can’t wait until it is released!

  45. another noob magnet broken tank… Gonna get nerfed with a mini patch some
    time after 9.17.

  46. Even more broken than the other stupid tier 10 heavy autoloaders. Slow clap
    for wg balance team morons…

  47. ふぅんワンダフル

    Is everyone loading only ap apcr because of that grill on the Swedish TD?

  48. they seem to be a huge ammo rack

  49. Powercreepwagon

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