► World of Tanks: 9.17 – New Special Swedish Tanks (Strv 103B), Tank Buffs! – Patch 9.17 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update Preview, 9.17 Supertest. World of Tanks Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 . World of Tanks Strv 103B. World of Tanks – Tank Destroyers and Heavy Tanks.

Back with World of Tanks News episode! This I am going to cover patch 9.17 supertest changes and going to introduce new Swedish tanks together with special tier 8, 9 and 10 tank destroyers with new gun/aiming system. I am also going to cover some buffs that Wargaming is thinking about giving to premium tanks.
Keep in mind that these changes are in “supertest stage”, there can be a lot of changes in the future!

► Full list of World of Tanks 9.17 Supertest changes:

► Replay:
Player: loituma
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3032194#stats



  1. Omg this is just going to make the is 3 even more OP.

  2. Fuck you. You just copied the Wot news here.. degenerate… there was
    nothing I didnt knew…

  3. bring back all chat!


  5. can they restore the t1 cunningham it is now worthless in t1 battles.

    Also I wonder in future updates we can get Italian tank lines as well as
    TD’s and SPG’s for China, Japan and Czechoslovakia. Also a proper light
    tank line for the British that would start with the Mk VII Tetrarch at tier
    3 and end at tier 8 with the FV101 Scorpion which can can be upgraded to
    carry the 90mm Cockerill MK3 M-A1

  6. DezGamez Won’t this siege mode make people camp more? That seems contrary
    to WG’s intentions to make the game more mobile…

  7. This is amazing news.

  8. Those Swedish TDs look epic.

  9. Regarding your question about Swedish Arty …. there was an Auto loading
    Artillery made around same time as Strv 103, and that Arty could unload 14
    rounds in 1 min.

  10. you sad wot need this ?! no …wot need anticheat …

  11. hey mate the new swedish dts look very interesting just recently had a
    similar idea for tds and arty do “dig in” to increas cammo view range
    accuracy and aimtime ut it takes you a bit of time to get in and out of it
    not just the new swedish tanks

  12. Just buff Super Pershing.. gosh

  13. If the Swedish TD’s come out with that 2 second delay going into and out of
    “seige” mode, and if they end up with epic camo, that’s going to make for
    some serious camping. That’s all we need in WOT’s, more TD’s camping spawn!

  14. OMG S-TANK

  15. I am so hyped for this update can’t wait for the tank destroyers I wonder
    what their national voice is

  16. Wat ABT T26E4!!!!Its gun needs a buff…Speed nids a buff.RITE?

  17. Good things for sloped armor… I wonder when they’re gonna do something
    about helping thick but flat armored tanks with the pain of gold shells.
    Gold ammunition really killed the game for me when I was going down the
    japanese heavy line.

  18. you didn’t mention that from tier 5 to tier 10 on the mixed line the tanks
    all have 15 degrees of gun depression

  19. also the tier 6 and 7 tds have AMAZING penetration: 195 for tier 6 and 223
    on tier 7!

  20. also tier 7 is an autoloader 😀
    with three shells

  21. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    T-34-3 pen buff wargaming?

  22. o look more cold war bullshit :P

  23. still waiting on the multi turret support :(

  24. Anyone know when 9.17 is coming out for the public… im really looking
    forward to it especially since new swedish tanks are COMING !!!

  25. FINALLY! It only took ANOTHER fucking year for them to give back the full
    speed of the Fv4202! In WGing time that’s like LIGHTSPEED! Next thing you
    know WGing will be going PLAID!

    Also repost of something I wrote down below but am to fat and lazy to write

    The M4 Ravioli is hardmode for med tank drivers, The poor DPM/Reload and
    poor aimtime and the fact that the APCR shells seem to have a hissyfit even
    looking at angled armor made/make it a chore to play, add in the fact that
    it’s sluggish as hell makes it a very tough sell when most people could/can
    just buy the AMX CDC. As it stands now these buffs will at least make the
    Ravioli more flexible and more fun to at least play.

  26. IS-3 roof buff :D

  27. Lol siege mode someone has played 3 much starcraft, And that new pen
    mechanic…. IS 3 gonna be even moe op now, clap clap WG

  28. strv103b=big e-25

  29. Mmmmm Lowe turret armour buff. I can bounce like bausss. Hahahah

  30. Stridsvagn S (103). Coolest tank ever…

  31. I am mind blown

  32. Sure, WG, go ahead, buff all the premiums, why not?

  33. X is not a new button is it? Currently it freezes tracks. Especially handy
    on casemat TD’s and SPG’s so your tracks don’t move while you turn your gun
    and aim. I guess for this tank it will shift track control from driving to
    aiming but otherwise it is not very different.

  34. Nice and clear as always, 10 times better then wg itself. Maybe because u
    have a cool voice and accent what makes u listen better to what u have to
    tell ur viewers. Keep up thos greqt epic vids Dez, Sure lick evry vid of u.

  35. Hi there, this is DBone88 I think the 9.17 update review video it was EPIC
    my man well done .. THANK YOU so for your great video they are so COOL..
    ….PEACE OUT….

  36. im gonna pick the HT line. not really a fan of low dmg but high RoF tanks

  37. does anyone know when 9.17 comes out? is their an official date yet?

  38. Looks like a huge buff for IS-3 and T10 ;)

  39. About time they buffed my Baugette launcher

  40. As always thank you for the updates. Always the first place I stop. Your
    time is appreciated.

  41. no love for american tier 8 T34 ?:(

  42. All those buffs to prem tanks make me wonder, when are they going to give
    some love to Type 59 instead of all those invisible soft nerfs they have
    done over the years… Type 59 has definitely been run over by the newer
    prem tanks in the game, like a forgotten toy.

  43. Why .. why does T29 bulet cost so much …. :(

  44. I think the T34 needs a buff- I have it and its speed is too bad plus the
    traverse speed needs a buff. Aiming time too maybe but then it may be

  45. “Arty stops camping.” So then they put in tanks that have to Camp to
    function. Way to go WG. Smoke another one.

  46. Thanks Dez 🙂 I really enjoyed this news video. Keep up the great content!

  47. Can’t wait for the Arty!! 14 rounds in a min!!

  48. Buff the wz-111 cannon and armor and not the is-6 dispersion and aim
    time… ok

  49. wz-111 it is awesome god… why buff ?! They want to make it play against
    10 tanks head to head? :-(

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