► World of Tanks: 9.17 Review – New Super Test Tanks, Premium Tanks Buffed! – Patch 9.17 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update Overview, 9.17 . World of Tanks STRV 103B Gameplay. World of Tanks Kranvagn Gameplay. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers and Heavy Tanks.

You have seen review episodes about Strv 103B and Kranvagn already, so today I decided to focus on other changes. Don’t worry tho, there is going to be a lot more gameplay action in the future!

List of new tanks in the Swedish tech tree, in update 9.17:
Tank Destroyers:
Pvlvv fm/42
Itv 72
Sav m/43
Ikv 103
Ikv 65 Alt II
Ikv 90 Typ B
Strv 103-0
Strv 103B

Heavy tank :
Strv fm/21
Strv m/38
Strv m/42
Strv 74

Emil I
Emil II



  1. how many times has the sta 2 gotten a buff? xD

  2. T34 buffs called for – fingers crossed that Serb listens! (Mobility and
    some DPM…..that would be enough……and view range…..)

    Oh, and SU-122-44 HD model. I’ll take it.

  3. Surround sound! Finally! This is the biggest change in the whole patch. But
    no one cares about sound which is strange.

  4. when will 9.17 be released?

  5. No more tier 1 or 2 players means game depends on sustainable players. Game
    is allready dead. But fun to play. Who cares updates. Nothing will bring
    back old good time WOT.

  6. Why not buff the FCM 50t?? Every single tier 8 premium since then as been
    increasing the power creep… FCM 50t really needs a buff to its hidden
    stats… needs better gun handling…

  7. Be nice if they showed some love to the IS6…the gun is awful!!

  8. so which line would you go to… the TD or the heavy

  9. Su122 44, hit for 390 and reload for 7.67. What else hit for 390? E 50M.
    How long does it reload? 9.21. Totally balanced.

  10. batchat 25t rly has to wait a long time for HD model ….

  11. so batchats will also bounce shells more frequently now nice :3

  12. Could use some buffs for T34

  13. still waiting on KV-2 get HD but now after so many years it’s here hehe

  14. The M4A1 ravioli is my favourite prem tank

  15. I would love to see the T34 get some love 😀 I have over 3.5k games in my
    T34 alone, I like it as it is, but It needs a mobility buff in order to
    stay competitive with the rest of the tier 8 tanks

  16. Way to milk the cow, WG

  17. Why do you need another dumb sound? they already say “Target acquired”???

  18. Thanks for the update Dez!

  19. Good sir how would you describe the GC’s gun?
    Well good sir I would call it a tiny little penis.

  20. Why does no one bring up that the raveoloie? goes from diesel to gasoline?
    AKA lets catch on fire every shot

  21. you can Preview every tank in the game by going into comparison or adding
    it there and pressing Preview on the tank… there is alot of unavailable
    tanks that you can see..

  22. Oh how you pronounced Chrysler, pure gold ahah

  23. so basically unless a tank is op as fuck it’s unplayable?!. Never once EVER
    I heard anyone complaining about the T34 EVER :O

  24. Instead of a sound for the lock on they should just put it in the UI
    “Locked On: Tank Name”. That way you’ll notice quite easily.

  25. Luís Augusto Panadés

    While ammo hacked a Bat chat is almost impossible. Ammo hacked WZ-111 is
    more easy than rob sweet from babys.

  26. yeah, more fucking auto-bounces on papertanks like the Bat-Chat – gg WG, gg

  27. Dez what you think should WG baf T32 because now there is bether American

  28. Whats the music in the Kranvagn transition

  29. You should have shown the KV-2’s stock turret too. *It’s the one War
    Thunder uses*

  30. They need to buff CDC

  31. can that new armour system change the way to play tanks starting from tier

  32. Wait hold on! How did you install the free camera mod for the test

  33. It’s called the Flack-Bus (pzsfl)

  34. I feel so annoyed, they buffed all the tier VIII tanks I DON’T have. (EDIT)
    Is the Lorraine coming back as a premium tank able to be bought by anyone?

  35. su 122 44 need buff

  36. Lol, T34 mobility is like a race car compared to Lowe’s truck like ambling!

  37. penetration on IS6. Desperately needed, as poor thing cannot pen pretty
    much anyhing.

  38. I think i will play more my FV4202 in 9.17 and maybe buy myself Ravioli ? 4
    girls in AMX 30 / CDC would be happy

  39. Pleeeeease buff t34

  40. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez, E-50M is getting HD in 9.18 ;)

  41. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    And Dez,if they added 20 players in Training room,there would still be 5
    spectators on each team.

  42. It’s a shame they still haven’t made tanks like the Obj 140, and ST-1 HD
    yet…but great video all the same Dez.

  43. the swedish tanks are so op, but that was excepted, just like the czech or
    the new premiums
    good way to earn a lot of money
    WG-games are nr 1 in earned money per player, by far number 1

  44. So they gna make us buy more gold ammo, this game becomes a deep pocket
    players game

  45. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The Panther 2 is now officially the worst T8 Medium^^

  46. Ravioly is food 😀 :D

  47. Bradley Galedrige (WallyCleaver29)

    Quick question to everyone, Did you ever use the Gnomefather’s engine and
    gun sounds mod? I still think his individual engine and gun sounds to
    almost each tank was way better than even what wagamming have now. I wish
    they would have hired him to rework all the sounds. Hearing the turbo spool
    up on diesel engines or the hum of a steady state diesel engine with an
    electric wind on the Maus, since it was a diesel electric hybrid, was way
    cooler then every tank sounding about the exact same. I miss it if you
    couldn’t tell.

  48. THE turret armour on kv2 was 90mm

  49. Welcome to the world of ussr BS… with reworked overmatch rule, there is
    No Longer weakspot at roof of IS3, IS4, Obj140, which makes it “t62a with
    6deg of depression”, the LT and MT will bounce even more ridiculous then
    now, i can clearly see it, bouncing with 155mm guns of tanks with 20mm
    armor…. i can understand need of the rework, cos of swe TDs, as they have
    no armor, onlt angles, but the impact for the rest of the vehicles…. oh
    well, guess the is3 needs even more buffs

  50. You are the best man! Thx for the update! btw have u tried the lower tier
    of the Swedish tech tree? If you have, is the grind a pain in the pooper?

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