► World of Tanks: 9.17 – STRV 103B, Tier 10 Swedish Tank Destroyer – Patch 9.17 Update

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World of Tanks STRV 3B Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Preview, 9.17 Test Server.

Finally… Finally World of Tanks patch 9.17 update is here and we are able to test out all of those sweet and sexy Swedish tanks. You are going to see a lot of videos from me about those tanks and with all the changes in the patch 9.17.

In my second video I am going to take my at special Swedish TD – Strv 103B.

List of new tanks in the Swedish Heavy Tank line, in update 9.17:

Pvlvv fm/42
Itv 72
Sav m/43
Ikv 103
Ikv 65 Alt II
Ikv 90 Typ B
Strv 103-0
Strv 103B



  1. 100000 congrrrratulationnnn

  2. @dezgamez try the Emil 2 or whatever the heavy tank is….Hull down
    monster. You will love it!

  3. yahooooo the perfect way to make 99% of players to camp, what a wonderful
    news. I quit this game

  4. And we thought arty was a problem.


  6. People are going to bitch about the HEAT shield and the siege mode….
    which probably means it’ll get nerfed! Bummer.

  7. That DPM is straight up retarded.

  8. these guys complaining that this thing is op, it has no turret So when its
    tracked=destroyed. also arty will chew coz top armor is thin and unangled.
    tried it myself and its a balanced tank

  9. Thanks for posting up this test server video. I regularly watch your vids,
    and here I learnt a new mountain goat position! The most interesting thing
    I noticed about this TD is that in siege mode you have absolutely ZERO gun
    bloom as you switch between targets, so the regular mechanic of waiting for
    your gun to aim-in does not apply to this TD – fantastic.

  10. 2:57 “Butt penetration is the best.” -DezGamez 2016

  11. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    HOLY FUCK! 400dmg every 5/6secs and the aim barely moved while turning the
    tank? NERF!!

  12. wow 9 mins of boring review but still i liked the vid

  13. This tank is gonna be the M-M-M-MEMES!

  14. Does the siege mode improve accuracy as well? It looks too accurate to be
    0.29. More like 0.1

  15. Did you know you can train crew skills with (much) free xp on the Ct?

  16. Team training will be hilarious with this thing, the jumps, THE JUMPS.

  17. If you notice the reload time changes when in siege mode so if you
    calculate I believe it has best DPM in the mode

  18. the pen of the strv 103b is better than the object 268 at 305mm of
    penetration and we all know the pen of the regular AP rounds of the object
    268 was the best of any of the tier 10’s so the strv 103b has even better
    penetration than the object 268, making the td especially deadly due to
    they have a chance to actually pen a hulldown T110E3 just showing the gun
    mantle, now ive heard a rumor about the turret ontop of the T110E3 has been
    buffed to over 400mm thick, i know the sides of that mini turret ontop are
    very weak but then again you need extremely good accuracy such as grille
    15(best accuracy of any TD ingame) i mean sure the JagPzE100 has good pen
    with the AP rounds and especially the Heat rounds but then again the only
    stupid fucking td that a little birdie told me is getting a mega nerf to
    hesh actually no removing the hesh ammo completely is the FV215B 183, which
    thank the fucking lord, again its hesh is beyond the most stupid fucking
    shit ever put into World Of Tanks

  19. OP nerf it and buff my tanks pls

  20. Oh boy. A highly balanced tank destroyer. Better camo than a light tank.
    Ultra 300mm pen with super accurate gun and great rate of fire. Excellent
    speed and super duper frontal armor. Boy I sure love these decisions from
    Wargaming. I’m going to enjoy angling my Maus and not bouncing any of those
    shells, firing, bouncing, and blowing up.
    I’m sure players will enjoy trying to scout in their light tanks and not
    spotting it until you lose 390 health, probably more with that reload.

    Might as well rebuy my 155 58 since the tanks I enjoy are completely
    outclassed these days. It’s okay guys, Wargaming said Sandbox is coming
    back in October. Any day now I’m sure :v

  21. Awesome Drone Videos

    Perfect tank for sniping bots! They was camping all day now, but now once
    they enter siege mode thats it! Someone stole thier engine!

  22. I think this tank can act as a ramp for tanks to jump.

  23. 308mm of pen…that’s more than the Obj.268.

  24. He has a double upload ohhh :)

  25. I sort of understand why they didn’t give it 750 damage like the other TD’s
    considering it’s rate of fire, but come on, give at least 400.

  26. Wow… This tank can be SOOOOO OP in certain situations and impossible to
    deal with by the enemy. Almost like a never ending autoloader in siege
    It can DESTROY entire flanks, or get destroyed FAST…. Now what does that
    remind me of?….. Oh yeah, that WT auf E100…

  27. He is it’s weakness oho derp for days!!!

  28. DezGamez quicker than QuickyBaby confirmed!

  29. i dont get it. wargaming have nerfed the TD to stop camping. and what do
    they do. they come whit a new TD that wil force camping. i just dont get

  30. dezgamez, watch a mash4077 episode…season 3 episode 12… (called “a
    full rich day) around the 16:10 mark…. CHI NEEESE!!!! CHIN
    LEEE!!!!! I say that to my buddy every time I use that line of tanks!!

  31. I want it!!!

  32. Andreas Charitoudis

    where is the link for the common test??
    i cant find it in the article that uploaded wg yerstaday

  33. I’m Swedish and I was worried our line was going to be like the Czech line,
    but these are original! Hot damn Sweden ??

  34. It has over 4k dpm in siege mode.

  35. This tank will going to be the camper master

  36. havent watched fully but did you see the reload time decrease in siege mode

  37. Gonna try that position next time i get that map

  38. That td looks like a snowplow lol

  39. Wait .. so if u go X mode (u can shoot realod faster better acuraty beter
    fire rate right ?

  40. I see in my crystal ball that Dez is going to be really busy over the next
    week or so, lots of tanks to review!

  41. 210.000 free xp so far. I do hope that, when the Swedish tech hit the game
    I will be able to instantly unlock this tier 10 and make fun of all the
    tomatos that will never know what hit them…

  42. the dpm increases by 30% when you enter siege mode. that’s 3000 to 4500
    which is the highest in the game

  43. This tank probably won’t get used in Clan Wars, but it’s going to make
    certain maps insufferable in random battles, and it’s going to make
    superheavies totally obsolete with its overpowered penetration (if they
    weren’t already obsolete).

  44. dmg per min is 4000+ in siege mode

  45. Man this tank is so useless in the currect wot corridor meta, kinda sad to
    see WG hasnt figured that out. But owell, always nice to have more tanks
    camping in the back so you cant play aggressive.

  46. roemer schoenmakers

    Dez “lets talk a little bit about the tank”

    *Talks more about the tank then he plays whit the tank*

  47. 2 words – POWER CREAP but who cares. Dez seems like a guy one would always
    want at one’s party. Goodbye QB, Hello Dez!

  48. can you do face off again with kv-1 vs kv-1s

  49. Svenske jævler

  50. What is siege mode?

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