► World of Tanks: 9.20.1 – What’s New? – Super Conqueror, Buffs, Nerfs and More!

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Source: DezGamez

Patch 9.20.1 Update Preview. World of Tanks New Conqueror (FV215b replacement), British Tank Buffs, Chinese Premium Buffs, 0 Light Tank Changes.

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Patch 9.20.1 update in is behind the doors, with a lot of balancing once again.
And also, my number 1 favorite tank in this game, FV215b, is going to be from the and replaced by the new 0 British heavy tank “ Conqueror”… But let’s see what this patch has to offer.

What do you think?


FV215b: Guericko
FV4005 Stage II: Boy_Boy_naPuHb_noJlex4e

►Music used: Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]


  1. That FV215b will be my first tier-X tank. Only around 50k battle experience needed to unlock it. That grind fest towards the Caernarvon was tedious though.

  2. FV4202, from no armour to too much armour.

  3. that armor buff on the FV4202 is fucking insane, better armor than heavy tanks. Tiger 2 will remain in the shadows it seems.

  4. World of tanks is spoiling me atm… FV215b and the Foch 155…. sweet.

    Shame I pretty much do not play any more.

    Caernarvon = Kaa-e-na-von, not perfect, changes slightly depending where in Wales the speaker comes from, but thats about right.

  5. GOD DAMN IT WG……….I WANT CHIEFTAIN MK6, not JUST A F****** copy of conqueror

  6. After this patch, the T25 Pilot and even the Patton KR and Mutz/Pz58 will be completely outclassed by all other tier 8 premiums…and by a lot.

  7. Lol at those ridiculous OP FV4202 buffs. Good job dropping the damage of the T10 GERMAN LT, idiots. Still no buffs for the Leopard 1. Wargaming is a shit developer who enjoys pushing their agendas. Garbage tier developer.

  8. Rain? So nice, hope it rains here by us soon 😀

  9. So the Conquer we have right now have 260mm upper hull armor? Bull shiiiit man !

  10. *When can I have Tiger II buffs?*

  11. again they didn’t buff the stb-1

  12. Cmon guys they are just encouraging the use of premium ammo. Why else would you give tier 8 tanks tier 10 armor

  13. ok I still spam gold with shitty 112 gun

  14. IS it just me or it looks like he’s using aimbot, the cursor seems to always point at the weakest spot automatically?

  15. I waited for so long for this patch finally the British tanks going to get love from WG , this patch is more important than last patch in my opinion.

  16. Just yesterday I was on my type 59, to see the buff… Well, such a shit! I was thinking the buff was going with 9.20…. Naaaa, ok.
    And now? They buff gun handling, ok, but not the penetration? And of course, they buff penetration on the 59-Patton! Wtf are they doing in that fuck Belarus office? Do they use any tobacco or just weed? OMG!

  17. And, ehi! We had buffs to T54, and T44 and variants, ok. But, why the fuck they didn’t buffed the T55a? It still has a shit 201mm pen standard ammo. Again, the fuck WG!

  18. Bien un autre tank gratuit XD

  19. Conway won’t b mad. It will be really worse Dez…

  20. with all this buff might as well give some tank historically pen

  21. can’t wait to geet the fv215b, currently at 50 k xp…..on the Conqueror, god I love this tank. well still 160k xp to go and 5.5 mill :O. Thanks dez for your oppinion

  22. what are they going to do to rhm light tank? Why every tier 10 light have more alfa and this tank less? Weard

  23. Maybe they should start nerfing all tanks to combat all these power creeps.
    As soon as one tank get’s better they have to buff all other tanks, and so it keeps on going.
    They need to slow everything down. And pull things back.

  24. They should buff patton kr

  25. What ever happened to the cheften

  26. so, they simply give the brits their old bouncy turrets back and call it a buff^^?

  27. 1500. 1600, 1800 damage, and they are complaining about artys^^

  28. The t-34-3 is going to need a looooot more than that to make it playable. Its the only tank ive got a pooles medal on and i still think its got to be one of the worst tier 8 premiums, and this patch isnt going to do much to help that.

  29. Please keep that intro, it was great! 😀

  30. So WG is finally going to buff the “British TD line” – meaining Challenger, Conway and Shitbarn.
    These all get a crazy 10 degrees gun depression, but the Charioteer keeps it’s lousy – 5 degrees? WTF?
    And why don’t they buff the other and much older british TD line: AT 8, AT7, AT15 & Tortoise?
    Their armour is useless thanks to recent powercreep and they are slow as fuck.
    WG did buff the speed of the slow US TD’s a while ago but why not help the slow British TD’s?

  31. This replacing tier 10 tanks with premium tanks thing is sooooo stupid and totally unfair. But its wot after all one not expect any fairness…
    You can add “new” things in a game but you cant tweak that much feature in old tanks. WG’s brain working really weird.
    They are fucking this game up!

    Weird spending lots of time and money to have specific tanks then they are changing it. This is so fucking weird.
    I could have gone so different in my tech trees.

  32. I would play again if they gave my E50M a turret buff

  33. Good job, Wargaming. Everyone wanted the Super Conqueror in the game, unlike that Chieftain bullshit that never really existed in real life or on console…

  34. while they’re at it, could just buff 183s ammorack capacity to 15. Only reason why i am not playing on them is that i run out of ammo when 2-3 tanks still alive

  35. BC 12 t still needs buff by me

  36. Soon you wont be able to play it with ap, just gold ammo..nice wot

  37. my 20 minutes are in your bag 😉

  38. So all these modifications are mainly to higher tiers, and the rest (the can go and FRACK themselves)

    Good job WG, always thinking on the 1%

  39. i love how he pronounces ‘change’ like ‘chains’ :O chains this chains that

  40. The British are coming! The British are coming!!!!

  41. R.I.P. WOT 2010-2017

  42. This is the most unnecessary nerf ever, let it keep its DPM it can’t snipe due to its absolute crap camo value and its too big of a target to try and get up close now the T-100 with the 100mm gun will have more ammo than the Rhm.Pz despite the fact the Rhm.Pz is freaking huge
    Also, the 13 105 now carries more ammo than the Bat Chat 25t, despite the huge size difference.

  43. nice changes to tanks but what the players really want is new MAPS!!!!!!!!!!, over 1 year ago now 1 year !!!

  44. Fv4202p is in my garage will enjoy it before nerf again?

  45. No it looks realy *stupid*

  46. Thank God they finally replace this piece of shit fv215b.

  47. This was a highly unusual game in that when I play FV215b, every single shot pens my turret. I get penetrated in the cupola by IS-4s while moving from 450 away. It’s the most frustrating thing about the tank for me, everyone just autopens the turret. Arty is still a bane for this big, slow tank.

  48. hello DezGamez I noticed on the Wot Express page that it had an image on the america grid of tanks appearing 2 t71. t71CMDC that would lead to the m41 buldog and a t71DA that would lead to the T 69 you know to say something about it if it will come in 9.20.1 also?

  49. I love the new intro

  50. Not enough, FV4202 needs L7 RO cannon with 4s reload.

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