► World of Tanks: 9.20 Update – What’s up? What’s New?

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review – New Chinese Tank Destroyers, Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New Game Mode, New Features and More. World of Tanks AMX 50B Grand Battle Gameplay.

► Information about World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/920-release-announcement/

One of the biggest patches of all time in World of Tanks, update 9.20 is live!
It brings so much new stuff like full Chinese tank destroyer line, new “Grand Battle” game mode with 60 tanks on the battlefield, a lot of vehicle reworks, balancing, changes to the SPGs once again and so much MORE!
In this episode I try to cover the most important topics and tomorrow I focus on changes to the vehicles!

What do you think?



  1. EDIT: Forgot to add that the 2 SPGs per team limit is for ranked battles, Sorry!
    Wow, new YouTube is weird, but kinda cool…
    Anyway, here with another news episode, to keep you guys up to date! 🙂

  2. First Order Stormtrooper

    wasnt the chinese Type 59 and t-34-3 supposed to get some minor buffs this patch? 🙁

  3. 113 needs to be tweaked. Not enough ammo

  4. grand bettles is behind an RNG wall. I played 5 matches and didn’t get in. I’ve played lots of T10 only matches. but not the one i want to play.


  6. why every one says that TYPEs are op? they are crap.. any one whit premium ammo can just auto-aim. the tank is massive . and is 90dgress all over. you cant auto-aim most of heavys on this game whit ammo. and they are smaller. so is even less probrabel to hit it. . TYPES need a buff. not a nerf. is OK to have some weak point. but then entire tank is a weak point -.-
    just shoot gold. and is going to pen. APCR HEAT.. all gonna enter.
    TYPES have no speed. no gun(but is a nerf you say. and what?? 20 and 18 sec loads to do 400 damage againt heavys ?? when you get pen by gold every were! and get damage from 400 to 1100??? lool. the tank is slow. is big . got no real armour. no camu. no nothing. if they are so OP! why no one plays whit it??? every one uses other tanks?????

    man. noobs just need to learn to play. i dont know a single person that have TYPES! that say they are OP. every one says . THIS IS CRAP! i have talk whit over 70 players. NO ONE! NO ONEE!! PLAYS WHIT IT! because they are crap.
    TYPES need more armour. you have tons of tanks that efective armour is over 280 330mm! even more. and! is not flat. so its gonna bounce! if you angle a type. the max you can get is 280MM! but is a flat surfice. pen the torrent. our chasis! is just impossible to hied the copula! is only 250mm. get gold. and pen it! its HUGE! IS HARD TO MISS!
    250mm is very armored!?!? TRUE! but is so f*** big. that use gold.. you will not miss it.

    i love when i get on my T-54. RHM whit troll gun. and i just GOLD+AUTOAIM. its so nice.. free EXP.
    and dont tell me. that TYPE 4 is OP againt tier 7.. no tier 9 should play whit tier 7 any way. i steam roll any team whit a tier 9.
    and TYPE 5. the only good thing about the tank.. is …. nothing. really… mayber if you facehug some one. you cant hit is upper side of the tank. and is nice.. loooool.

  7. Vollidiot

  8. +DezGames Somewhat disappointed in you- but fine fine lets remove the Foch B, cant drop its rounds to 4, then its just a turretless AMX 50B – increase its intraclip reload? then its just a turretless AMX 50B with the same intraclip … so, you know what WG will do, don’t you? they’ll just do what they did to the 155, hit it extra hard and render it utterly worthless and pointless again. So much for having a french Tier 10 TD thats even remotely worthwhile. All this, despite the Foch B still being one of the worst tier 10 TD’s and that, you see alot more 155’s running around than you do Foch B’s – I asked why, and it seems the players prefer the 155, finding the 257 pen to be horrid at tier 10 for a TD.

  9. titties? tds

  10. 14:36
    Dez going gay??

  11. If the WTF E-100 comes back, the people who already had that tank before the Grille 15 should get it for free.

  12. wwAAAAAAAA(reverb)..is up L… 😀

  13. Did the re-works go through for the type 59 and the T-34-3?

  14. Is it me , is some of the tanks turrets jerking some, back and forth ???

  15. T-24-85?!? Tier VI Russian Medium??? Was that a joke?

  16. what about re-stocking ammo, for tanks that dont carry much like the death star ??

  17. WHen are they gonna introduce the ability for premium account owners to opt out of maps they hate… FFS prem players pay WG’s bills

  18. Claus Kellerman told me to thank you for the shout out and his new subscriber. Love both of your channels, keep up the good work!

  19. Oh yeah wargaming let’s buff fucking arty somewhere you wankers…. Cause getting stunned for 20 seconds on a kiss that doesn’t even damage your tracks is balanced you sick fucks…

  20. Played 15 t8 solo games last night, was top tier once. T8 is still broken

  21. whats new hmm lets see I saw my older brother pulling a dog around by the tail and yelled at him and he stole my wot account with foch 155 and he has his own foch 155 on his own account

  22. Lol its funny how it sounds like he said titties haha we got 9 new titties haha

  23. Hey Dez! What kind of mod are you using? I mean where you have that game log changes . Where I can see daily win rate and all that kind of stuff

  24. They need to stop calling nerfs and changes ‘improvements’ people arent that dumb. I hate artillery ad them calling it that still ticks me off.

  25. What about tier 5 vs tier 7 match after match it’s really annoying

  26. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Eiiiii victory girls are back!!! Sadly we will wait until september 5 at SEA to enjoy patch 9.20.

  27. YES 9.20 is up !NICE NICE NICE

  28. Only 2 SPGs per team and I have to kill 3 for mission. Gj WG. This is funny…

  29. I was like wtf when i saw that t3 chineese tank has 180 pen on premium shells on the first gun 😀

  30. Can you make 15 T25 pilot 1s vs 15 M46 KR? ??

  31. Even after they nerfed my beloved Type 5 I was able to score the 2nd highest on tier X battle (random battles 15 vs 15). Exactly 7K suck on that WG you can slam the nerf hammer all you want but it only fuels my fire.

  32. Matchmaker is fucked up for light tanks, last night in maybe 20% of games MM was fine, in the rest fucked up, and by that I mean in my team we don’t have light tank and enemy has one, or we have tier 10 light and enemy tier 8 and so on… I don’t know what happened but it is like it was when they released 9.19.1, after that they fix it… I hope they will fix it now…

  33. Possibility of Waffentrager E-100 back to game?

    I want to see it with 4 round on both gun, maybe increase pen on 15cm gun AP to 265ish and a bit more accurate (looking on those armor buff, why not)

    For 12.8cm, increase reload time between shells to 2.3

    Good enough?

  34. 69 Yay…

  35. Matthew Waddington

    The WT AUF E 100 is a Chinese server exclusive and wargaming has even stated on live stream it will never be in EU etc

  36. U forgot the French medium changes to the Amx 30 and it Tx counterpart

  37. So finally WG realized that Maus is not same as BC 25t? really? how long it took… 4 years? gj…

  38. Adopte Un gobelin

    I am french

  39. Can u do 15(30) Buldogs VS 15(30) Hwk or Oho VS t32

  40. Haha, I like that you pit maneuvered the WZ at 34 secs.

  41. All I want is the old maps that got removed redone and added back.

  42. Before saying Foch B is cancer, please play it (without full APCR cause test server) and you’ll see that its way less toxic than WT-E100 and way more balanced

  43. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    STB-1 still hasn’t been reworked T^T

  44. Less t10 in t8 matches?..i must played some other game last two days…game went wrog. Instead of nerfing all tanks, they make super op tanks, it will end up with 9876mm of armor and 700 pen with 15 shells in mag..WG is missing the core point of this game..playing since 2012..considering myself skilled player..but this trend going to make me quit…thumb down to all you you tube sellers for making this happen..long live SIR FOCH (only person with bit of self respect among you)

  45. I still regularly see artillery dominating games at mid and high tiers, they’re still way too op. Arty should only ever be a harassing factor in the game, not finishing top in dmg.

  46. Frederick Burkert

    If 25% of tank is showing or less. Arty will try to hit or splash – otherwise no point in firing. IMO the amount of times arty fires at a building to achieve stun is rare. Firing to splash through partially render buildings (gaps) as on some of the city maps or Malinovka barns

  47. Great video as always! I have to say it must be nice to get to play on a server that is not forgotten. SEA is always a week to 10 days late, with no apologies. :/

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