► [World of Tanks] 9.6 Patch Notes | What does 9.6 bring to us?

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Source: DezGamez

Update 9.6 Patch Notes. New Features with new HD Tank Models!
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Hello there!

World of Tanks 9.6 Test Server up and running. Although this test version 1, we still have a lot of new stuff that we can review! New crew skill qualifications, new HD tank models, new contact sorting system, massive view range nerf, buffs and nerf on different tanks and more…
This time we did not see any new premium tanks like:
– AMX-13/57

– STA-2

… but hopefully, we are going to be able to test and review those bad boys in version 2.

Your thoughts and comments!

Sit back and Enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Some pretty interesting features…

  2. Good coverage! Str8 to the point, like it! (Y)

    About view range nerf, yes please. Fck TD’s!

  3. How is the stability? Some people have reported that selecting one of the
    new HD tanks (ex. Tiger P) causes the fps in the garage to drop.

  4. Awesome video! Love your voice, very soothing haha

  5. DG what do you know about the havoc engine update ? You have anything in
    your green crystal ball?

    Ps. I hope you did well in your exams. Keep on tanking and kicking ass !! 

  6. Tyler Antonikowski

    The french are getting some premiums wow finally and maybe a American td

  7. Rosarot Miststalker

    The TD viewrange nerf doesn’t look as radical as it did in early supertest,
    I welcome pulling open-top camo monsters back a bit (though prems gonna
    stomp, that’s for sure). Probably not reducing camping, but severely
    cutting late-game campy-carry potential, giving other classes and more
    active tactics a chance. I hope!

    Accuracy/dispersion nerf is more interesting, I hope it works as intended.

    Sexy shiny HD models, too! Real nice, I like the initiative to stuff tanks
    with more junk, makes them feel a lot more lived-in.

  8. WG Has nerfed Tds already to the point they are becoming useless in the
    game. Virtually all maps have been cleaned out of any good sniping
    positions and bushes,and now Td.s get nerfed even more. Seems to me WG has
    lost its bearings and are just constantly changing just about anything in
    the game, to the point experienced players are getting fed up. During the
    last year I have spent maybe 400 USD to WoT, but I think I will move myself
    and my money to Armored Warfare as soon as they get the game ready. I’m
    pretty fed up with WG.

  9. Those HD tanks, damn can’t wait to get my 50B

  10. The view range nerf won’t really bother the tier 10 American TD’s since if
    you are camping in the back with the E3 you aren’t really trying. I could
    see the switching of crew members coming in handly if you just unlocked a
    tank and you want to transfer members, but the new tank has IDK two
    loaders, but one of which is a gunner, but your last tank only had a gunner
    and no loader, so I guess I could see that coming in handy (although I
    can’t think of any tanks off the top of my head that really have this
    I have no clue what the artillery strike thing is about, maybe WG is going
    the route of War Thunder? But seriously if people are mad about arty now
    imagine all the rage that would appear if you could call in a bombing

  11. Also btw, with those hd models the armor got changed as well, as example on
    the amx50b the whole UFP is 170 i think instead of just the middle part. I
    read it on ftr, but i cant find it anymore

  12. The extra buttons are for strongholds.

  13. I like the TD nerfs, as they should be able to reliably spot enemy tanks. I
    also like the accuracy changes, definitely needed. But about my E100, it
    may look better but I think its gunna be a pain with that turret weak spot

  14. I have said it before in the comments to another video, but I really don’t
    see how a view range nerf could possibly reduce camping. All it does is to
    make TDs even more dependent on their teams, forcing them to play even more
    cautiously and thus forcing them to camp even more and reducing their
    chances to carry bad teams even more.

    And frankly, with all the cover and concealment removed, with all the fake
    bushes which don’t give camo, if you get sniped by a invisible TD at this
    point, the guy had to work hard to achieve that and deserves the kill.
    TDs have become the hardest to play class in the game. Nerfing them even
    more is misguided and just shitty.

    TDs already have so many disadvantages. Most have way less HP than other
    tanks on their tier, most are very limited in the positions they can use by
    the lack of a turret, most are slow and cumbersome and easy to flank and
    circle and most have shitty armor or tons of easy to hit weakspots. I
    absolutely don’t get why anyone would still think they need to be nerfed
    even more. The ONLY problem with any TDs at the moment is that the camo
    value on the Borsig and on the E25 are too good. How is leaving their camo
    untouched and nerfing the view range on almost every TD solving that

    Also, no matter what you do to TDs, people will still camp, they just do it
    in Medium and Heavy Tanks instead of in TDs! There are still tons of spots
    on the maps where a machine with a turret can camp just fine and do long
    range peek-a-boo shots all game, while Tank Destroyers like a ISU or a
    Ferdinand could not use that position.

    All those nerfs to TDs are already showing an effect. In the last weeks
    pretty much every 3rd to 4th game I played was one of those “Heavy Tank
    Dump” games where 80% of the tanks in the match were Heavies, because
    everything else with the exception of tier 9 and 10 Mediums gets nerfed to
    shit and makes you feel as if the developers wouldn’t want you to play
    those machines.
    How is this making the game better? As I said, forcing people to play
    Heavies doesn’t reduce camping. It makes it worse! When people camp in TDs,
    you can get them when they get spotted because TDs have weaknesses. When
    people camp in Heavies and get spotted, you still have to get through their
    armor and it is way harder to root them out with Light and Medium Tanks.

    All you Heavy and Medium Tank Fetishists who think this is a good
    development will regret this when people stopped playing anything but
    Heavies and all the matches are just endless long range peek-a-boo sniping
    orgies that end in draws a third of the times.

  15. god if they nerf the Hellcat any further then theres no point in having one
    anymore. Bad enough with its turret nerf, speed nerf, and worst of all, the
    insane reverse speed nerf. 

  16. DreadlockedDreadnought

    the buttons are for the upcoming stronghold consumables

  17. So angeling the turret in thr e100 doesnt do shit anymore now? You got a
    massive weakspot ontop 


    I am pretty sure atrillery strickes are supposted to be in stronghold only

  19. What are the other tanks that are getting buffed, other than T54Light? and
    specifically what functions are buffed?

  20. Hi Dez,

    I think thearty and airstrike options are the detechment commander’s
    options to call in strikes. it was anounced on forums before I think.

  21. great informative vid as always mate :)

  22. Hi there,

    Thanks for your awesome videos.

    About the 600 gold value charged for changing qualifications of crew
    members, i think that WG is doing is charging like 200 gold for reseting
    crew member skills plus 200 gold for tank type retraining plus 200 gold for
    changing qualification all in same step instead of charging 200 gold for
    each process separately, that makes sense. Yes, there will be players
    complaining about this system, implementing two different systems, this one
    plus other giving the options for choosing what to do (changing
    qualification only or qualification plus tank type retraining or
    qualification plus reset crew member skills) would be perfect. You have
    “voice” as a WG contributor to make this like a suggestion. 

  23. Turreted TDs can still hit view cap range with binos! So if you use binos
    and camo net and have good camo crew (most people do by the time they get
    to, for e.g.. Borsig), you can still spot heavies approaching and engage
    them without fear of return fire.. what I think they wanted to do with this
    view-cutting-nerf is to deny TDs the overmatching-camo view range! TDs can
    spot heavies at max view range, but sneaky lights and meds will have more
    chances of getting closer to camping TDs than they had before.. and once
    spotted, TD has to relocate and at that point becomes practically blind..
    now, if you know that you are more vulnerable if you camped out the whole
    game just to cherry pick already half dead tanks when they come into your
    sight, you ought to realize that you need to have more active role in the
    game; to follow attacking spearheads and try to help them break through
    ’cause you know if they die, you’re next!
    Skillful TD players will not be affected by this nerf, I think it’s aimed
    for the scrubs and statpadders (like SU85b-ish ones)
    One thing is, however, not addressed by this patch – the almighty stealthy

  24. Hello Serb, this is Stalin, Lord of the Tanks. I hear you have nerfed my
    beatiful russian TD’s. I demand that the fascist WT is nerfed at the same
    time. Why should an open top sniper vehicle with paper armour be able to
    see my beloved babies first?

  25. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    Biggest mistakes by WG is introducing waffle line and e5,coz of rhm n
    waffle dey are going to nerf the entire tds,i heard dey also going to
    remove wtfe100 from the game!!!!!!!

  26. Can’t belief that they are nerfing the borsig’s viewrange that is the only
    thing that keeps it alive

  27. 600 gold to change 

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