► World of Tanks – 9.7 – AMX 30 1er Prototype Review & Gameplay – New Tier 9 Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update AMX 30 1er Prototype (AMX 30 PT) Gameplay. World of Tanks New French Tanks.
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One of the most frequently asked question in World of Tanks News episodes is: “When do we get some new french tanks?” And today… today we are going be able to answer to them. This is going to happen with World of Tanks patch 9.7 update.

In our previous episode we reviewed new tier 10 medium tank, AMX 30B. Our today’s guest is going to be one tank before that, tier 9 medium tank “AMX 30 1er Prototype”. Going to talk about specs, strengths and weaknesses and going to show you how this badboy performs the battlefield!

List of all new tanks with patch 9.7:
FCM 36, Tier II
Renault R35, Tier II Light Tank
Somua S35, Tier III Medium Tank
SARL 42, Tier IV Medium Tank
Renault G1, Tier V Medium Tank
AMX 30 1er prototype, Tier IX Medium Tank
AMX 30 B, Tier X Medium Tank

Your thoughts?


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Oldskools modpack:


  1. Something fresh from France!
    Your thoughts?

  2. You BEAST!

  3. I like these new tenks, a fresh new line is welcome and a good excuse to
    play the 13 90 too! Although I wish they’d stop downgrading the models from
    the render pics they show us

  4. Thanks!

  5. I think 1er stands for première which means first in french. This tank is
    awesome, i like to see new Frenchies in the game, especially good French

  6. Gj Dez :D

  7. 1er means premier, first. Nice review

  8. wow, you have a lots of money up in the corner :)). how come ? nice review

  9. Actually i just finished grinding Leopard PTA last week and I have to say I
    loved it, Leo 1 is way better of course.
    Returning to this beast yeah I already started to earn some exp in 13 90,
    theese 2 new mediums seems very promicing and will help me to improove my
    survival rate 😉 Paper tanks make me play more careful ;)

  10. It feels like the last 3-4 tier 9 mediums that have come out really get
    much better care then the first three…but WG loves the T-54 and always
    makes sure it can still hang with the new boys while the E-50 and the M46
    Patton get told to go fuck themselves. But people will argue that the
    Patton has the best DPM of them and yes that’s true but also having the
    worst Pen and worst Accuracy means that DPM only happens when firing all
    APCR or getting so close that your just trading shot for shot. The E-50 at
    least gets armor that can save it’s ass in a pinch and the T-54 is WG’s
    precious love child that must always be on par with the others…

  11. The traverse is the downside to this tank it slows down around corners i
    like the 30b slightly better but my favorite tier 9 is still the centurian

  12. Trying to ads ya to friends list… Im not rly succesfull

  13. seems like a good tank for sure, but 200k xp?! jesus christ WG we can’t
    even carry the crew over, 200k is a bit overkill. and both medium lines
    come off the 13 90, that seems a bit unbalanced and will force unbalanced
    amounts of 13 90’s on the battlefield imo. really poor game balance
    decision imo. 

  14. Apathetic Bystanders

    played leo proto on ptr and it went straight through that turret EASY
    meanwhile my turret bounced something so I think it is roughly the same as
    the troll Leo turret. that being said I like this tank as well it is a more
    compact leopard 

  15. French Power!!!

  16. Damn this tank has nice armor. Not so good like the armor of the amx 30 b ,
    but also good for his Tier. 

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