► World of Tanks – 9.7 – AMX 30B Review & Gameplay – New Tier 10 Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update AMX 30B Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks New French Tanks.
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One of the frequently asked question in World of Tanks News episodes is: “When do we get some new french tanks?” And today… today we are going to be able to answer to them. This is going to happen with World of Tanks patch 9.7 update.
We are going to get some pretty nice looking medium tanks. In this episode we are going to on new tier 10 medium tank – AMX 30B. In my episode going to take deeper look at new tier 9 medium tank as well – AMX 30 1er Prototype.

of all new tanks with patch 9.7:
FCM 36, Tier II Light Tank
Renault R35, Tier II Light Tank
Somua S35, Tier III Medium Tank
SARL 42, Tier Medium Tank
Renault G1, Medium Tank
AMX 30 1er prototype, Tier IX Medium Tank
AMX 30 B, Tier X Medium Tank

Your thoughts?


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Something new from France!

  2. First :P

  3. NOTICE ME SENPAII!!! (first :P)

  4. Really nice tanks 30 Prot and 30B, mix between LeoPta and Type61, Leo1 and
    What you should really talk about is the pen nerfs on all tier X.

  5. +DezGamez srsly??? you compare 30b with stb-1? try to compare 30b with
    leopard 1…
    gun depression: better leopard
    acceleration: better leopard
    reload time: better leopard
    aiming time: better leopard
    accuracy on the move: better leopard
    traverse speed: better leopard
    turret traverse speed: better 30b
    AND leopard doesn’t have cupola…
    AMX 30 better than Leopard PTA but Leopard 1 much better than AMX 30B
    My final opinion: If you have Leopard 1 or you wanna have one, don’t take
    30b, useless compare with Leopard 1

  6. This seems like another tank that’s good only in the hands of a pro player.
    So basically 95% of the community best steer away from it,just like the

  7. Hm, maybe it made more sense to compare it wit leopard but wtf i know.
    Great job and fell in love with this tank.

  8. Christian Hostetler

    is it just me or does it look like a speedy T28 prot kinda

  9. 11:11 The Batchat didnt mean to do that. One of your artys tracked him
    there and i guess he had no repair kit left.
    Always this greedy arty players :P

  10. Henri Kuivasniemi

    In my opinion AMX 30B seems like a underpowered tank. Yeah it has the best
    penetration out of the tier 10 mediums, but just by a small margin. But
    when you compare it to a Leopard 1 you see my point. I’m still obviously
    going to get it because French Tanks FTW

  11. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    One of the things I don’t like about 9.7 is that they nerf pen on a lot of
    tanks in tier 10, which is fine, but only on the normal shells, not the
    premium and to me that just seems wrong, its like warming are pushing
    people towards spending premium shells so that they make more money, to me
    that’s a bad route to go.. pay to win please..

  12. how many xp I will need to research AMX 30 1er???

  13. Did 5k dmg my first game in that tank lol its awesome 

  14. WAIT a secunt. The CT is open?

  15. Just a heads up. The pen on the AMX 30b Will be the best out of all the
    mediums in the game. They are nerfing the pen on all other tier 10 (and
    some tier 9) Mediums with about 11 mm. So the e50m will have 259 instead of
    270 for example.
    Its the same with the tier 10 TDs. 

  16. this tank is so good :D

  17. Is this the tank useful in fighting face to face against the Russian medium
    Do you recommend it?

  18. I own a tank 121, but not useful in fighting against Russian tanks medium

  19. Looks like a nice all-rounder…but the nerf to pen really leaves me
    thinking they should have buffed the DPM on the M48 and FV4202 seeing as
    they are still the slowest meds at tier 10 with iffy armor at best…

  20. This tank is so sexy

  21. Stop! The hullarmor isn’t bad at all. You bounce some shots. But the
    turret..complete garbage. 

  22. Damn. Still stuck between the STB-1 and AMX30B. Don’t want the Leo 1
    because the other 2 seem to fit into the meta better with their turret

  23. I have a question, what is your nationality?

  24. Долбаебы

  25. These tanks are too F***ng sexy… and I am only on the 13 90 and grinding
    a crew for the medium autoloaders… maybe if I get any girl crews they can
    go on but *sigh* stupid missions are stupid.

  26. excited to finally see these introduced, was expecting a more fleshed out
    line since we saw some leaked prototype shots of a heavy tank line. i don’t
    think it needs a buff i think this is very much a case of patton vs
    centurion, patton has good paper dpm but suffers bad pen and accuracy same
    with stb-1. overall can’t wait to get my hands on these. 

  27. LOL tier 10 vacuum cleaner

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