► World of Tanks – 9.7 – M56 Scorpion Review & Gameplay – New Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks New Premium Tank.
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With Patch 9.7 we are going to get 2 new premium tanks as well – M56 Scorpion and T-54 First Prototype (. 1). In this episode we are going to take out first look at new tier 7 USA premium tank destroyer M56 Scorpion.

NB! No information about the final price at the moment!

List of all new French tanks with patch 9.7:
FCM 36, Tier II Light Tank
Renault R35, Tier II Light Tank
S35, Tier III
SARL 42, Tier IV Medium Tank
Renault G1, Tier V Medium Tank
30 1er prototype, Tier IX Medium Tank
AMX 30 B, Tier X Medium Tank

Your thoughts?


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Does it sting or not?

  2. I have the retarded “Updating Crew” bug for 2 days now ffs what to do?

  3. ooooo I KV-2 is going to have a lot of fun one shot’ing these things :3

  4. Pen value on this 90 mm gun is simply idiotic! Shorter barrel even than
    88mm L/56 (132mm pen), low shell velocity and yet the pen value is 219mm??
    With regular AP? Just how??
    And 1mm of armor all around? That gun platform would collapse on its own,
    not to mention the recoil shock it needs to absorb..

  5. I DID CHECK !!! shame on me xD

  6. Andrei George Jurj

    What computer are you using because you have around 55fps. on full graphics
    and I have only 5-30… Please tell me because I hate to play with low

  7. Even autocanons overmatch its armor, lol.

  8. This would be an amazing TD for Americans on Warthunder

  9. oh gawd that accent @_@

  10. Fu i checked my FB!

  11. really nice review lol might be a stupid question but is a premium TD ?

  12. I checked my Facebook tab that wasn’t even open…

  13. facebook message .”

  14. This tank is the midget American equivalent of the Waffle pz 4

  15. Wow, this is like a slower e25 with better gun <3

  16. Y my wot ct doesnt wanna let me log in >_>
    By the way… nice vid as always…Never forget to balls deep :D

  17. E-25 2.0

  18. Lol, on NA, almost no one blames arty. We blame the idiots in the heavies
    trying to snipe in their E 100s.

  19. Atm on the test server If ur playing tier 7 I recommand using high
    explosive shells

  20. No more WoT for now…only Warships :))
    PS: Dez when are you going to live stream? You’ve been testing for some
    time now.
    Keep it up mate and see you in the next episode :)

  21. Sa peaksid vaiksema klaviatuuri ostma :D

  22. Really looking forward to adding this fun little TD to my collection.

  23. Wow that t54 was the most amazing team player thats the way the game should
    be played love players that play like that t54 what a true sportsman

  24. 6:50 Someone managed to bounce off the other Scorpion. XD

  25. So its an american waffentrager… They should of used the T28 HTC as a
    buyable premium

  26. Yup, checked my Facebook :P

  27. So is this tanks stats final? or will it be tweaked a lil’ more?

  28. Is the Test Server open?

  29. weird that a tank with only 1 mm all around armor is able to carry that gun
    lol, my car has more armor

  30. nuclearsharkattack

    Ship, you always crack me up with the intro — “ladies and German” lol!

  31. This tank will be fun for all the derp guns

  32. damn, i checked my facebook

  33. I’m wanting to keep adblock off, but getting a video ad in the middle of
    every 2 vids is really annoying me… Is there a way to stop that?

  34. Doesn’t it look like Wall-E?
    Luchs just lost the title of ‘Cutest tank in WoT’

  35. Always check your slippers for scorpions, before you put them on.

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