► World of Tanks – 9.7 – T-54 First Prototype Review & Gameplay – New Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank

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World of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update T-54 (Mod. 1) First Prototype Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks New Tank.
►Welcome Home!

With WoT Patch 9.7 we are going to get 2 new premium tanks as well – M56 Scorpion and T-54 First Prototype (Mod. 1). In this episode we are going to take first look at new tier 8 U.S.S.R. premium tank – T-54 First Prototype.

NB! No information about the final price at the moment!

List of all new French tanks with patch 9.7:
FCM 36, Tier II Light Tank
Renault R35, Tier II Light Tank
Somua S35, Tier III Medium Tank
SARL 42, Tier IV Medium Tank
Renault G1, Tier V Medium Tank
AMX 30 1er prototype, Tier IX Medium Tank
AMX 30 B, Tier X Medium Tank

Your ?


►Mods I use:
Oldskools :


  1. Son of T-44’s. 🙂
    That armor though..

  2. View range is the spotting range, you can shoot at targets up to 700
    meters. You het a box around your tank 500 by 500

  3. I think I have to buy this little bugger! Nice vid…

  4. You know that view range and rendering distance is totally different. Tank
    renders in a square from your tank. That tank was in the corner of that
    square. View range has nothing to do with at which distances you can see
    tanks, only spot them.

  5. View range is 445 (max distance that u are able to spot enemy tanks). But,
    there is signal range, which is around 600-700m, that is distance that u
    can shoot tanks spotted by ur teamates.

  6. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    Wow wargaming are really spitting out a lot of new premium tanks. ..O.o

  7. The way you can see past max view range is because that range goes out each
    direction (north/s/e/w) but then it creates a square. In the corner of
    those squares you can see further than the max range. The square stays the
    same orientation all the time so it cant be over exploited. edit: mind the
    terrible explanation but it is easy to look up on a wiki or forum.

  8. I would suggest going into Tank Inspector considering the armor, because
    those stats are really general and most of the times don’t really represent
    the actual effectiveness of the armor 😉 What about the gun depression?
    Also, ammo count is not that much is it?

    Also 600 meters is not your view range… View range is the range in which
    you can spot yourself enemy tanks, and it is capped at 445 meters. As for
    you seing at 600 meters that is your render range. Render range is a
    rectangular with the center of it your tank and length 500 meters, meaning
    that you are gonna see more on the edges of it. You can see tanks that your
    allies spotted in your render range, even if you are not spotting them
    youself. Hope you undestood.

    Nice review 🙂 Keep the coming!

  9. Seems like a Type59 with slightly worse gun, atleast penetration wise and
    probably less gun depression? I will hold on to my Type.

  10. a proper t8 medium premium tank? i might buy that one despite it seeing

  11. i think i might be right in saying that this has the thickest side armour
    on a medium in the game

  12. the mobility doesnt seem that bad on this thing

  13. As others have said, view range is just for your own spotting. You were
    able to see the other tanks that were spotted by your allies because of the
    signal range. If the enemies were out of your signal range, then your
    allies wouldn’t have been able to relay it to you. That’s how I understand
    it anyway. Could be wrong.

  14. Robert Adrian Picioc

    it’s a little skill (don’t have the name now but you can login and search
    for it) that I believe your t49 was using to extend your view range and
    because 700 m is the max rendering distance

  15. about time the russians got a GOOD premium med. long overdue imo, own both
    the matilda iv and 85m but those tanks are so tedious to play. this tank’s
    armor looks not much worse than the t-54 and even then only in the turret,
    looks like it will be a beast at tier 8. 

  16. 11:22 spotting range (you detect – 455 meters maximum) draw distance
    (objects/ tanks you can see 707 meters maximum on a diagonal from you).

  17. That’s wierd max rander distance is 550m.. I guess

  18. Has the render range been extended?

  19. whats that m56 scorpion down there :)

  20. 🙁 as if the CDC wasn’t enough already to make the STA-2 even less
    appealing -,- where’s the love for Japanese tank players ;-; 

  21. if its not released yet. make it a preview. review it after the patch is
    implemented. i hope you consider it. i think it still have placeholder

  22. When will you stream again?

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