► World of Tanks: 9,000 DMG, Through The Insults :( – Rhm. Skorpion G

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Source: DezGamez

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Hey beasts,

Today I am going to show you our newest tank, “Rheinmetall Skorpion G”, in crazy action. Check out what kind of epic work “RichardW98” has to do for his … Amazing!


Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/2923870#stats


  1. Why is this called “through the insults”? The ISU blamed whole team ONCE
    and changed its mind later on. CDC tried to draw him out with the insult or
    smth., but that is NOTHING for WoT circumstances. Oh no.

  2. Very good try

  3. i have see 14019 DMG

  4. premium tanks for players that want exp and points but wow with panther
    chassis and a cannon with 500 dmg yes XD its simple, cheer for premium
    cheating tanks LOL its logical that people spend real cash for a premium
    LOL……eventually he died because he wanted to points, it is easy to say
    im not beginner after 8k hit point but the strategy is at noobie level :D

  5. more over powered crap.

  6. LOOOL, i finally see a Skorpion that doesn’t spam gold ammo… what the
    hell are these guys doing, seriously, the premium tank with the most
    Penetration in the game, they spam premium ammo… sigh….

  7. I hate that OP shit

  8. Gotta say I would like to be “pretty unlucky” too… 23 shots, many of
    those snaps, 21 of those did hit the target and 20 pens… gimme that
    accuracy and I will never whine about low rollin damage :)

  9. the skorpion G looks like it has blood dripping out of the barrel

  10. that skorpion G could go to the beach and start troll at that T32 instead
    try to fight face to face….

    but its still a very great game


  11. Constantin Mihalcea

    That R U joke tho! A little too much, but still worth it.

  12. unicorn on wot blitz

    Wg should fix rhm scorpion gun, nearly every shot is below average roll

  13. Who would insult it? It’s clearly OP

  14. This delightful video has been brought to you by the Federal Pardon and
    Waiver Service.

  15. Have to say I’m almost sick to see Skorpions G doing such battles. But the
    nerf will come, surely.

    WG is trolling us, putting OP tanks into the game, so buy buy buy. Then
    they are nerfed.

    The only shit tank they made is that crop Scorpion, the t7 USA td. A
    totally useless crap.
    Hellcat is better! Being a 0mm Armour tank should have very good other
    points. But Nope! Not the speed, no turret, no alfa dmg, nothing.

    Enjoy Skorpions G, and keep an eye to WG, fucking this game everyday.

  16. fun fact the isu you know the thing with the 750 alpha gun that would be
    perfectly fine on a tier 10 but for some bizarre reason is at tier 8. it
    actually has 260 better dpm than the skorpion good job wg balancing very

  17. LAST!

  18. That ending is a real heartbreak for the Skorpion G. He had such crappy RNG
    rolls the entire game, to leave the last enemy tank on such few HP after
    that epic carry is just insulting :(. GG!

  19. thumbs up dez-when is the next old map replay?

  20. It IS available for everyone, u can buy it also as well as getting it by
    working ur ass off… but ur still able to buy it.

  21. How did i miss this :,( dez pls send me notification

  22. When anyone is ever the last surviving guy on his team everyone calls him a
    noob. lol

  23. 89k subs? damn dez your channel grew fast lol … you deserve all of it :)

  24. Cant understand the OP comments about this tank. Exactly the same gun as
    the WT, better mobility than the WT and almost no armour. Almost all hits
    in the gun shield result in a damaged gun so it burns through repair kits.
    Other than improved mobility its not much different to a standard WT. If
    you know how to play against those you know how to play against the

  25. DezGamez if you would be able to choose a tank for your private use which
    one would it be ;D

  26. Hey, are you playing WoTBlitz too? If yes…Check out my WoTBlitz
    wins/fails…thx 😀 just help me to build my chanel…

  27. Great game.

  28. Really he’s just lucky that none of them tried to hit him with HE. He would
    have been dead much sooner.

  29. Just starting World Of Tanks again on a new account (last time I played was
    2013), and I think I’ll more than likely be going down the Grille 15 line
    to start, any tips on them, or high spot tanks you would recommend keeping
    because they’re especially good at their tier?

  30. +SgtTotti let me tag him

  31. Anybody here who is playing WoTBlitz too? If u do…Check out my WoTBlitz
    wins/fails… thx :D

  32. how can u play with out a mini map cheat mod you cant see unspoted enemy on
    the mini map

  33. Skorpion deserves all sort of insults, oped TD cash cow for wallet warriors
    and wn8 whores.

  34. Too many videos with crap endings. It’s not an epic game when they’re

  35. he is using aimbot

  36. thx for featuring my replay 🙂

    Right after playing I blamed myself for not using the chance to kill that
    RU in the beginning, since I thought it would be a loss anyway so I tried
    to farm a little more dmg.
    And in the end sequenz I probably should have runned from the t-32, but
    ingame i thought it would be would be quiet risky since he spotted me.

    Major heartbreak for me: My premacc was running out the day before,
    otherwise it would have been my xp record :D

  37. It’s op, that’s what you mean, totally fucking op

  38. Kudos to Richard for playing the way he did, fantastic game.

    On another note though: this tank is just ridiculous, highly mobile with a
    great gun, it’s like having a tier 10 medium (of the leopard variety) in a
    tier 8 game with less HP.

  39. Dez, you should do a skorpion G troll video

  40. Loved the video Dez, but hate the let down ending. Maybe because that
    always happens to me too.

  41. MTatt101 Bo3 Slither And MORE

    Hi luv ur vids

  42. I think its pronounced “Skorpion” with on. like in German. (because of the
    k instead of an c and its an german tank). so we got an “Skorpion G” with
    “on” and an “M56 Scorpion” with an “en” in the game. like the english word.
    Its like the animal. in english pronounced with “en” at the end and in
    german with “on” at the end 😀
    If u understand what i mean.

  43. Not only is this TD better than Ferdinand, it’s better than JP 2…These 2
    non-premium rely on armor (that fails 90% of time), but Skorpion has
    mobility, that beats armor. Also has a better gun than JP2 and
    Ferdinand…But to hell with JP2, they even made it slower once it got an
    HD remodeling.

  44. The Skorpion G is so OP. Wargaming, what have you done?

  45. Hey Dez. Still working on RNG episodes? also. Got some videos from console
    i would liked to show you. Should those who play console sent you links
    like PC does? Got some funny shots including one in my T30. :D

  46. make a series called ,,scenario battles” when u make historycal battles
    with epic scenarios and storys it would be SO cool

  47. Andreas Charitoudis

    T28 prot and T28 have to the bigest gun along with the isu

  48. wow good player respect

  49. How do you make your minimap show the last location of spotted enemy tanks?

  50. He was really unlucky with rols. Super pershing had him on 3 shots but 299

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