► World of Tanks: ACEs + TOP Guns! – IS-6 feat. WZ-111 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-6 , Review / Preview. World of Tanks WZ-111 Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks Gameplay Commentary.


Today you are going to see 2 really action packed gameplays with premium heavy tanks. Those games happened while I was streaming actually… and what is even better, I was able to get those games back to back. 🙂 So 2 games in a row, 2 Ace Tankers + 2 Top Guns. 🙂



  1. What happen to all of the other comments xD

  2. What happen to all the comments??

  3. Dez I love the streaming action again but please stop streaming when I’m in
    college xD

  4. Confermed
    Is6 down to tier 6……

  5. Dammit, missed the stream. Great battles man. as alwaysarino

  6. Well played sir, well played.

  7. Great vid Dez ! Always nice to see you in my sub box

  8. I’m sure that if WGing thought they could have gotten away with it they
    would have made the IS6 a tier 6 preme with the same stats it has now. they
    MIGHT have had to replace the 122mm with the 107mm but that would have
    gotten a ROF buff to “Keep it in line”

  9. Has anyone ever told you that you have a great radio voice? :)

  10. awesome gameplay!
    i love ur videos and i’m looking forward to watch ur streams.

  11. Did I really say tier 6 Soviet heavy tank IS-6?
    Well, okay.. 😀 It is tier 6 from now on!

  12. Dez watching this made me happy in my pants

  13. Yes today we will be playing with the Tier 6 premium russian heavy the
    IS-6! Dez! Stop smokin!

  14. ‘wn8 rating wasnt that bad, just 3700’

  15. Tier 6 soviet premium tank, IS6….hahaha you are the best mate,the best
    !!!! :D

  16. Man, I love your videos. You deserve so many more subs

  17. out of every world of tanks/AW YouTuber you’re the best
    you should have way more than 35k subs

  18. Second! :D

  19. I really dont get it. The video just came out and people already disliked
    it. The person that comes here the first minute to dislike this video I
    just wonder if that guy has a life.

  20. First, HAH!
    Enjoy the video.. ;)

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