► World of Tanks – Action, Thriller, Drama… | T110E5, E-25 and Object 261 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Commentary feat T110E5, E-25 Object 261.
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I think I made a poo-poo in my previous episode where I answered to the question: “Do you even heavy, bro?” I had to answer to this question to show that, yes, I play with heavies.. But now I received another challenge from you guys.. … Let’s start today. 🙂

Enjoy! 😉

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Action Jackson aka Spotter Artillery!

  2. Heueheuheu is that arty I smell?

  3. There’s a strong scent of bush camping mouse clicking scumbag wafting
    around here

  4. LoL DezGamez. Once more a great vid, you always make me grin watching, Oh
    and the last know postion is part of WoT now check out the setting

  5. DubstepinWithSmoke

    Are you the CrazyRussianHacker? 

  6. Dez you can see the last known positions of the tanks you just need to see
    in the options in the game when do you want to see them all the time or
    when you press a binded key

  7. YAY! I’ve been looking forward to a replay of you playing the 261! Thank
    you! 07

  8. dez, the last known map mod has become part of the vanilla game. just turn
    it on in the options.

  9. Comhghall Geraghty

    please do dicker max video love that super OP view range

  10. you’re so funny man, I really love to watch your videos!!!

  11. Dez check out Svatekl2 fellow youtuber he does a great mod pack. Everything
    is automatic and updates regular 10/10 from me and you can choose what u
    want to install i never have any problems. 

  12. Hey dez where ya from? Your accent is sick

  13. Good vid

  14. Put some skills on that arty crew

  15. Obj. 261 specialty is the AP. If you are using the HE then you are wasting
    the purpose of this machine. You might as well just use a CGC or T92 then.

  16. Dez, you know you can turn on last known positions in stock WoT. Just go to
    the settings :)

  17. what times are you on twitch in Texas time?

  18. Do you even no-WoT games?

  19. I dont want to make any promotion but maybe you can use quickybaby’s mod

  20. Because i said so… Fuck you.. who said that…. skitzo.. lmfao!!

  21. I think you were unlucky in the E5 armor has no RNG penetration and aim

  22. Lol dez games, last known-position is part of wot. Setting advange minimap,
    or something like that it’s called 

  23. Okay you’ve shown us your moves, but do you even Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  24. You could activate last known position on the options <3

  25. heat or retreat? :P

  26. could you do some mediums sometimes? preferably tier 8 or something. i dont
    see those tanks very often on youtube and i would like to see how you
    perform in them =]

  27. +DezGamez Last known positions is advanced minimap options. Build into WoT
    since a few patches… no mods required.

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